There are times when I seriously consider ending this blog… and today is one of those times. It’s almost 10:30 AM and I haven’t even started working on today’s page because I’ve been struggling to draw something… ANYTHING… that’s worth putting up here to show. I’m now warmed up enough to start drawing for then next SPIDER-MAN/FF page, but I don’t have anything to show blog-wise. It’s all scribbles and scratches.

I just don’t have the time to devote to it anymore today…. so I’ll just have to go wtihout posting anything. My apologies… but the pressure of the SM/FF deadlines are really just starting to get to me.

Hopefully I’ll have something for you Friday.

*UPDATED– I forgot that I had a scan of a WATCHER sketch I did for Jim Demonakos. Jim was the Marketing Director for IMAGE COMICS for a while– and he also runs the EMERALD CITY COMICON– which from everything I’ve heard is a wonderful show. So… thanks, Jim, for sending me a scan of the piece.


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