BETTY and VERONICA….? Maybe not….


Well– I took a shot at drawing BETTY and VERONICA for today to go with Monday’s takes on ARCHIE and JUGHEAD. Looking at it now, though– it’s not very successful. I was happy with the way the guys came out, but this sketch just looks like a couple of overly-sexualized girls– one brunette and one blonde– with nothing to tie them visually to the source material. I tried to add some subtle touches like separating the two girls depth-wise…. placing VERONICA in the foreground, exuding her haughty, rich and overconfident sexy attitude that drives BETTY so crazy with frustration at how all the boys fall for her. And I gave BETTY a longer skirt and bit of a scowl to try to keep her in character. But the beauty of the timelessness of Dan Decarlo’s designs just can’t be matched. That’s what made him such an amazing artist and why he was so influential on so many folks.

Maybe if I had a couple of boys from RIVERDALE HIGH in the background drooling over VERONICA, it would have set a better scene.

Ah, well…. it was an attempt, anyway. And it’s a sketch– and this IS a sketch blog… so at least it serves its purpose, ultimately.

OK… sorry the post is so late today.

This is Entry 321.


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