I’ve got to keep it pretty short today. Deadlines are smothering me– so there’s not much time for musings… however ham-fisted mine usually are. Instead, I’ll just leave you with a sketch of that Savage Cimmerian CONAN. Over on THEDRAWINGBOARD .ORG there’s a very cool thread with lots of folks posting their interpretations of CONAN. These ‘jam threads’ are a constant over on that wonderful forum– and I enjoy taking part in them as much as I can. I think that of all the art-related boards I haunt, DRAWINGBOARD.ORG is probably my favorite.

Sorry to keep it so short…. but I don’t have much on my mind anyway. I’ve been so hunched over the board working with various sports events blaring on the TV while working that I haven’t had time to think of anything else. Although I DID catch the season premiere of LOST last Wednesday. Anyone else a LOST fan? I’m a huge fan of the show. Maybe when I’ve got more time to work on likenesses (they’re not easy to do for me without taking my time) I’ll do some sketches of the characters/cast from the show.

OK… back to work.

This is Entry 287.


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