The end of another week has arrived — and I’ve got nothing much to write about. I did today’s sketch from a vague idea of a female aviator in a steampunk-type of setting. Of course, the steampunk setting is only slightly hinted at because it’s just a sketch and I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I’d like with work looming. I think one of my major problems– as far as actually getting anything done with my own story/comic book ideas– is that I love so many genres and mixtures of genres. I get all these flashes of ideas for stories and characters swirling around and mixing in my head… and never get to actually producing any of them in my free time. I suppose my fear is that I’ll start on something with great enthusiasm and come to realize that I don’t have quite as many ideas and/or fervor for the concept that I began with. It’s that schizophrenic creative insecurity that keeps me frozen in place most of the time. At the very least, I guess, I’ll end up with a bunch of fun sketches that I can collect into sketchbooks or an art book over time.

Whether I actually ever pursue any of these vague ideas into something concrete or not, drawing this stuff is still a lot of fun… and in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

OK… have a great weekend, everyone.

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7 Responses to “AVIATOR FRIDAY”

  1. Brian M. Says:

    I really love today’s sketch Mike, cute, spunky with just the right touch of danger.

    I hear where you’re coming from on the idea front. What you might want to do is
    grab yourself a nice long sheet of paper and write them all down in no particular
    order. I find this type of exercise helps clear out the old brain when a lot of things
    are flying around in there.

  2. Anthony Hunter Says:

    Dude I love this sketch too! You do have a lot of good sketches, and genres, and I love them all! I too have a lot of ideas, and I just try to work on the ideas when I can, when I have time, and When the ideas come. As for my current project, I just jumped into it with kinda a good idea of what I had planned, and went from there. My web site is the result of that! … I will probably only make this web comic for a year, and then pursue other ideas. But I don’t nearly have the experience as you, so I just wanted to see what doing a web comic was going to be like. Its definitely a lot of work! But its a lot fun! Keep up the good sketches, and we’ll keep looking/buying! Your Great!

  3. Leaf Says:

    “Thank you for flying ‘Ringo Air. Please exit the vehicle in an orderly fashion or suffer a cap busted in your arse. Buh-bye.”

    Nice sketch, Mike. Excellent line work, especially in her face.

  4. Doug Z Says:

    Fabulous drawing Mike! I love these drawings you drop on us every once in a while that have absolutely no connection to anything save your own thoughts.

    With regards to your own stuff, and the schizophrenic nature of stream of consciousness, what if you started working on a few different stories and just came back to them when the muse hits you and the time is there? Eventually you might have enough for an anthology of sorts and could publish a larger, more complete “sketchbook” of sorts.

    I’m imagining a hardcover about the size of the Leave It To Chance collections in dimensions and thickness.

    I have no doubt they’d sell. Might not sell out right away, but they’d sell nonetheless.

  5. Royce Says:

    Nice sketch Mike. Me thinks she would be a great Saturn Boy supporting charcter…hint hint.

  6. Tom Says:

    Love this sketch! I would love to see you take the time to flesh out one or more of your original ideas one day, I hope you can find the time and proper inspiration. Ever consider doing a web strip or something just whenever you have time and feel like it, nothing to serious just a fun place to get some of your original ideas out there?

    Oh, I haven’t been around for a while, any info on what’s next for you since Spidey/FF has ended?

  7. Steve Says:

    Man, I get what you mean about the “schizophrenic creative insecurity.” I have a ton of ideas that I just can’t bring myself to flesh out.

    That said, a steampunk aviator story I would read with great joy. 😉