So here we are, at 400 posts.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I decided, what will be 4 years ago next month, to start a blog. I originally just wanted to have a web site to have a web presence like so many fellow comic book pros had at the time and a way to promote myself on the World Wide Web… and as you can see from the archives, the blog portion was somewhat neglected at the start. I didn’t have a clear idea of why I’d want to start one– and what I would do with it once it had begun. It took me a while to think — DUH!– about posting new sketch material to share with anyone who might be interested. As it turned out, people were indeed interested. I was so pleasantly surprised when a few folks would mention to me at shows years back that they enjoyed my blog and were making it a regular stop when I began posting more frequently. I honestly didn’t think that many people would pay attention…. but over the years, that attention has grown and this blog has become important to me in more ways than one. Not only has this little corner of the web become a place for me to share and interact with folks online, but the blog has been– on more than one occasion– cheap therapy/cathartic for me when I’ve been stewing something over in my head. Being able to get thoughts down in type and share them with you folks who provide feedback has been a great thing.

I’ve also always been very interested in becoming financially independent by using the web as a source of income for my art. I haven’t done a lot toward that goal… but this blog has prompted me to cultivate the discipline to post new sketches three times a week (usually… there are, of course, times when I need to reach into the ‘lost art files’ or the like when I’m just too busy or have a ‘block’… but fortunately those times are infrequent) and I can then collect many of those sketches into sketchbooks that I then can sell. It’s my hope to one day create more commerce from the site…. but we’ll see how that plays out in the future.

Bottom line is– I love this site, posting sketches and interacting with you folks. So thank you for helping make it so much fun… and thanks for being here.

Here’s to 400 more….

This IS Entry 400.


26 Responses to “400 AND BEYOND…”

  1. Rich Says:

    Congrats on making it to 400, Mike!

  2. Leaf Says:

    Keep ’em coming, Mike. We’ll be here.

  3. Jim Harvey Says:


    This is a great site that I frequent at least three times a week to see what new sketches or commentary you have for that week. I always love to see or hear what goes on behind the scenes, how sometimes it is hard to produce art or how work is in crunch time.
    The first 400 posts were great and here’s to another 400 more.


  4. Bill Williams Says:


    The cool thing about this kind of milestone is that you hit it while holding down a career.


  5. Brian M. Says:

    Big congrats on the 400th post Mike and thanks for making it a Serra.

    I think one of the big advantages of blogging for you work at home alone creative types is that it gives you a chance to interact with others about your business in the same way that people who work in a studio or office setting get to do. Cats are great company, but it’s nice to have a two way conversation now and then.

    As for using the site to make money with your art, please check your e-mail from last monday in regards to my designs on Monday’s Serra.

    Also, I’m thinking that what with the big Tellos release coming up, it would be time for you and Todd to get some Tellos shirts, hats, mousepads, etc. out on the market.

    Anywho, congrats again and here’s to the next 400 posts.

  6. Bill Nolan Says:

    Let me echo the comments of the others and congratulate you on the big 4-0-0. It’s a great blog; always interesting and filled with great art. Looking forward to more.

  7. Craig Says:


    Congrats on 400! Hard to believe how fast time flies.

    Just as the blog is therapy for you, coming to it [and other sites] is therapy for us!

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Kyle Latino Says:

    Discipline. That’s what you got. Great job reaching 400!

  9. Noise Monkey Says:

    400! Woohoo! I, for one, am grateful for the chance to see your work on such a frequent basis. You’ve long been one of my favorite professionals and I’ve gotten a kick out of every post. Thanks, Mike!

  10. Dave Strong Says:

    Congrats on 400! I just started checking out your site about 3 months ago and come back every week. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderfully imaginative pics! Here’s to 400 more! Cheers.

  11. Ric G Says:

    Congrats, Mike! I’ve been hitting your site for years…I’ve posted a time or two. What keeps me coming back is your kick-butt art, of course, but your personal, often painful, postings are what mean the most. You’re the freshest breath of air on the artistic side of the World Wide Web, as far as I can tell! Your struggles transcend your profession; so many times what you post touches me personally. I can relate being in your 30’s, struggling to find your grove, and having crises of faith. You’re a real human being, and you share that with others. It takes guts, man, and I admire you for that. Top it off with some really fantastic art, and frequent visits becomes a no-brainer! I’ll keep coming back if you keep doing exactly what it is that you’re doing. I love the format, I love the dedication to your blog readers, and I love your work in the industry. All good things must come to an end, but, hopefully, “the end” for you is a long way away!

  12. DT Butchino Says:

    Congrats on the 400th post … here’s to 400 more 🙂 I kow I’ll be there! Thanks for having us Mike!

  13. mike kunkel Says:

    happy 400th, mike!

    all the best,
    mike . . .


    Mike, it is indeed a pleasure visiting your site each week. You are a top-notch creator with a true passion for the medium as evidenced by your heartfelt posts (a rarity nowadays). While cathartic for you, it is a genuine pleasure for us to get a ‘glimpse’ so to speak of your mindset/approach/process. Here’s to another 400 posts, hopefully in far less time than it took you to get through the first batch, and beyond (is 4,000 too optimistic?)!

    Best regards,

  15. Royce Says:

    400! Wow! Just think what Leonidas would have been able to accomplish with 400 Spartans! 33 1/3% more democracy in the world!

    OK, dumb reference. Congrats anyway!

  16. COMIKXGUY Says:



  17. Urban Barbarian Says:

    Congrats Mike! You’re truly an inspiration. An artist’s artist! Thanks for always posting!

  18. Stephen James. Says:

    Been reading this blog for some time now dude, keep it coming it’s definately one of my favorite blogs.

  19. Spencer Says:

    Congratulations on reaching this point with your sanity intact. 🙂 I can think of many a person who wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.

  20. Jim McClain Says:

    I’m subscribed to your blog, Mike. You keep writing and drawing and I’ll keep reading.

  21. Comfort Love Says:

    As I’ve said in the past, I am awed and inspired by your amazing quality and ability to do it in such timely fashion. I know that complement may have seemed dull, but it’s honest. Not many people (or fellow comic artists) can pull off what you churn out. You’re an inspiration to the rest of us sketch-bloggers out there, not only putting out strong art but speaking your mind as well. Excellent work. I hope to see 400 more.

  22. Badabing Says:

    Congrats to 400 blog entries, Mike! I’ve been a reader (and fan) of your site for quite some time now. A few requests, if you ever feel like drawing something different – how’s about Mr. T? ROM? Iron Fist? Heheheh – figured it’s worth a shot asking! 🙂

  23. michael Says:

    Gee Mike, you don’t look a post over 300! LOL…This blog has inspired me to practice my own art and let me know I’m not alone in some of my opinions of the current comic crop. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Congrats Mike, many blessings.

  24. PatrickWedge Says:

    Congrats again…you keep drawing, we’ll keep browsing. 🙂

  25. John Beatty Says:

    WOW! That’s impressive, Mike! I have trouble with doing “10” before I change what I’m doing.

    You’re a true inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing your life, work and thot’s with us!


  26. John Christ Says:

    I grew up bugging my parents for all those Transformers toys and was a real big fan of ’em back in the day. Going to see the movie with a few of my friends, also in my age group (26-27), was perfect, we cheered from start to finish, the girls squealed with delight and us boys through fake punched as the Autobots tangled with the evil Decepticons.
    Definitely my favorite movie so far this year!
    Now I am off to read your interview…