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I had to keep the sketch pretty quick today if I was going to get it done and posted at all. I spent the morning with an electrical contractor here at the house. I’ve been having trouble with my heating and air conditioning unit switching its breaker off during the height of the heat of the day the past few afternoons (and for those of you in the southeast dealing with these 100-plus degree days, you know just how sweltering and oppressive this week has been). As it turns out, my entire wiring setup outside is horribly old and doesn’t meet code. It also contains quite a bit of aluminum wiring– which the contractor tells me is very dangerous and not in use anymore. So I got the great news that it’s going to cost me thousands of dollars to bring everything back up to code…. and not have the danger of causing a fire at any point as well. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner….!

I’ve had several folks inquire about my 2007 sketchbook and whether it would be for sale here on the site. Steven Gettis has set up a store link in the PERSONAL section of the column at the right for selling the sketchbook and prints I’ve produced. So anyone interested in the things offered there, I’ve got a PayPal account set up to handle the sales that way.

OK… have a great weekend, everyone.

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11 Responses to “JUST A QUICK ONE TODAY”

  1. Bill Nolan Says:

    Ah, yes, the joys of home ownership… I had a guy come out this morning to figure out where to put a chimney on my house. Ugh.

  2. Leaf Says:

    Not looking forward to being a homeowner, but it’s coming up soon.

    Another great sketch of Jarek, Mike. Though there feels like there’s a big void without Koj in the picture. (At least he’s there in spirit.)

    If everybody buys something from the store we just might be able to pay for your new wiring, so’s get buying.

  3. Brian M. Says:

    Ah, the joys of home ownership. In the last couple of years we’ve redone the driveway, replaced the fences, discovered and replaced some wood rot just in time and just finished painting the house this summer. The next project will be excavating the basement around the main sewer drain so that I can get the trap replaced. The trap makes it very difficult for the sewer service guys to clean out the pipe when I get a back-up which happened two years ago and this year.

    Great Jared by the way.

  4. Royce Says:

    Just sold my home last month so technically, I am presently “homeless” which always makes me thankful for those little inconveniences of home ownership. As Superman said, “Statistically speaking…it is still the safest way to beat the taxman.”

    Or something like that. Have a great weekend all.

  5. Mafus Says:

    Bro, get a second opinion. My entire house is wired with aluminum wiring and we talked to a contractor who told us we were fine. You just need to occasionally (once or twice a year) go around and check your plates (switches and outlets) to make sure they’re not warm to the touch. If they are, the connection is loose and you have a problem. Otherwise, you’re fine. It’s a strike against you when selling the house, but if you take the time to check the plates, you’re perfectly safe. The only real problem with aluminum wiring (as opposed to copper) is that it “wiggles” slightly more when current is flowing through it. That just means you need a really strong connection (usually with a special “goop” added) between the wiring and the switch or outlet. Also, the switches and outlets need to be specifically designed for aluminum wiring. These are readily available at the hardware store.

  6. Jeff Parker Says:

    Chit, my house still has knob and tube wiring in places. I bet there’s just too many things on the line going to the heat pump and it needs to be diverted. I stand with Mafus.

  7. Royce Says:

    Second opinions are great, but be prepared to hear the “salesman” come out from the next evaluator as well. It is hard, but ask around your circle of friends and neighbors for an honest unbiased inspector.

  8. Mal Gardiner Says:

    That’s a beautiful sketch, Mike. Nice and simple, but just brilliant. Great news about the sketchbook for sale on the site, especially for us internationals who don’t make it to teh cons.



  9. Urban Barbarian Says:

    As usual, both stunning and graceful. What else can be said. So damn good…!

  10. Tom Says:

    What a treat to return from a lengthy vacation and find several fantastic sketches here to view! Great stuff as always, Mike. It’s good to see the store section is up. I hope if you and Todd do anything “exclusive” for Baltimore you’ll offer it here for those fans who can’t make the show!

    Good luck with the house issues!

  11. David "Bart Allen" Tilley Says:

    This is way off topic here, but I figured I would let Mike know and everyone else here as well. Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid) is going to be doing a Shazam book for the dc line Johnny dc thier all ages line.
    Herobear and the kid is recogmended to all. I still remember who recogmended it to me some guys be the name of Mike Wieringo and Todd DeZago (what ever happened to those guys?) so maybe this is not so far away from the world of Tellos after all.

    By Thy Side,