Today’s sketch isn’t related to anything… I just felt like drawing a female this morning since besides the DANI half of the sketch from a couple of posts ago, it had been a week or so since I’d drawn the fairer sex for the blog. And since I’m just about as big a fan of westerns as I am of fantasy-related material, I thought I’d draw a cowgirl today. Nothing very authentic, I’ll admit… more of a modern take on Annie Oakly…. but it was fun, and that’s what counts.

SPEAKING of female characters, there’s a very cool set of POWER GIRL redesigns over on PROJECT ROOFTOP — a site devoted to superhero costume design and redesign. There’s also some links at the bottom of the article to several LIVEJOURNAL users takes on redesigning PG’s costume as well.

OK… time to get to work. I’m already behind due to an appointment I had this morning for an oil change in my car.

This is Entry 359.


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