LOST (Jack)


In my last post, I wrote that I might start sketching some of the cast from LOST since I’m such a huge fan of the show. In honor of tonight’s second episode of this new season, I thought I’d begin– with Jack. I think that Jack is my favorite character… but I don’t know why. I really like the job that the actor Matthew Fox does on the show. He’s got an amazing intensity, but he doesn’t overdo it. EVERY actor on the show does a fantastic job… and although it’s an ensemble cast– I get the feeling that the Jack Shephard character is the pivotal role on the show. Do they feature him more than the others…? I don’t know– I think they might.

Anyhoo– I’ve got to keep it brief again with all I have to do. Things are piling on me pretty heavy these days.

This is Entry 288.


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