Today’s sketch is one that I drew quite a while ago… but have never posted here. I have been trying to hold back at least a FEW sketches that I could add to an “ART OF” book some day that I could tout as ‘never before seen’. But circumstances have forced my hand, no pun intended.

I usually use the microwave for almost all my hot meals. I’ll heat up frozen dinners just to save time. Drawing comics keeps me so busy that I don’t have much time for home cooking. But I DO enjoy cooking… and I like to, once in a while, make myself a nice self-prepared meal on my stove. Saturday, I went out and bought a bunch of great stuff to make myself a tofu stir-fry for lunch, and I bought a brand new– very sharp– kitchen knife to cut up the ingredients. Well, while swiping some chopped ‘schmutz’ off the blade with my right hand, I cut my thumb rather badly. I immediately knew this was a bad thing…. this is my drawing hand. I bled all day Saturday. I soaked through an entire box of gauze and band aids. I even had to put my hand in a plastic bag secured with a rubber band Saturday night so I wouldn’t bleed on my bed sheets. Either the bag came off or I TOOK it off while I was sleeping– and so… nice blood stained sheets. The bleeding FINALLY slowed down Sunday afternoon… and this picture (which I’ve intentionally kept rather small because it’s just so gross… sorry) was taken during one of my seemingly infinite bandage changes. And so…. with my thumb hurting like hell, I’ve got to try to get to work– and so my warm-ups will be of character designs and not something to post here. Hopefully by Wednesday, things will be closer to being back to normal.

As an added bonus for today– I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve signed up for a DEVIANTART gallery. So many folks have asked me about an archive of past sketches I’ve posted here on the blog– ones they may have missed. Well, there’s over 100 sketches and such in the gallery there– so go and browse as much as you’d like. I’ll be adding to it regularly– and I’ll repost the link probably every new post I do from here on out to keep reminding folks.

OK… it’s time to try to see if I can draw with a throbbing, bandaged thumb…..

This is Entry 323.


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