Today’s sketch doesn’t have much to do with anything, really. Every once in a while, I get these little flashes of an idea for something I’d like to draw… a fleeting image that, like a fast flying bird’s shadow, flits across my brain. Some times, I can flesh it out and pull out that brief impression into something coherent. Other times, every attempt ulitmately amounts to nothing. Today’s ‘flit’ was just an impression I got of one of those old arrogant emperor-types who take on the mantle of not only the royal head of their nation… but also it’s military leader as well, whether they’ve actually served any military service or not. I kind of like the way it came out.

So.. this ends another week. Lets hope those folks in San Diego for COMICON INTERNATIONAL are having a fantastic time while those of us who couldn’t make it are here wishing we were there and scouring the comics news sites for anything interesting being announced at the show. For those of you who aren’t there and are reading this… have a great weekend.

This is Entry 406.


11 Responses to “NO RHYME OR REASON”

  1. Leaf Says:

    That sketch/drawing may have no rhyme or reason, but it’s one damn fine piece of artwork. Solid. Just grabs and holds your attention with the shadows and his stature. Excellent work, Mike.

  2. Bill Williams Says:


    You have a big weekend too.


  3. Brian M. Says:

    Cool sketch and I really like the dog.

    As for San Diego, lots of interesting news hitting the web, though nothing yet on the next big Ringo project.

  4. ringo Says:

    That’s because it’s not very big, Brian…. 😉

  5. Mike Says:

    Great pic Mike! I like this one a lot. Has a lot of power to it. Have a great weekend as well, and about your next project, anything you do is big, not only to me, but I’m sure all of us fans!

  6. Craig Says:

    Man, that fleeting image was fully realized! Very nice piece!

  7. Andrew Says:

    Scouring the comics sites, indeed — with Mark Waid at Boom! Studios, I wonder if you’ll be doing work for them someday. I would guess you would.

  8. Erik Burnham Says:

    I tellya, I’ve never been to San Diego… but I got friends who go every year. I receive their calls and am driven into a bitter rage of jealousy.

    I hear the show’s fun. Interesting news so far indeed – some great surprises, too – but nothing on some of the things I’ve been looking to hear about!

    Mike, your drawing made me flash on the movie THE ILLUSIONIST. (If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.) And I love that doberman… one of my favorite breeds!

  9. FAN THAT'S AT SDCC :) Says:

    i’m lovin’ it!

  10. Mafus Says:

    I made it to SDCC once, just before it was co-opted by Hollywood and the videogame industry. The coverage of it on G4 this weekend has made me kind of queesy. Kind of like, “Look at this cool movie coming up…and this one…and this one…oh, and hey, look. A comicbook. Moving right along…Star Wars!” Still, I’d like to go back for fun just once.

    That image rocks, Mike. Reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it.

  11. Mark Says:

    That’s lovely.