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… I drew this fellow for this week’s last sketch. It’s been fun having an ‘all fantasy’ week. I kind of regret not having anything topical to draw or write about– but I just haven’t had the time to think about it or keep up with what’s happening in the comics biz. Deadlines are crushing in on me like crazy. In fact, I’m going to have to keep it short and leave it here for today.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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I’m still feeling the ‘TELLOS vibe’ today, so I thought I’d draw another sketch that shows one of the less prominent characters from the original TELLOS series. A lot of the elements that went into the making of TELLOS were pulled from both the inspirations as well as some of the reality of Todd’s and my life. The character of HAWKE was actually based — kind of loosely– on Todd himself… his look, so to speak. Another real-life person was also the basis for a character in the book– that of a young fairy from a fairy-messenger service. Although her part was very small, it was pivotal to the story. DANI the fairy was based on Dani the person– who was, at the time, Todd’s girlfriend. So I thought it would be fun to draw them both in a little scene for today…. and provide more fodder for the sketchbook/extras section of the upcoming hardcover collection. As BUGS BUNNY was wont to say…. “Ain’t I a little stinker…?”

OK… that’s it for another Wednesday.

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I felt like drawing a character or two from TELLOS this morning… and since I’d drawn all of the main cast lately, I thought I’d draw a picture of the benevolent mage that helped to guide KOJ, JAREK and company through the various trials and tribulations they faced in the first series. I can’t remember who’s idea it was to make THOM (as he’s called for short) a turtle out of his shell– but it was always so enjoyable to draw him in whatever scene he appeared in. He’s all leathery and craggy…. and that’s always fun to illustrate. In Todd’s mind, if there’s ever a movie or animated series made of TELLOS, the perfect voice for THOM would be Gary Marshall. I think he’d be perfect, too. So… here’s THOM. And the sketch serves as not only a blog post– but it’s something that can be added to the sketchbook/extras section that will be in the upcoming TELLOS oversized hardcover collection. Two birds with one ston…. er, sketch.

OK… I’ve got a lot to do and a short time to do it… so back to work for me!

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There’s been a bit of discussion on the web lately of the relative merit of comics from the 1970’s. These folks make some interesting points… and I agree with a lot of what they say. What it comes down to for me, though, is that I headed into the double-digits, age-wise, in my life reading comics in the 1970’s… and they were instantly imprinted on my psyche as wonderful, inspirational and utterly enjoyable. They’re why I’m doing what I’m doing for a living now. My love for the medium was born during that time– and whether there were any ground-breaking, industry-influencing events and/or books to come out of that period or not isn’t really important. They were my entry into an art form that I have loved (some times more, some times less) from that beginning. I’m betting I’m not alone in that feeling, as the sales on the MARVEL ESSENTIALS from that time have been pretty brisk. When I re-read that stuff…. it’s so obviously goofy in places– but that’s not a bad thing. It still makes me feel like that 10-11 year old kid who first bought those comics all those years ago.

And that’s enough for me.

So today’s sketch is of the ‘Blacksploitation’ era LUKE CAGE inspired by this recent wave of discussion (and because I’ve always wanted an excuse to draw him).

OK… have a great weekend, all.

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Just a quick one today… deadlines are crushing in on me. I thought I’d do something fun and fast… so today’s sketch is of the ‘HAM’ variety again. Meet the MARTIAN HAMHUNTER and the HAMAZON PRINCESS (I couldn’t think of anything to go with WONDER WOMAN).

Yesterday, Marvel released the solicitations for books shipping in June– and so for those of you who might not have seen it– this is the cover for issue 3 of SPIDER-MAN/FANTASTIC FOUR. I actually like the way this one came out.

OK… gotta get back to work…. OH… and OINK, OINK.

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