That thread featuring famous ‘DOCTORS’ over on DRAWINGBOARD.ORG. is still going… and I thought I’d work up another sketch to contribute to it. I’m a huge fan of the original CAPTAIN MARVEL created by C.C. Beck. I’ve always loved Beck’s wonderful cartoony style– it’s so very lyrical and charming and made CAPTAIN MARVEL so much fun to look at and to read. So, going through the various contributions to the jam thread, I saw that no one has yet drawn DR. SIVANA — and I thought I’d jump on it before anyone else remembered to sketch him. SIVANA is just one of the CAPTAIN’S wonderfully colorful rogues gallery, which also includes such characters as MISTER MIND and BLACK ADAM. If you’ve never read any of the terrific CAPTAIN MARVEL stuff, you can find many of the DC ARCHIVE Editions over on Amazon.com..

And if you are someone who loves to draw and create art– you should certainly register over at the DRAWING BOARD. I link to it all the time– and it’s a wonderful place for not only professional and highly accomplished artists to share their work, but also a great place for new artists to show their stuff and get helpful and constructive critiques. So for you artists who read this blog and love to show off your work, you might want to consider the DRAWING BOARD.

OK… that’s it for today.

This is Entry 399 (and you know what’s next…!)


20 Responses to “DR. SIVANA”

  1. Jeff Parker Says:

    Hellz yeah. He is a MAD SCIENTIST. That is who he is!

  2. rodrigo Says:

    ive never read anything of captain marvel… i heard they are planning amovie now!
    and about drawing board, i just registered and ill see if they can find me some answers bwa hahaha!

  3. Bill Nolan Says:

    OK, I think I may just need to pick this one up, too, to go along with the Mary Marvel one. It’s perfect. Will you have these sketches at Baltimore? If it’s available, I’d love to add it to my collection.

    And I have no real art skills at all, and even I hang out at the Drawing Board site from time to time. There is a lot of talent over there.

  4. Leaf Says:

    Excellent, Captain Marvel and Dr.Sivana. I don’t know all that much about the characters, only the Jeff Smith series that’s out, but maybe one of these days I’ll get around to him. Heck, I may even get over to Drawingboard one of these days, too.

  5. Brian M. Says:


    That is one of the best renditions of Dr. Sivana I have ever seen and being a friend of Mr. Nolan, I’ve seen many artist’s version of this character.

  6. Kyle Latino Says:

    Good to see the Golden Age get some mention. Man, I’d love to see you do a picture of Mr. Tawky Tawny. He’s my favorite under Uncle Marvel, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny.

  7. ringo Says:


    I’ve already done a sketch of Tawky Tawny… 🙂

  8. stockwell Says:

    Mike, that’s a great sketch. I would love to see you work on a Shazam! book. I think your style is perfectly suited for those characters (as we see here).

  9. Bill Nolan Says:

    Man, I forgot about that Tawny sketch. That one’s fantastic, too. Hopefully the rumors of a new Mike Kunkel Capt. Marvel book turn out to be true. I think the character definitely benefits from the single creative efforts of a strong cartoonist, rather than a writer/penciler team. Not saying the right team couldn’t be found, tho’, because you never know.

  10. Bill Williams Says:

    That 400th drawing will be just another reason to look forward to Friday the 13th.

  11. mike kunkel Says:

    i love this image of the mad doc sivana. as he should be . . . maniacal.
    your art is dang appealing!
    every time i visit, you present something that just calls to be admired and appreciated.
    thanks for a being so inspiring.
    take care, my friend!

    all the best,
    mike . . .

  12. michael Says:

    Love it! And for those of you not checking out the Jeff Smith book it’s awesome. I just got Shazam Family Archives Vol. 1 and it’s awesome as well.I’m a bigger fan of CMjr. and Mary than Captain Marvel himself but this sketch of yours Mike makes be ready to go demonstrate outside of DC’s offices to get a ‘Ringo Shazam book!

  13. Royce Says:

    Excellent Sketch Mike. Just enough “squint” in the eyes of Fred McMurray…err I mean Captain Marvel, one of my all time faves.

  14. Neil Hill Says:

    Ohhh, very creepy-cool, Mike! I like it a lot!

  15. chukw Says:

    Sweet sketch, Mike! That’s the best rendition of Cap I can recall, and the character’s just oozing out of the good doctor. I’ve always wondered where the name Sivana came from- anagram? Play on contemporary references? Can anybody educate me?

  16. Kyle Latino Says:

    WOW, Kick-awesome! That’s a great sketch of a great character! You are pretty much my hero for drawing Tawky tawny.

  17. AP Furtado Says:

    I’m fairly new to this blog but I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time. I’m glad I happened to be in the neighborhood and discovered this gem. I love the sketches, they’re very inspiring.


  18. Doug Zawisza Says:

    I don’t quite understand how you haven’t been locked up on a Captain Marvel series yet…maybe with Waid writing…

    It’s gotta happen someday!!!

  19. Chris B. Says:

    Mike, I’ve felt for a long time that you should be drawing SHAZAM! regularly. It’s got the childish innocence I love about your work, Tawky Tawny, which I’m sure you love. Get Mark Waid on the phone, and hook that up!

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