Parker Friday


I’ve got to make it quick today– even though I’m posting later in the day than I usually do. I felt like drawing Peter Parker in his now iconic ‘interrupted photo assignment’ situation. I always loved it when Peter was employed at THE DAILY BUGLE as a photographer (I prefer that soooo much more than ‘Peter as teacher’). J. Jonah Jameson would send Pete out on an assignment, Peter’s Spider-sense would go off like an alarm, and he’d have to abandon his assignment to go save the day. He would, however, always web up his camera to get pictures of himself in action as SPIDER-MAN to then sell to the WEBHEAD-hating Jameson. It was always amusing to me to watch Peter having to awkwardly explain how he somehow missed his ASSIGNED photo task, but ended up making up for it by getting yet another batch of pictures of SPIDER-MAN to sell to Jonah. It’s one of those absurd– and yet somehow comfortingly repetitive– character plays that enamored so many fans to the SPIDER-MAN mythos. It’s akin to the similar situation of Clark Kent and Lois Lane out together when something threatening happens– and as Lois turns to say something to Clark, she notices he’s gone…. just as SUPERMAN shows up on the scene to save the day. Lois always suspects that Clark and SUPERMAN might be one-and-the-same… but she just can’t really wrap her mind around it.It’s all part and parcel of the delightfully familiar rhythm of our favorite superhero icons.OK… I hope you all have a great weekend.

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3 Responses to “Parker Friday”

  1. Brian Knippenberg Says:

    Gosh, how I long for moments like that again on a Spider-Man book. It’s all right to have new situations, villains, etc. but I still wish that the Spider-Man books had more of the familiar trappings…much like the recent Spider-Man FCBD issue. Thanks for a great “classic” pic, Mike!


  2. josh-man Says:

    always have loved your take on pete. this would make a great poster or pinup or cover image!


  3. Javi Montes Says:

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