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OK, folks…. here’s the fourth and final piece for ‘HEROES CON WEEK’– this time, it’s the Man of Steel. With the movie opening this week, and the enduring popularity of the character of SUPERMAN, I figured there would be some requests for this fella. I’ve done a couple of them, actually… but I’ll just post one here today, and the other next week when I return from the show. If I can remember to take my camera, I’ll try to take some pictures at the con for those of you who won’t be making it. IF I can remember. I tend to get very mentally discombobulated at show times and things slip by my memory. For those of you who are going to attend the show– perhaps I’ll see you there…. for you others, I’ll see you here on the other side of the show.

This is Entry 248 (Entry 250 comes some time next week… another milestone!).




Here’s the piece for day 3 of ‘HEROES ART WEEK’…. this time it’s the BLACK CAT. Originally, I had just done the figure and was going to leave it at that…. but after staring at if for a while, I decided to draw a few cats in the composition to add some ‘spice’. The cat in the front is my brother and sis-in-law’s beautiful cat TOONCES…. the striped tabby is my own cat CHARLIE…. and that black cat is… well, I dunno– it belongs to Felicia, I suppose.

One more tomorrow.

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I promised four straight days of posting this week before HEROES CON…. and so here’s the piece for day two– WONDER WOMAN. I have to say, I’m really enjoying doing these drawings ahead of the show… it’s really nice to draw whatever I choose to and not what someone ELSE wants me to.

Another one tomorrow!

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Last year after HEROES CON, I came home with pain in my lower back worse than any I’ve ever experienced. Lower back problems run in my family…. and I’ve got it bad. I suppose that sitting hunched over a drawing table exacerbates the problem… and whenever I go to comic shows, the combination of horrible, cheap seating and flat tables make for a terrible combination for my lower spine. Last year, however, I was incapacitated for an entire week after the show. I had to go to a doctor and he prescribed pain killers for me to weather through.. but it was still agonizing. I spent that week on my side, unable to move. In an attempt to try to limit the amount of time I’m hunched over sketching at THIS years show, I’m working up some art to sell ahead of time here in the more comfortable confines of my home. I’m hoping to get quite a few done before I leave on Thursday– and I’ll be posting some of them here every day until then. So for this week, instead of MON/WED/FRI posting, I’ll be posting MONDAY through THURSDAY.

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Tom has often asked in the comments section if I’m ever going to be offering a sketchbook for sale– and in yet another little tidbit of HEROES CON news/self-hype…. I present the cover to my very first CONVENTION SKETCHBOOK. Entitled (as if you couldn’t see for yourself) GORILLAS IN SPANDEX AND OTHER SKETCHES, this is my first foray into what has become very much a con mainstay of artists offering printed parts of themselves for sale. The book will have a cardstock cover and 24 interior pages with the dimensions of 5.5 x 8.5 inches (the standard for these things).

So…. if you’re going to be in Charlotte for HEROES and your interested, I’ll have them for sale.

That’s it for this week.

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