SPIRITED AWAY for the weekend…


I was still in a Miyazaki frame of mind today, so I thought I’d do a sketch of the lead from his wonderful film SPIRITED AWAY. This film is somewhat in the more lyrical vein of MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, but it’s much more heavily driven with fantasy elements– as well as a sense of menace and peril– than TOTORO was. TOTORO is just plain sweet in nature (even though there’s the underlying theme of Satsuki’s and Mei’s mother being sick) and is a movie that even the youngest of children would love. SPIRITED AWAY is a bit more… nightmarish… in theme and action. There’s people being transformed into animals and bizarre and threatening creatures populating a strange and magical realm where witchcraft rules. Miyazaki’s usual themes of family, loyalty and love still thread through and infuse the film, however…. and for me, it’s every bit as wonderful and thrilling as anything else he’s done.

I’ve gotta keep it brief today— I’ve got a lot to do.

Everyone have a great weekend.

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