LOST returns with new episodes this Wednesday– and I almost decided not to return to watching the show. I was absolutely livid when I learned that they’d be taking so much time off from the season and inserting a new show– DAYBREAK– into the LOST time slot to keep people ‘placated’ while they were doing… whatever it is they were going to be doing during that period. Of course, no one wanted to watch DAYBREAK… they want LOST– and so DAYBREAK was quickly canned. I can only hope that the LOST folks have been brewing up some great twists and turns and interesting character stuff for the show– because, frankly, I’ve felt like the 3rd season has been rather flat. I’m not loving the storyline dealing with the imprisonment of Jack, Kate and Sawyer. It feels as though the writers and producers are treading water with this stuff. My biggest fear for this show is that it ends up like THE X-FILES in that it becomes some big cumbersome, convoluted mess with no wrap up– leaving LOST fans feeling cheated. I can’t express how frustrated and unfulfilled I felt at the end of the X-FILES series run. I didn’t need a neat little bow on everything they were exploring, by any means…. but the way the show ended was just confusing and wasteful. It was as if Chris Carter ran out of ideas and just got bored and called it quits.

I’ve decided to go ahead and watch the rest of this season of two halves of LOST– even though the layoff tempted me to just drop it altogether. All I can say is that they’d better have some great stuff in store if they want to keep THIS viewer.

OK… gotta get to work.

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