LOST again (Kate)


For my Friday sketch, I leave you with Kate from LOST. I started sketching her yesterday, and I became addicted to drawing the characters from the show…. I got caught up in picking different characters and trying my hand at their likenesses– and before I knew it, I had blown most of the day. Not a good thing. It was fun to get caught up in the excitement of drawing something really fun, though. That usually only happens when I’m drawing for myself anymore… so it really felt good to have that excitement coursing through me. It made me feel like a kid again.

In Wednesday’s comments section, Robert mentioned that the producers of the show wanted to create LOST comics…. and it wasn’t that long ago that a friend of mine was sending me his interpretations of the cast as warm-ups for the comic. He had been picked to illustrate it (I think I’ve got my facts right here) and was told that the comic would be happening soon. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for some reason at that time…. things kind of fell apart. I know that there are a lot of TV shows being turned into comic books these days, and I don’t buy any of them– even if I enjoy the show. I think if LOST became a comic, though… I’d have to buy that.

Have a great weekend, folks.

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