Recently someone over on my forum. (don’t forget– I DO have a forum, if any of you are interested in that kind of interaction) asked if I had any more sketches based on the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES comic. I didn’t…. but it got me to thinking about how much I would love to draw the LEGION characters. I came close a couple of times– once many years back when Jeph Loeb was pitching a project to DC using the LEGION and TEEN TITANS characters and asked me to get involved (the sketches I did for the proposal are in the gallery section that you’ve probably all seen)… and once when I was in negotiations with DC about working with Mark Waid on the LEGION comic he’s now writing in the wake of his ‘firing’ from FANTASTIC FOUR by Bill Jemas a few years back. Neither of those opportunities worked out…. but maybe some day, I’ll at least get to draw a story arc or something.

The LEGION characters have such a rich history…. and they’ve changed costumes so many times that it affords tons of opportunities for drawing the various members of the team from the different eras. So I thought I’d work up a COSMIC BOY drawing to start off with. Once in a while, whenever the mood strikes, I’ll post another LEGIONNAIRE just for fun.

Gotta make it quick today…. lots to do.

This is Entry 285.


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