This week’s REMAKE/REMODEL subject over at Warren Ellis’ ENGINE forum is SHERLOCK HOLMES. After reading the descriptions Warren furnished of the different aspects of Holmes’s persona… I started thinking about how I’d remodel him– and my thoughts turned to “Steampunk” for inspiration. It was hinted that perhaps Holmes used narcotics… and I started from there. I imagined Holmes later in live– having abused drugs for decades– to the point where his body was virtually destroyed and dying. Because of his value to Scotland Yard, British authorities undergo the drastic step of severing Holmes’ head and attaching it to a mechanical body that would keep the head and brain alive. Holmes goes on to help solve crimes that frustrate British police for years afterward.

I got a bit bizarre with the design of the mechanical body… but that was the fun of the exercise.

OK… gotta run off to work. Have a great weekend, everyone.

This is Entry 364.


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