The most amazing, wonderful thing happened to me last week.

I was driving home from the gym last Wednesday evening. I got close to a right turn I have to take to get to the major thoroughfare on which I live, when I saw two little dogs running down the side of the road in the same direction I was traveling. One of them was a beagle-mix and the other was a terrier-mix of some sort. They spotted my car coming, and started to dart out into the road in front of me. They were clearly a couple of happy, playful and exuberant dogs….. but they were also being very reckless and were in danger. I slowed down and eventually stopped in the middle of the road. Another car was coming down the other side of the road and also stopped, with both dogs vibrating excitedly between us. I rolled down my window and tried to shoo the two pups away…. but they weren’t having it. They just alternated between looking up at me with these happy, friendly faces — and chasing each other around, in and out of the road. I was very concerned for them– but I didn’t know whether to stop and scoop them up or not. They could have belonged to someone who lived nearby…. and just out for some fun. They had collars…. I really didn’t know what to do. They took off running down the edge of the road down the other side of the street I needed to turn down to head home…. and when I saw that, I decided to just go home.

But once I got about 50 feet or so down the road toward home, I started to feel guilty and worried about the two errant dogs. I was very afraid that they would get hit by a car and hurt… or worse, killed. They had come close to that fate a couple of times as people sped down the road while I was watching them as I decided to go home…. it always amazes me that some people refuse to slow down when they see animals crossing or running in the road. It’s like they have not regard for life. So, thinking all this, I turned my car around and went back. When I returned to the intersection, I looked both ways down the road… and didn’t see them. I supposed they had simply run further down the road or into someone’s yard and out of harm’s way. At least, I HOPED they had run out of harms way. So– I crossed over the intersection and proceeded to turn around in the first driveway I came to on the other side of the road. No sooner had I done that and looked to the side– but there were the two dogs by my car, wagging their entire rear-ends and beaming up at me happily. I immediately got out of the car, and after a bit of cajoling, finally got them into the back seat– and drove them home. Fortunately their collar tags had a phone number on them, and when I called it, I got a very excited woman on the other end who told me that her husband had been out looking for the two little dogs all evening. He had just returned home after another run, and she gave him the phone. I gave him directions to my house, and he was on his way.

The amazing thing in this story is this: when the man came to my house to get the dogs, he told me that they belonged to his daughter who was at this point down in Mississippi volunteering with the cleanup and reconstruction efforts there. The dogs were actually FROM Mississippi…. they were among 5 different puppies that this man’s daughter had found abandoned at different points while she was there last year in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina as a volunteer. She had brought the puppies back and found homes for 3 of them– but fell in love with the two I now had in the back of my car and had decided to keep them.

The fact that these were Katrina survivors…. and were now such healthy and happy little dogs in a loving home made me feel that much happier for having decided to corral them and try to get them safely back home. They were truly delightful dogs…. they settled down in to the back seat of my car when I got them in and were so happy and calm and sweet. I especially fell for the little beagle-mix immediately– the way he would look at me melted my heart. I’m so thrilled that they didn’t survive the hurricane in Mississippi only to come here to North Carolina and get hit and killed by a car a year later.

That’s it for today.

This is Entry 284.


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