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I’ve been drawing the protagonists from Todd’s and my TELLOS comic of late– and that’s because I so dearly love those characters. It’s always fun… and renewing, really… to sketch them whenever the mood hits. There are, however, so many interesting and fun characters that were featured in our little foray into creator ownership– allies and enemies… friend and foe. That’s the wonderful thing about what we set up with TELLOS– it’s a colorful world populated by so many terrific characters and races…. and we only really scratched the surface with that first series. One of my favorite moments in the first TELLOS series is when Jarek and company were confronted by the bounty hunters that MALESUR sent after them in issue 3. Todd and I came up with some bizarre and intimidating hunters… and TUNRING was one of my favorite among them. I like his huge stature, his giant club…. and I like, most of all, that RIKK– the smallest of the unlikely heroes in TELLOS– gave him such a hard time. It was perfect and funny and oh so clever on Todd’s part.

So today’s sketch is of the massive TUNRING. In future posts, I’ll revisit some of the other characters from the first series… both good and bad.

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