Today’s sketch is a return to the world of TELLOS and the two main characters of that story and realm, KOJ and JAREK. I’ve been doing quite a few sketches of the characters from the book lately as regular visitors to this site know… and that’s for a reason. Todd and I have been hoping to have a BALTIMORE COMICON exclusive…. something… to offer this year for the show. We had been talking about having an original prose story written by Todd with spot illustrations by me– but time is growing so short and there would be so much design work to be done for the story before I could create the illos that I think that’s going to have to be shelved as an idea. My Marvel work makes that close to impossible at this point. So I’m thinking that an exclusive sketchbook that we would offer for sale at the show may be the way we have to go. With that in mind, I worked up today’s sketch of ‘the boys’. We’re also hoping to have copies of the TELLOS COLOSSAL HARDCOVER with us in Baltimore… but I’m beginning to wonder if that will even be a possibility. I’ve been checking the Diamond shipping lists, and I was assuming that the book would be shipping on the 15th since that’s the date offered for availability from AMAZON.COM… but it’s not on Diamond’s list. Perhaps the 22nd will be the date… I hope.

So… plans are still up in the air at this point.

In the mean time… I’ll keep sketching. For now, though– it’s back to work.

This is Entry 411.


10 Responses to “THE BOYS”

  1. Jeff Parker Says:

    I love the Highly Sophisticated logo. This makes me want to make new logos for my site!

  2. Royce Says:

    The TELLOS exclusive sounds like a wonderful idea. If not doable by Baltimore, then perhaps for Heroes next year? I have got to think that the book would sell well online though as well.

    Always nice to see these two characters show up on your sketch blog!

  3. Justin Teal Says:

    Wow. Freakin’ awesome.Ya know, I love the way you pay attention to the background.The way your ”patches” of line work, really let the characters stand out in contrast.Visually Stunning ….as always.

  4. Leaf Says:

    Probably the most solid Jarek to date. Kudos, Mike. (Koj isn’t anything to sneeze at either.)

  5. Patrick Says:

    Here’s an idea for you Mike.
    (As long as it’s not exclusive to just Baltimore so I can get a copy.)

    Way, way back in High School, we would get small updates that had an adhesive strip that could be inserted into the hardcover yearbooks if so desired. (This was due to the lead time required to print the books vs. gathering info. for the full year.)

    Perfect as an update/extra for the Colossal?!?

  6. Brian M. Says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Tellos makes it in time for Baltimore.

  7. Stephen James. Says:

    Nice sketch Mike.

    So I’m wondering, hypothetically, how much do you charge for a sketch like this at a convention or if someone commisioned it?

  8. David "Bart Allen" Tilley Says:

    I know how you feel, every week I on fridayI look at my invoice for the store looking for Tellos ,and every week so far I have been disapointed :(.
    but the idea of a baltimore exclusive, I do not like, mainly because I would not be able to get one since I Probally can not go (self centered aren;t I?) just kidding if you did one I would find a way to get , by hook or by crook. Hoperfully you will have the hard covers by Baltimore, hopefully i will have my 3 copies (one for me , one for my 2 year old niece, and one for a friend who never read Tellos, but is a big Ringo fan who helped me out a few monthes ago)

  9. Gerard Says:


    It might still ship next week. Diamond’s “Expected Next Week” list often misses hardcovers. You should check again on Monday evening to make sure.


  10. Gerard Says:

    I just looked at Image’s website, and they have it coming out next week. 🙂