I think that of all the characters and stories that I came up with when I was a kid, my SATURN KID idea is the one I’d like to flesh out the most. It’s not, by far, the idea that I did the most work on when I was younger… I drew many full issues of some of the superhero characters I came up with. They were, however, usually very recognizable knock-offs of already existing characters from Marvel and DC. While, to be honest, SATURN KID owes a huge nod to JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS for its inspiration, it’s still pretty distinct in story and the visual trappings… and I find my mind turning to the idea quite often. I think that if I ever get the opportunity to produce a solo creator-owned project, SATURN KID just may be the one…

OK.. gotta keep it brief today. Have a great one, all.

This is Entry 363.


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