For this week, I’m going to leave you with a couple of pieces. This first one is the original design I did for THE IMPERATOR– who is sort of the ‘front man’ for the alien race that are the antagonists of the SPIDER-MAN/FANTASTIC FOUR miniseries I’m drawing right now. I really like the way this design came out– I’m not all that enthused with the way I’ve been drawing him in the book… at least the first issue. That, I think, is the difference between drawing on the 24 lb. copy paper I use to sketch and do layouts on and the art board I use to produce the actual pencils to the books I work on. I really enjoy the texture, feel and flow of drawing on the copy paper… and I don’t get that same enjoyment from drawing on the art board. For a while now, I’ve been contemplating the idea of drawing my finished pages on 11 x 17 inch copy paper, scanning it in and printing the pencils out in blue line on art board to send to the inker. I always feel as though I lose something in the pencils when I use ‘regulation’ art board.

This second item is just a bunch of random warm-up stuff that I never took to a more finished stage like most of the stuff I post here. Some times I just like to use the blue ColErase pencils and sketch a bit, not worrying about doing more finished drawings.

OK… that’s it for another week. Have a wonderful weekend, all. It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise here in North Carolina.

This is 370.


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