This one should be titled TELLOS BAD GALS— since today’s sketch is of the sultry and deadly DYN JESSA. JESSA is similar to D’NIKAY in that they are both members of shadowy sects in the lands of TELLOS– but they’re very different in that JESSA and her sisters in the Order of the DYN are experts at both seduction and the deadly use of force. I can imagine that many a King or Queen with dark designs in mind would use members of the DYN to get close to their enemies and then eliminate those threats. The DYN, do, however, have a code of ethics (also like the SHANDOAN sect that D’NIKAY is part of )– as those of you who have read Todd’s stories in the TALES OF TELLOS mini series will know. JESSA confronted SERRA in one of those stories, in an effort to reclaim her Shivring (the traditional weapon of the DYN) and enact revenge on the young pirate — and when she had SERRA beaten and could have delivered the killing blow, she backed off. WHY she did that will perhaps become evident in future TELLOS stories should we be able to produce them. I think I’ve said it before– but I’ll say it again…. fans of TELLOS who haven’t read those TALES stories are missing out on some wonderful shorts that wind into the TELLOS tapestry in wonderful ways. Some of them take place before the 10 issue original series…. and some after. So seek these out if you can and catch up on the wonderful stories Todd did in the wake of the original series.

OK… that does it for the beginning of another week.

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  1. Leaf Says:

    Love me some Jessa, but that may have to do with the fact she’s got my wife’s haircut and attitude. One of the pages with Jessa even graces the wall of our humble abode opposite one of your FF pages. Always a welcome sight. Now if we could only afford more…

    Harumph. Here I’ve been depriving meself of more Tellos goodness with my ignorance of the ‘Tales.’ May have to do some back issue searching or will this be included in the gargantua, Mike?

  2. ringo Says:

    Nope… they’re not in the TELLOS COLOSSAL, Christian…. but depending on how the COLOSSAL does, there might be another volume collecting all the one-shots and the mini series that Todd did with other artists.

  3. Brian M. Says:

    Tales of Tellos are well worth hunting down.

  4. Mafus Says:

    I sense a Halloween costume in Angie’s future, eh, Leaf? And, definitely pick up Tales of Tellos, since you’re a fan of Craig Rousseau’s.

  5. michael Says:

    Hey Mike (and my fellow ‘Ringo fans!)! I don’t want to derail the comments here but I just read something I thought you might find interesting. I myself am a fan of what Jeff Smith did with Shazam! and I also remember the post about Mary Marvel you did a while back and the direction DC was taking her. Anyhow over at CBR I was reading their coverage of the Jeff Smith panel at SDCC and noticed this from the article (quoted from there):

    “Another tease from Smith: “They are talking to people about doing more ‘Shazam’ along these lines,” and he explicitly said, “we will be very happy if it goes through.”

    So maybe there’s hope that we’ll have some more positivity in the Shazam family after all, huh? I can post the URL to the article if you want but I didn’t know if that was kosher. Love the girl in the space suit Mike. You and Frank Cho should do a Jungle Girl/Space Girl team-up!