Walt Simonson’s FATE


It’s been a while since I took part in one of the sketch jam threads over on DRAWINGBOARD.ORG. They’ve started one recently that features characters with the title ‘DOCTOR’ in their names. This prompted me to work up a sketch of a character I’ve wanted to draw for some time… but never had the spark of inspiration to give me that kick in the pants I some times need. As a kid, I was aware of DR. FATE… but I was never that big a fan of the character. Not, that is, until I saw issue of FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL on the stands featuring Walt Simonson’s DR.FATE story. I don’t have to tell anyone familiar with Simonson’s work just how brilliant a creator he is… he’s been breaking ground and thrilling fans for decades in the comics industry. Simonson made FATE just so damned cool in FIS #9… it was eye opening. I’ve never seen the character handled as wonderfully since. Walt’s work on that one comic left an indelible impression on my imagination that carries through to this day. When I think of DR. FATE, I think of Simonson’s version. If you don’t have a copy of this comic, you can find it on eBay pretty easily, I’d bet… it would be well worth adding to your collection. The amazing thing about Walt Simonson’s work is that it’s timeless. You can pick any period of his work– and it’s just as fresh and thrilling today as it was when it was originally published. He’s truly unique in that respect.

Sorry the post’s so late today… I had a chiropractor’s appointment this morning, and that threw me off.

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  1. Brian Says:

    Actually, since it was a chiro appointment, lets hope it put you “back” as opposed to throwing you off.

    As for Simon’s Dr. Fate, “1st Issue Special” way back in December of 1975, I couldn’t agree with you more Mike. That is one of the few old issues I held onto when I sold off most of my collection. That gorgeous first page splash of Dr. Fate flying out of his tower by Simonson all on its on is worth your “so damned cool” comment.

  2. megan Says:

    … well, as long as you have a note from your DOCTOR, I guess we’ll forgive the tardiness…

  3. Jim Harvey Says:


    Great looking Dr Fate. The way you have drawn the helmet and the eyes in the helmet, give Dr fate that mysterious otherwordly quality.Is that a reflection of a villian on his helmet or am I reading too much into it?

  4. Skipper Pickle Says:

    i love that First Issue Special (although for years i tried to find the secret message alluded to in Marty Pasko’s bio on the letter page…).

  5. brian hurtt Says:

    For me it was Simonson’s run on THOR that I hold most dear to me. G.I. Joe may have been my gateway comic but it was Thor that brought me fully on board and made me a geek for life. I can’t say how influential those Asgardian tales were to me.
    Thankyou Simonson!

  6. Kyle Latino Says:

    Man, Dr. Fate… What can’t that guy do…

  7. COMIKXGUY Says:


  8. craig Says:

    Kyle Latino Says: “Man, Dr. Fate… What can’t that guy do…”

    ….support a monthly book.

    which is a shame, ’cause he’s a great character (and MAN, how sweet would a ‘ringo dr. fate book be?!)


  9. Kyle Latino Says:

    Touche, Craig… touche.

  10. MattComics Says:

    See, I think for character like Dr.Fate is where a well-done anthology title would come in handy. Then Fate wouldn’t HAVE to support a monthly book. If somebody comes up with a good Fate story then they could drop it into the title for that month.