Well– the first day of 2007. We’re living in the future, y’know. Remember BLADE RUNNER– the scenes in which Deckard would talk with people via ‘vid-phone’ screens….? I can do that now with buddies who also have iSight– a program that runs on MAC OSX that allows you to have video chats with people via a webcam. And on the newer versions of the flatscreen iMac G5s, there’s a built-in camera…. so it’s very innocuous. And with the latest version of OSX, you can chat with 4 people at once. It’s amazing. Like I said— we live in the future.

A couple of weeks back, NEWSARAMA ran a story about the folks at ARCHIE PUBLISHING updating the look of the RIVERDALE gang. I don’t know how well received this will be– or how successful the redesign will be, sales-wise. I have a hunch that the success of the ARCHIE line is that people love the safety and comfort of a sure thing. They have a timeless quality that might be hurt by a more ‘modern’ slant on the characters. But– what do I know… I could be absolutely wrong. Over on THE DRAWING BOARD, Stuart Immonen– a brilliant artist and all-around class act– started a thread inviting folks to present their own ‘re-imagined’ versions of ARCHIE and the gang. Typically, Stuart draws a sketch that is just amazing and sets the bar so hight right out of the gate that there’s not much point in jumping in— but it’s such a fun idea for a thread, I had to take part.

So for my first sketch of 2007, I did my own take on ARCHIE and JUGHEAD.

Have a great NEW YEAR’S DAY, folks…..

This is Entry 320.


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