It seems that PROJECT ROOFTOP is catching quite a bit of attention… and over THE ENGINE — Warren Ellis’s forum on the web– Warren has started a thread where he asks folks to redesign WITCHBLADE in the ROOFTOP vein. I’m not a huge WITCHBLADE fan… but I thought it would be fun to take a crack at the challenge. I don’t think I did all that well… but it was an enjoyable exercise, anyway. I thought for this first try that I would do a ‘Guyver-like’ version, with the mystical Witchblade covering Sara Pezzini almost completely. But it seems that most everyone in the thread was going for that look. So I tried something more simple.

With this sketch, i just imagined that the Witchblade would be used more like a tool– to form shapes and weapons as needed. So here, Sara is holding the ‘blade as… well, a large blade. But I imagine her using it as protection as well– like using it to form a cocoon around her if she falls off a city roof… she could be spared harm by a hard Witchblade shell forming and taking the brunt of the impact. Like I said… it was fun to do… but I think more colorful superhero-type characters might be better suited for this kind of redesign project. That’s why the PROJECT ROOFTOP stuff is so fun and interesting. The possibilities are more varied, I think.

OK… that’s it for another Wednesday.

This is Entry 360.


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