Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes about the thumb. It’s actually doing better. I guess I’m a petty fast healer…. it’s still sore, but it’s not stopping me from drawing, thankfully. I have to hold the pencil a bit funny, and I occasionally wince when I accidently hit it on a table or something… but all’s well.

I thought I’d also post this sketch I did Monday. I think I’ve said in the past that I have a difficult time drawing even ancillary characters in the comics work I do without planning out what they look like in advance. If they’re going to be in more than one panel, I usually have to sketch them out to get a ‘feel’ for them to help me to draw the page(s). I’m incredibly envious of guys like Erik Larsen, who has said on more than one occasion that he tends to just design on the fly while drawing his pages– even characters that become major players in his stories. Anyway, these guys appear at the beginning of the first issue of the new project I’m working on now… so I thought I’d post the sketch I did for their design here.

OK… that’s it for another Wednesday. Have a great day.

This is Entry 324.


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