Well, today’s the in which our country celebrates the Declaration of Independence of our new nation from British rule in 1776. It’s a day of fireworks, cookouts, swimming, family and friends. Me… I’m sitting here at home drawing with a LAW AND ORDER TV marathon playing on TNT in the background. I’m trying to wrap up some cover work for a couple of independent (hey… that kind of ties in to the holiday, huh…?) comics I promised to do before plunging headlong into my next project that will keep me chained to the drawing table for most of the rest of the year. I don’t know how many of you will actually be checking in here on the old site today since most folks have the day off…. but I thought for any of you who DO stop by… I’d post another sketch of the ‘girl by the sea’. For those folks who might not be around a computer today, then there’ll be something for them to see tomorrow.

OK… I’m keeping it brief today. For those of you who are taking part in the Independence Day festivities, have a great time.

This is Entry 396 (T-MINUS 3 TO 400).


19 Responses to “4TH OF JULY BY THE SEA…”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for this – for those of us north of the 49th who check with any regularity, a post today (while I sit on my lunch break) is appreciated LOL! Cheers!

  2. Jim Harvey Says:

    Another great drawing, I always check by every other day just to see
    what you have posted. I love the variety of your posts. Have a great 4th.

  3. Royce Says:

    A Happy and Fun and SAFE 4th to all!

    (Wondering what Mike’s new project is…I missed a few announcements apparently.)

  4. ringo Says:

    You didn’t miss anything, Royce…. I’m not allowed to talk about it just yet.

  5. Mike Says:

    Hey Mike great sketch thanks for posting it! Hope you get to at least relax a little today and enjoy the holiday a bit. Hopefully we’ll get to hear what the new project is soon, so we can start pestering the LCS for it, haha! Enjoy and hope everyone has a great 4th!

  6. Brian Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone in working on the fourth. I’m just taking a break from painting my house to grab a little lunch. A great sense of accomplishment doing something like this, but man this stucco we have on the house – it has a pebble finish – is awfully hard to cover.

    Happy 4th everyone.

  7. brian hurtt Says:

    I don’t feel so alone now–I’m also chained to the drawing table today, Mike.
    Can’t wait to hear about your next project!

  8. Leaf Says:

    Me likey the continuation sketch, Mike. Good stuff as always, my friend. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy 4th. Also, happy b-day to me lovely wife.

  9. An Says:

    Not you dire nothing that you do not know already but… Very good work, enchants… mio to me are the humor strips but asi I even envy your work. Greetings from Galicia, pardon my ominous English.if you want, visits my blog

    No te dire nada que no sepas ya pero… Muy buen trabajo, me encanta…lo mio son las tiras de humor pero aun asi envidio tu trabajo. Saludos desde Galicia, perdona mi nefasto inglés. Si quieres visita mi blog

  10. DT Butchino Says:

    Have safe and happy 4th Mike!

  11. Bill Williams Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one chained to the boards today.


  12. michael Says:

    Great sketcch as always. Hope everyone had a great 4th. And Mike, you and I are in 100 % agreement on this whole dark/death/Bart thing. That’s why I’ve started spending more money on reprints than new comics.

  13. COMIKXGUY Says:



  14. MattComics Says:

    Girl By the Sea is a great design. Is she part of any story idea or just a visual so far?

  15. mike kunkel Says:

    happy 4th to you too!
    great stuff as always.
    i can’t wait to hear what new project will enjoy your presence.

    take care and all the best,
    mike . . .
    p.s. hope you got my email back . . . i sent an attachment or two of fun . . . 😉

  16. Scott S Says:

    nice sketch as always. It definitely has a Miyazaki-ish feel to it.. maybe crossed with Nadia (by Gainax).

    incidentally, isn’t there always a Law & Order marathon on TNT?

  17. Erik Burnham Says:

    She’s back! Mike, you push me too far. (;

    I was working through all the festivities yesterday (though I sure could HEAR them!) And now, I go to the drawing table myself to play beat the clock…

    Wish me luck, folks!

  18. Sean Says:

    Hey Mike any chance we will get to see more of her in the future, or is hse just for warmup’s


  19. Neil Hill Says:

    Altbough I’m coming to the party a tad late, and the Fourth is long since over, I do enjoy the ‘girl by the sea’ sketch you created for this entry, Mike.