I’ve been wanting to get my web site redesigned for a while now. After somewhere around 4 years of the original design, I had been thinking it was time for a change. That opportunity came a few months back when my buddy (and SPIDER-MAN/FANTASTIC FOUR writer) Jeff Parker forwarded me an email from Steven Gettis, who was interested in buying three HARRY POTTER sketches and a DON QUIXOTE sketch I’d done. Steven collects sketches of literary figures– writers and their creations… and he’s got a wonderful online gallery of these pieces you can find here. I knew that Steven had redesigned Parker’s site and did a really terrific job, and so I asked him if he’d be willing to do the same for me in exchange for those sketches.

Fortunately for me, he went for it.

I absolutely LOVE what Steven has done with this site. We decided on a ‘blog as main page’ format since that’s what most folks frequent the site for. For the sketches in each post, you can click on the image and it will open to a larger version of the sketch. If you’ll look around a bit, you’ll see that there’s now an archives section of all the posts I’ve made from the beginning of my blogging. I’ve had people asking me about that for a long time now… and it’s great to have that feature finally. I’ve gone through my files and uploaded the sketches from the past couple of years. Some of the older stuff I’m going to have to find and rescan as I can’t find them on my hard drive… but I’ll get it done relatively soon. Another function people have been asking for is a ‘trackback’ feature and/or an RSS feed for the blog… and now both are available. There’s also a search function that will allow you to search for posts/sketches by subject matter (SPIDER-MAN, for an example). I’ve got an extensive list of links to sites I frequent and artists whose work I love. In addition, there’re links to my DeviantArt gallery, which has more than 160 pieces up for you to see any time you’re so inclined, as well as my MYSPACE page and the folks at MOTHCOMIX.COM who sell some of my art. You’ll also notice if you refresh the page a few times that the site banner changes randomly. There are three versions now… and I may add or subtract from the group from time to time. The vertical row of image tiles in the middle randomly load as well to add to the fun. That’s the thing I love so much about this new design– it’s colorful, fun and much more functional and interactive. So Steven– thank you so much for this wonderful design… it far surpasses anything I imagined. You’re my hero, buddy….! This really feels like home, and I hope you’ll all feel the same way as well.

So take some time, look around… and I’ll see you here again on Wednesday.

This is Entry 385.



  1. Chris Gardner Says:

    Hi Mike, I like the new look! You’re the best. -Chris.

  2. rodrigo Says:

    i registered :S

    i like the new blog, and now im gonna go surfing from link to link and bookmark some of those!

  3. Stuart Immonen Says:

    Hi Mike! LOVE the new look– I’d expect no less of Mr Gettis, however; he’s top notch.

    Great to have the colour pieces available at a glance, and I’m flattered to be linked to as well.

    take care


  4. Leaf Says:

    While I enjoyed the simple, clean design of the previous site I can’t complain about the update. Good stuff.

    Love the sketch, too, though I have no idea who it is.

  5. flaviano Says:

    congrats for your new site! good idea to put the blog as home page ant to put deviantart page as gallery. i’m glad to see all the previous entries, lots of great sketches.

  6. Jamal Igle Says:

    Nice redesign, when you get the time, come by my site. I just made a bunch of changes to the gallery and the blog.

  7. Joah Says:

    I like the new design. It looks cool.

  8. Josh Says:

    That was a typo on my name. I meant to put “s” and ended up putting “a”.

  9. andy kuhn Says:


    nice job on the new website. i dig it the most!

  10. Brian M. Says:

    Another thumbs up and I agree with Stuart as I like having the color art posted right on the home page for easy access.

    The search feature is a great addition as well.

  11. Mike Says:

    Nifty layout, Mike. Congrats on the new look!

  12. megan Says:

    Looks great; will be nice to have access to your older archives, too.

  13. dusty abell Says:

    congrats mike! the new site looks GREEEAAAT!!!!!!! bookmarked and ready for all future goodness.

  14. Brian Knippenberg Says:

    Just wanted to chime in…great overhaul of the site! It’s great!

  15. comikxguy Says:


  16. Rich Says:

    Hey Mites! Nice redesign, and I agree with others that its nice to have your color stuff easily accessible while reading your latest bloggins. Thanks for the linkage too. 🙂

  17. DT Butchino Says:

    Love the new site Mike!

  18. Craig Says:

    Wow! Just too cool for words [both the sketch and the redesign]!

  19. jamie baker Says:

    A very nice re-design. Congratulations! I think there is a way to add a bit of javascript (or some code to your htaccess file) to have visits to your OLD page automatically re-direct to this page… it would be a shame if anyone missed it!

  20. Tom Says:

    I’m diggin’ the re-design, very cool! I’ll have to go through the archives and see the good stuff I missed back in the day.

  21. Royce Says:

    Congrats on the unveiling Mike! You definitely got your “money’s worth” out of this trade! I am sure Steven is happy from his end as well. I look forward to “looking around” a bit. Nice centurion by the way.

  22. Elayne Riggs Says:

    Yes yes yes, RSS! Thank you Steven and Mike! It’ll be a pleasure to finally be able to keep up with this blog. I pretty much read everything via RSS feeds nowadays.

  23. Gerard Says:

    Very nice!

    I especially like the Tellos-y look to it. I’m forwarding the link to my sister again — she’ll love it. 😀

  24. jamie baker Says:

    Oh, and Mike; when you move from BLOGGER to WORDPRESS you should be able to import all the old comments as well. I can’t remember how it is done but it is possible

  25. gettis Says:

    Hey Jamie, the wordpress blogger importer has a problem detecting comments on Haloscan. Looks like there is a back end hack to drag them over but I just have not time to do it yet. 🙂

  26. jamie baker Says:

    Oh that’s right; I had forgotten that you were using HALOSCAN for comments… that is good news that there is a hack, though.

    Anyway, as I said before, I love the new site design!

  27. Mafus Says:

    Nice work, Gettis! I’ve admired Parkers site for a long time. You’re a superstar.

  28. Neil Hill Says:

    Love the new look, Mike! Congrats on getting everything setup. 🙂

  29. trick Says:

    HOw did you feel about the Hornets off camera death at the hands of Wolverine in Mark Millars enemy of the state story line?

  30. Cliff Chiang Says:

    Great site, Mike! I actually stumbled across it in beta form a week ago, and I’m loving the final look! It’s great to have your pencil sketches and you color work all on one page.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Heroes!

  31. Krishna Sadasivam Says:

    Love the new site, Mike! And the new RSS feed that accompanies it. Kudos!

  32. G. Gerald Garcia Says:

    Wow! I came over from Parker’s Space…very cool. (Nice job Gettis, hope to see you and Parker at the September show?)

    Mike, you’ll always keep me coming back.