There have been projects, at times during my career, that I’ve been approached about by certain writers and/or editors that — at the time– I was absolutely thrilled at the idea of working on. It’s one of those ‘right writer, right character, right time’ kind of things that just gets my blood pumping and my mind racing at the possibilities. In past posts, I’ve written about a TEEN TITANS/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES project that Jeph Loeb proposed to me that excited me to no end. I’ve also posted about the chance I had to work with Mark Waid on LEGION when he was removed as writer of FANTASTIC FOUR several years back during the Bill Jemas era at Marvel.

I don’t remember if I’ve written about this on the blog before– but another project that Mark Waid proposed to me (and this is nothing that ever got to the step of actually approaching the folks at DC about this) was his take on AQUAMAN. He had a wonderful idea to introduce a romantic interest for Arthur Curry (or Orin if you prefer). His idea was to have a young female Oceanographer meet AQUAMAN and have sparks fly between them. I’m not entirely sure of all the specifics of Mark’s AQUAMAN ideas (or the status of AQUAMAN’S marriage at that time, either)… but he wanted to have a mix of romance and high action in the seas with the title. Though my memories of the details Mark relayed to me are dimming… I still remember the enthusiasm that Mark had for the stories he wanted to tell… and when Mark Waid is enthusiastic and excited about something he wants to write– that excitement is highly contagious. I remember feeling as though it would have been a perfect change of subject matter and tone for me to work on… I bought into it without question. Unfortunately, it’s something that never came to pass. It’s my fervent wish, though, that one day, I can work with Mark on his take on this character.

OK… I gotta get back to SPIDER-MAN/FF.

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