Memorial Service for Mike

First, let me thank everyone who has expressed their condolences online and over the phone. We have been, frankly, overwhelmed by all the good will from all over the world. I don’t think our parents fully understood (nor did Mike) just how much he was loved and admired. To get us through this, my wife and I have spent a couple of sleepless nights reading the postings here and at Newsarama (thank you, Matt Brady) and the John Byrne Forum and it’s helped a great deal. Most touching of all was Cully Hamner’s heartfelt eulogy at Newsarama. Thank you so much, Cully. You are a beautiful man.

Now to the hard part. Mike will have two funeral services.

First, there will be a public viewing this Friday (August 17th) from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Hall-Wynne Funeral Service at 1113 West Main Street in Durham, NC, followed by a chapel service at 2:00. This will be open to any of Mike’s friends and colleagues who’d like to attend. Please come prepared to share a Mike story. I plan on putting you on the spot. It would really help our Mom and Dad through this.

Second, at a time to be determined, there will be a private service for Mike’s family in Lynchburg, where we grew up.

As mentioned before, in lieu of flowers, if you’d like please send donations to the A.S.P.C.A. ( or to the Hero Initiative ( I had previously mentioned the CBLDF but, having time to think about it, I realized that the Hero Initiative was more Mike’s style. Those wishing to contribute to the CBLDF anyway, please feel free as it’s a worthwhile cause as well.

Finally, some of you have expressed concern over what would become of Mike’s little buddy and constant companion, his cat Charlie. Well, breathe easy. Charlie is coming to live with us in Richmond with our other cat Toonces. I’m not sure how Toonces is going to take to living with the little dynamo that is Charlie, but family is family. Charlie is doing well but obviously misses Mike. He’s been sleeping on Mike’s bed and under his drawing table but he’s active and friendly.

Take care, everyone and, on behalf of our parents, my wife and me, thanks for everything.


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  1. scott maiette Says:

    i’m sorry that mike had to go away like that he was a great artist from the incredible hulk to the fantastic four i liked the way he drew the richards family
    i will miss him as a artist i wish his family all the best

  2. Cameron Stewart Says:

    More eulogies for Ringo are here, at a message board where he was a regular contributor:

    He is already missed greatly.

  3. adauto siva Says:

    É uma perda lamentável, queria ver ainda muita coisa desenhada por ele. Vá com deus.

  4. Jordi Miguel Says:

    I feel very sad about Mike not being among us any more. He was a great artist, and i still remember how much i liked his art from the very first time i saw it. Rest in peace Ringo!

  5. tom beland Says:

    There are great artists…. and there are great people.

    Mike was one of those rare folks who was both.

    He was an inspiration to me and the daily sketch was the first stop in my morning routine. He made comics so enjoyable, with all the glitter of Saturday morning cartoons, yet he also knew how to handle the serious moments in the script.

    It’s no coincidence he signed his work with the same name as the coolest Beatle. God, I’m going to miss his work.

    Rest in Peace, Mike and my sincerest wishes for the family.

    -Tom Beland

  6. Alberto Rodriguez Says:

    Lamento mucho esta perdida; siento que existe un vacio, ya que se ha perdido no solo un gran dibujante, sino una excelente persona… Donde quiera que estes se te extraña Mike.

  7. Peribáñez Says:

    Acabo de enterarme del fallecimiento de Mike Wieringo… Me he quedado en blanco. Parece mentira que una persona tan joven muera de una forma así. Una verdadera pena. Gran artista el que se ha ido.

    – Raúl Peribáñez

  8. Rael Says:

    Hello Everyone:

    I can not believe that bad news. Mike Wieringo Has gone!!!


    He was a Great one, He was an Artist and He was a man!!

    In early 2004 I uploaded my amateur webpage, in the links section, my wishlist artists I left the following description of him:

    Página Oficial de Mike Wieringo, un artista que no hace ruido, pero ha sabido combinar el estilo de Jack Kirby y Disney. Así, muy callado, es un artista muy influyente

    This is the translation:

    Official Webpage of Mike Wieringo, and artist who don’t do riots but knows how to Mix Disney and Jack Kirby style. Yes he does. He as quiet one as very Influential.

    We gonna Miss You RINGO!

    Dios Bendiga tu alma!!!!

    Our Sincerest Wishes for your family


  9. Leigh Webb Says:

    his work is amazing, and by the tributes coming in and what I have seen in interviews and the way he conducted himself the man was too.
    I became a fan of the flash when Mike started on it and haven’t missed an issue since. I also rank Impulse as my favourite character of all time.
    I loved his work, it was Fun and thats my favourite kind.

    Leigh Webb

    Geelong Australia

  10. NanoFino Says:

    really bad news, but we always have him in our hearts, a great artist, and such a nice guy (i knew him so little via internet, but still, he was amazing).
    matt, mike´s account at deviantart has tons of messages, everyone of them are full of love, as well a lot of journals entries and drawings in his memory.
    my condolences to Mike’s friends and family

  11. Rick. Says:

    Hey Matt. My condolensces to you and your family. Mike will be dearly missed. He was a regular contributor to the Drawing Board, always generous with sharing his art and always had a good word for artists both amateur and pro.

    There are a couple of threads there where members are sharing their grief, memories, and artwork of Mike.

    I just noticed today that the Board has a link from here! Feels good to know that he was a big part of the community there.

    We’re all heartbroken.

  12. Sanford S. Williams Says:

    Another good artist called home to God too soon. This is a bigger shock than the passing of Marshall Rogers. ‘Ringo had so far to go. I have the full collection of TELLOS and dug his work so much. He will be missed.

  13. Sloganmedia Says:

    Gran artista, gran influencia!

  14. Leaf Says:

    Still hard to believe, Mafus. You’re all in our thoughts, my friend.

  15. michael g Says:

    It does not seem fair that this young man who made bright patches of ideas should go so soon. God speed to you mike. God bless the freinds and loved-ones of Mike.

  16. Chris Says:

    Mike was a great artist and will be sorely missed. God bless. In our thoughts and prayers.

  17. Ron Garney Says:

    I’m so sorry. I cant say enough of what you’ve already heard so much of at this point. Mike touched so many peoples lives…including mine and for the last two days theres been an empty space that I dont think will ever be filled with him gone.
    Im going to try to make it down there.
    Ron Garney

  18. Clayton Murwin Says:

    I would like to express to the family and friends of Mike,my deepest sympathy. No words can truly express the loss we all feel at this moment for Mike. While I never had the chance to meet him in person, I have followed his work and his career in the world of comics. And from all I have read and seen of Mike He was truly a wonderful and considerate human being! The Kind we need more of in this world. And he was a true role model for those wanting to break into the comics. I can only express my sincere regret that I never had the chance to meet Mike in person. But he will live on in our heart’s mind & soul. For everyday of his life he gave just a little bit of himself to each and evryone of us who came to know him through his work! He will truly be missed. Now may he rest in peace !

    Sincerly Clayton D. Murwin

  19. Josue Candia Says:

    Matt and all the Wieringo family:
    First, let me send God´s blessings to all of you and hope you can overcome this tragedy.
    I can´t imagine the shock and sadness from losing someone so good as Mike. I didn´t have the honor of meeting him, but trough the years he has been a favorite artist of mine. In every comic i saw the RINGO! signature I knew it was gonna be gold. But now he´s gone, way too soon but leaving behind many people that loved him. Many of them that didn´t even knew him. He touched lives with his amazing talent and, from what i am reading online his great soul.

    Words cannot say enough…

    Descansa en Paz Mike!
    A fan from Mexico…

  20. Brian Jacks Says:

    We’re a large group, but on behalf of MTV, deepest condolences are extended to the Wieringo family. He’ll be greatly missed. The comics industry has had too many loses of late…it’s mind-numbingly sad.

  21. Leanne Hannah Says:

    Matt and the Wieringo family,

    Many people have been posting their own stories and thoughts on Mike, and while mine certainly can’t compare, I posted them anyway on my journal on deviantART ( But honestly, words can’t begin to describe how sorry I am for your loss. Mike meant a great deal to me and the rest of the art community, and you have my deepest sympathies. He touched so many of us.

    Even though I didn’t know Mike as well as so many others, his passing has just shattered a part of me. I’ll miss his blog and seeing his beautiful art, but knowing so much about the man and the fact that I related to him on so many levels fills me with a determination to follow my dreams and strive to be the sort of person he was. He will always continue to be an inspiration to me, not just professionally, but personally.

    All the best,
    Leanne Hannah

  22. Ivan Martin Says:

    I never met Mike, but I loved his work. Words cannot express how shocked and saddened I was by this news. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Having never met him, or even spoken or corresponded with him, I don’t have any great story to share. But reading the comics he drew was always fun. His unique style brought a fresh look to the art form, and I find it hard to comprehend that there will be no more of that in the future. Rest In Peace, Mike. Your friends, family, and fans will all miss you.

  23. Dani Callan Says:

    Mike, may your spirit soar with the angels. And may your family find peace and comfort. -Dani the Fairy

  24. Chris Gardner Says:


    I never had the pleasure of meeting your brother, I’m just a guy out here across the internet and my only contact with Mike has been through my almost daily stops by his amazing blog, having read almost all of his comics, and through reading and hearing all of the wonderful stories about him over the years. I’m of the opinion that he was an absolutely miraculous man. How can someone have such an amazing impact on so many people? People that had never even met him? I’m shattered, my insides are bits of glass. I’m an illustrator by profession and I’ve been thinking about Mike and what he means to me. I love his art but that’s not where my thoughts are, my thoughts are focused on who he was as a human being. I admire him, I loved the blog, every word he wrote about his daily exploits, trials and tribulations, and everything in between, it was like reading words that your best friend would write, he took me inside of his home, introduced me to you and his family through stories of holiday visits, I got to meet Charlie and hear about his car troubles, days in Germany, his doubts about his art style at times and his unbridaled enthusiasm at other times. He was the next door neighbor I wished I’d had, I’d have been thrilled to help him with his outdated electrical box, or give him a ride when his car broke down. Mike’s thoughts and stories made me feel like I was family too. I’d often find myself realizing what a kind soul he was just through reading his words and wishing that I were more like him. It’s not like I’m a crusty old guy or anything, but Mike just seemed quite special and the hundreds upon hundreds of people pouring their thoughts out here and elsewhere are a testament to that. I’ve decided that I can remember Mike by bringing some of him with me as I move forward in life, I’m going to think of him and I’m going to try and be a better person in my corner of the world, a happier person, a kinder person. I can’t imagine how you must feel but I hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that so many people loved Mike. I’m sorry for my endless rambling. We have to remember him with something beyond these words, perhaps after some time you could talk to people like Mark Waid and Todd Dezago, all of the pros who loved him, perhaps an award in Mike’s honor that young artists could recieve each year at HeroesCon, we have Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, how wonderful a thing to have a Ringo Award each year. Matt, good luck to you and your family, and Mike, my friend who I’ve never met, rest peacefully.

    -Chris Gardner.

  25. Ryan sias Says:

    Hey Matt, this is very sad. I was lucky and knew Mike a little, He even drew a comic for me. I wanted to share it with you.

    here is the comic

    and my eulogy

    he was my hero, and i will miss him greatly.

    Ryan S

  26. Kyle Baker Says:

    From Kyle Baker, Liz Glass & family…our deepest sympathy. He will be missed.

  27. MattComics Says:

    Much love to you all and to little Charlie.

  28. Chris Palmer Says:

    My prayers will be with you guys. Thank you for keeping all of Mike’s friends and fans informed, Matt. Mike meant so much to so many people. He was and is admired.

  29. Derek Says:

    I’m shocked! Stunned! I have tears welling up! I can’t believe one of my absolute favorite artist has passed. Mike got me collecting Spidey again, back when his art made its first really big splash. His art, his creations, and creative flavor influence my style quite a bit. I send my prayers out to his family and friends. He will always be in thoughts now everytime I pick up my pencil. Most importantly in my Marvel universe he will always be a legend!

  30. Peter Pantazis Says:

    I never met Mike, nor did I ever get to speak with him. I have always been a huge fan of his art. I was lucky enough to land the coloring job for Spiderman/FF, I remember how excited I was to have been so lucky as to be able to actually color his art! I actually had to double check with the editor to make sure that I really got the gig. Each and every page was a dream come true for me. I loved every minute of working on those four issues.
    There is a giant hole in my heart for this loss. He will continue to be an inspiration to me, as I am sure to many many others.
    My condolences to his family and those who knew him well, from what I see all over the web, he has touched many many lives.



  31. Simón Says:

    This is just heart-breaking…

  32. JoelThomas Says:

    I hadn’t spoken to Mike in probably 12 years. However- I always considered him a friend. Anytime I would be at a convention, there’d be Mike, talking to everyone he met. Sketching like there was no tomorrow. He was genuinely in love with art. I’ll miss him. The comic world will miss him as well. He was and is a true talent and a great person.

    Godspeed Mike.

  33. Jo Park Says:

    Hey Matt. My condolensces to you and your family. Here’s his deviant art page. Many of the deviant artists are leaving condolenses of their own here..


    Matt send your family my condolences in your loss!!


  35. jamie baker Says:

    The news of Mike’s death really punched me in the stomach, even though I never met him, so I can only guess at the sadness that must be felt by all of you who were close to him.

    I am a great admirer of not only his artwork but also of the pleasant persona that I felt behind the writing in his blog posts. I visit his blog almost on a daily basis, and he even commented on my own blog a few times, so I felt that I knew him in some way, if only from a distance.

    I had it in mind to seek him out at a comics convention to say “hello” someday, and tell him how much I enjoyed my daily visits to his corner of the web, but now I will never get that chance.

    What a sad thing to have happened to so young a man.

  36. Jose Says:

    He was one of the greatest comic book artists and one of the most underrated. I always loved his fresh clean and tight style since his debut on the Flash series. He was a great dose of fresh air in today´s too realistic and dark comic style trend.
    He has left tons of great artwork for us to enjoy from the superhero theme to his undisputed masterpiece TELLOS. I am sure his art will continue being the inspiration for lots of new artists.
    He will be missed a lot as an unique artist and as a great person.
    Rest in peace Mike.


  37. Thomas Says:

    I smiled when I learned Charlie was gonna be okay.

  38. James Harvey Says:

    Matt, send your family my condolences for their (and your) loss.


  39. Rico Says:

    Hi Mafus-
    I’m heartbroken for your loss. I had only come into Mike’s circle of friends in that past few years via Todd and Craig. He inspired all of us with his kindness and enthusiasm for life and especially for illustration. He would always show me new art that I needed to see. I’ll miss talking to him and working with him.

  40. Joonas Kekkonen Says:

    The work of Mike Wieringo was always distinguishable ja of very high queality. He made many characters seem alive and breathing. He will be missed, even here in Finland.

  41. PJ Magalhaes Says:

    Matt and family,
    I wanted to post so much and in so many places where i have seen this tragic news but i think this is about the perfect place.

    I have read comic books for a long time and have been trying to draw them for slightly less longer. Ever since Mike’s run on Flash came out, i have loved both the character but most importantly the artist that was your brother. I just read somebody mention his tutorials on the Wizard magazine (that i had completely forgotten about, since i have not read them in a while) and i just caught a sketch of Charlie from the show Lost that Mike drew and it brought back so many memories because i noticed so many things about his art that i had tried to copy. His run on sensational spidey is one of my all time favourites.

    Those memories also tell me about the fact that i could share one of my most favourite things in the whole world, comics, with my other favourite things, my friends. Be it my brothers who these days only tend to read comics through me, or my girlfriend, who has different tastes in comics than me, the name Mike Wieringo is always we had in common. Most notably so because of TELLOS. It will be a book (if it comes out in a collection format) that i will gladly buy many times over to give to people over the years (i already do that with a few others). It was sincerely one of the best comics i have ever read and one that i was constantly sad to hear that Todd and Mike could not do on a regular basis. I really did eagerly await any further stories they might tell in the future.

    Look let me just pause here to say say something that i was thinking i would not say because basically it must pale with whatever you and your family are feeling, but this fucking sucks man (please forgive my saxon). He was constantly put next to people like Jay Anacleto, Mark Shultz, Joe Mad, John Buscema in any list i ever gave to anybody as my fovourite artists. He was probably one of the very first 2 to come to mind. It kinda sucks that i always felt like he never got the recognition i thought he deserved.

    I cannot believe that i am actually (shamefully) jealous of you and all these other people who by the grace of God managed to have made a friendship with what sounds like one of the nicest people ever. The last time i was so shaken to the point of crying by a death of somebody i did not even know, but admired greatly, was with Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter”. I guess they were just both the kind of people whose great nature, personality and spirit spoke to us through their work.

    Please accept once again my sincere and heartfelt condolances for your tragic loss. His art and his presence in this field of storytelling will be greatly missed and, as is evident, so will his friendship and company be for so many of you.

    I should go to bed and hug my girlfriend now but i will give my prayers to you and yours. By Thy Side in spirit,

    Keep the child alive…

  42. Mike Bentkowski Says:

    Sometimes in life, you happen across an individual who makes an impact on you regardless of the amount of time you spend in their company. I am the Electrical Contractor of which Mike speaks in his Friday post. During the all too brief time in Mike’s company, I realized that he was not just an incredible artist but a truly kind and genuine person. I did not know Mike as the famous artist with a successful career; he did not speak of these things about himself. Instead we spoke of his love for drawing and of others he respected for their part in his life and work. When I mentioned my hobby of writing and my want of developing some computer gaming software, he was quick to show interest. He offered me encouragement and advice and even gave me 2 comic books as a gift, though we had only met within the hour. I have just heard the stunning news of Mike’s passing and offer my deepest condolences to his family, friends and admirers. I have never before met a man that made so big of an impact on me in a few short hours. I regret that I will never have the opportunity to get to know him better. If he left such a mark on a passing encounter, I cannot even fathom how much he will be missed by those lucky enough to be in his life on a regular basis. God bless to Mike and those in his life.

    I felt a compulsion to write this as a voice for all of us whose brief contact with Mike made a forever lasting impression.

  43. Ariel Says:

    a few words about Mike on my blog at:

  44. Fabrice Sapolsky/COMIC BOX Magazine Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Over here in France, Mike will never be forgotten too.
    We justr updated our Myspace blog with thoughts and reflections about Mike :

    We’ll dedicate our next issue, Comic Box#49 (TBR in October) to Mike.

    Please accept our condoleances and sympathy,

    Fabrice Sapolsky w/The entire Comic Box team

  45. Britt Says:

    I am shocked and saddened by Mike’s untimely death. I have regularly enjoyed his art, his wit, his generosity and the general quality of his character. My prayers are with the Wieringo family. Everything I’ve read suggests that Mike didn’t understand how much he meant to his fans; I hope that this realization can be some comfort to the Wieringo family as they memorialize him.

    Rest in peace.

  46. Anderson Ferreira Says:

    Rest in peace,man.

  47. Myrna Yoder Says:

    Mike died Sunday. We found out Monday. What has surprised me is how sad I am. You see, I am not a comic book person. I live with comics, but I really am not a full fledged member. What I am realizing is that he was a big presence in our home and I am going to miss him.

    Most of you pick up a comic and read it cover to cover. I rarely do that. What I do is wander into my husband’s studio (Karl Kesel), and look at what ever he is inking at the time. I make him tell me the story of what is happening on the page. I get my comics one page at a time, about one page a day, black and white, no word balloons. I live with the art – the pencils and the inks.

    I have been with Karl about six years, and the majority of that time he has been inking Mike. Mike’s drawings are always amazing and, as an artist myself, I am humbled. His level of ability and craft and heart makes what I do look like child’s play. I always enjoyed being a witness to Mike and Karl’s work making a story come alive.

    One of the first comic book conventions that I went to was in Houston, TX. Karl was working with Mark Waid and Mike ‘Ringo on Fantastic Four and all three of them were there together. We sat there in a row. Mark, Karl and me, and Mike. On the other side of Mike was Todd. They were all so nice. It was weird that it was normal for me to sit with Karl. What other industry does that? Me, knowing nothing about comics, was taken in and made to feel as one of the “bunch.” I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful comic book professionals since that time, but they were really the first, and therefore will always hold a special place for me. This was to be the only time that I was to be in the same place with him.

    He might have had his spells of depression and discouragement, but when you met him it was obvious what a big kind heart this man had. My favorite Mike story, which I think sums him up, comes from a few years back. It was stormy in North Carolina. I can’t remember the details, but it probably involved one of those hurricanes that they get in that area time to time. His cat was very old and was having trouble getting around, especially in the dark. The storm knocked out Mike’s power, plunging his house into total darkness. Without any light, the kitty started running into walls. Mike lit candles so his cat could see where it was going. Mike told Karl this story the next day, because he was exhausted. It turns out that he had not slept all night because he didn’t want to sleep with the candles burning. He didn’t sleep so that his cat wouldn’t have to be lost in the dark.

    I think Mike may have foregone things that might have made him “happy,” so that he could share all of his gifts with us. It is what he wanted to do and our world has been made better because of the beauty that he gave us.

    Our nights are a little less dark because of you, Mike. You will be missed in our home.


  48. wegj Says:

    mike has been in the air this past week.. i have been reading and trying to read the extensive interview with him in an old back issue of draw magazine, brought it with me in hopes of finishing it today at work. i searched around real quick to see if i could find more on mike this morning to find this and i am shocked, recently here in seattle we also lost mr. james reddington, founder of portent comics, also of heart failure at only 28, i am 28 and am too an artist, this kind of thing can really put things in perspective.

    god bless you mike-

  49. David O'Donnell Says:

    Oh my god Matt, I had no idea. Just a little while ago I had tracked down Mike’s website and also visited yours. I kept telling myself to write to you again, and to him, to check in. But then distraction followed distraction. I don’t have your email address here at work, but my email is and my phone is 757.288.8956.

    I am SO SORRY to hear you’ve lost your brother. Your love for each other was clear. He was a great guy, so funny and vibrant. I’m so, so sorry.


  50. Robert Bexar II Says:

    I don’t know what to say that is any different then what everyone else has said except the comic book world and the world in general lost someone who inspired hope. I loved his versions of Spider-Man, the FF, and the Flash. His work was never violent or graphic, instead his work was what a comic book in it’s truest nature should be about… giving people something or someone to look up to, a friend who you can turn to and escape whatever negativity or sadness transpires around you and in todays world that happens way to often. You knew that at the end of the day that good would triumph over evil. I am not going to write a lot cause I know other people have lots to say. There are certain people that you wish you could meet before you or they go and Mike was one of those people. So I will finish by saying my condolences to Mike’s family and God Bless Mike for giving the world something we so desperately need… hope.

  51. tellosfan in asia Says:

    Im so saddened by Mike’s death. He sounds like such a great guy. I didn’t buy many of his comics but one that i loved was Tellos. A fantasy comic that wasn’t rpg based with its own mythology and the art, non-barbaric art that was elegant and had its own sensiblity, i fell in love with it. I was disappointed when it ended. Now I understand why, but at the time, i might have had unkind thoughts about the creators, especially when ancillary projects without mike’s direct involvement came out. Mea culpa. Sorry for ever thinking that Mike was the holdback for Tellos not being a regular unlimited comic. Mike did the art for other series after Tellos, but i only bought and followed F4 with Mark Waid. His version of F4 and also Jack Kirby cracked me up. Goodbye, Mike. You’s one of the greats.

  52. Kenny Ruiz Says:

    Lo siento muchisimo, siempre recordaremos lo mejor.

    I sorry very much, always we will remember the best thing.

  53. Neil Hill Says:

    Mike the person and Mike the artist were both an inspiration to this world, and his influence was widely felt. I was (understandably) shocked at the news of his untimely passing. Never in recent memory can I recall being so touched by a creators passing as I have by the news that the world will never again see a new creation by Mike Wieringo. Mike inspired people through his kindness, and enthralled audiences with his art- fans and fellow professionals alike.

    May God keep you peacefully my friend, and may your new adventures keep you busy, fulfilled, and incredibly happy.

  54. Jason Lillard Says:

    Mike was an amazing artist. One of my all time favorites. Todd Dezago had it right when he said “Mike draws the way we always wished we could.” He was a huge inspiration to me and many others. I will miss visiting his site and seeing a new sketch every day. I hope to find a way to honor him. My deepest condolences and prayers to his family and friends

  55. Macs Says:

    Mr. weiringo,

    I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing you, even thought, losing such a great artist hurts deeply. You’ve left the artistic world without word, Rest in peace, and maybe someday we’ll meet, in another place and in another time. My deepest condolences and prayers to your family and friends. Godbless.

  56. Gerardo Macias Says:

    Sorry about my English, I write from Spain. I draw and read comicbooks and I wanted to say Rest in Peace and give ny deepest condolences and prayers to your family and friends. God bless you,

  57. Ben Cumings Says:

    I never had the pleasure of knowing Mike Wieringo in person, but his art has been a constant inspiration to me for a good part of my life. He was taken far, far too soon from us. He will be missed dearly. I offer my prayers and condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  58. marcos salas Says:

    Rest In Peace on Heaven!!! Mr. Wieringo.

  59. J. J. del Val Says:

    We will miss you, Mr. Wieringo. Rest in peace…

  60. Paul Rogers Says:

    Matt, Suzanne, Mr. & Mrs. Wieringo.
    I am truly sorry for your loss. Mike was a wonderful man that I was blessed to know & call friend for the last 25 years. I am not surprised in the slightest at the outpouring of affection over the last few days from friends & fans across the world that were touched by his life. Mike had unique qualities about him that few people have in such measure…kindness, friendship, compassion, artistic talent, creative vision, humor, selflessness & so much more. I don’t think that he truly realized the deep impact he had on his profession and the people that he met & knew. But I do…and I can see that all of you out there in our comic book family do as well. We were all blessed to have known Mike and will continue to hold him dear in our hearts. I love you buddy. Paul.

  61. Phillip Carson Says:

    Mike Wieringo was the artist on Spider-Man when I was obsessed with the character in Middle School. Back then Wizard Magazine did these articles called “Basic Training” where famous artists would show you how to draw for comics. Wieringo did one on how to draw Spider-Man, from his costume’s web pattern (it’s more complicated then you might think) to his movements (not too exaggerated but not too stiff)and other techniques that I’ve used ever since when drawing the character. He was the first person who ever taught me anything useful about drawing that I didn’t already know. I’ll always remember him for that.

  62. chris kanotus Says:

    R.I.P. Mike…just a long time fan of the mans work coming to pay will be missed…godspeed brother

  63. Larry Says:

    I only want to repost this here to tell my personal Ringo story.

    I cannot properly express how incredible a person Mike was.

    I will miss him.


    This is not a eulogy. I’m not near qualified enough to write this man’s eulogy. But, this is a memory evoked, an life extolled, a man remembered if only for the briefest of moments.

    I cannot say that I am a ‘…friend, dyed in the blue…” to Mike Wieringo. I can say that I was lucky enough to have known him. I can also say that I was fortunate enough to have laughed with him and worked with him and shared a set of common experiences with him.

    I met Mike 14 years ago when I was 16 and he was my current age. Fact is, he looked the same then as he did the last time I saw him (just a couple of years ago in Charlotte, NC at a celebration of what he loved: a comic-book convention). The two of us (and four other aspiring comic geeks) piled in an uncomfortable panel van and trekked the 14 hours to the Big Apple Con at the Javitz center in NY. It was the single best road trip I have ever had (and I’ve had quite a few). By the time we arrived at the show, not a one of us had our voices left from either laughing too hard or for too long. And, God knows, it was exhaustion and boredom and good-natured idiocy and certainly not pen-and-paper, let-me-scribble-this-down-before-I-forget-it, stage-worthy comedy that was it’s cause. So what? Where’s the celebration of Mike here?

    He was just a guy. But a great one.

    He was funny, good-natured, kind, and, man, he loved his job.

    I only write this short exaltation so that his fans (those fans who were not also industry contemporaries – fellow artists, writers, editors, etc.) know that this man’s passing does not simply mark the moment when they were stripped of a great artist and a fellow comics’ afficianado…we were all stripped, naked and heart-broken, of a good man, a good friend, and a genuinely good-natured human being.

    We have all been stolen from.

  64. Michael Cho Says:

    Mike’s passing is devastating news.

    As a teen, like many other artists, I was influenced by his charming, graceful, exciting and humane artwork. I think the best way for me to describe his work was that it was joyful. His heroes were positive and reflected hope, not hoplessness.

    As an adult, I was deeply impressed by his professionalism and willingness to support new artists. I’m sure there are countless stories out there of young artists who were given a word of encouragement by Mike Wieringo, and for whom that support was like a blessing from a cherished idol. I know that almost every time he left a message in response to someone’s art posting on the, the recipient replied with something like “wow! I can’t believe Mike Wieringo liked my stuff! You’re one of my FAVOURITES! Thank you!”

    I always thought Mike’s work was so good that he never needed to hear anyone tell him how great it was. There are some people whose art is just so universally liked, you feel that its redundant and unnecessary to comment on it. You figured he already knew, and there was no need to say it. Mike’s work was like that. I never said much to him about how much is work meant to me, because I always thought that way, and also thought I’d meet up with him one day at a con somewhere and shake his hand and tell him face to face. I’m very saddened now to know that’ll never happen. I’m also saddened for the multitude of young artists who won’t be recieving that inspiring encourgement from Mike. Most of all, though, I’m saddened for his friends and family, who have a lost wonderful man.

    He’ll be sorely missed.

  65. Erwin A Jantz Says:

    I first took notice of Mike’s work in the Tellos comics. I met him for the first time at that year’s Heroes Con (I think it was in 2000.) He was promoting the new publishing company Gorilla Comics, for which he was a founder, along with many other comic greats. I bought a t-shirt from him and he was nice enough to draw a sketch of a Tellos character for me. I found him to be very friendly and approachable. It was always nice to talk to Mike about comics, his current work, etc.

    Unfortunately, Gorilla Comics didn’t last. However, it became a tradition for me to wear that Gorilla Comics t-shirt to the Heroes Con every year. I would always take the time to stop by and see Mike and check out what he was working on and he would always notice the shirt. It was one of those things where, we didn’t really “know” each other, but he would always remember my face and recognize me as one of his fans and was always, always friendly.

    I was fortunate enough to collect several sketches from Mike over the years and will always cherish them.

    Next year’s Heroes Con will not be the same without him, but I guarantee I will continue to wear the Gorilla shirt every year in honor of Mike Wieringo.

  66. ChrisV82 Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about Mike’s passing. I read many of the titles he’s worked on, and I (as well as most people) think his work on Flash is one of the best efforts DC had in the 90s. I would read his blog from time to time, and I’m sorry I didn’t take the chance to comment more and let him know how distinctive and friendly his style was.

    Best wishes to his family (and cat) and friends. I hope all of you can get by with love and support.

  67. mike watkins Says:

    I would like to thank Mike that duing his short time on this earth, for making it a brighter and better place. He, like many of us shared his passion for life in his art and in the many years I have attended the Heroes Con, both as a fan and as an artist I was truly blessed to have met and talked to Mike. He always had a kind word for his fans and his fellow artist, and in a very hard, and very demanding industry, a man like Mike will be truly missed. My hats off to you Mike, you have inspired many but will be missed by all.

    Mike Watkins
    Highburn Studios

  68. onemoreoption Says:

    My deepest sympathies to all his friends and family. Mike meant a lot to me artistically and emotionally. I have created a tribute webpage to him here:

  69. Carlos R Says:

    Gracias, Mike. Te echaremos de menos.

  70. Kieron Dwyer Says:


    I knew Mike in passing, but ironically, in his passing, I feel like I know him so much more. I’ve read so much about Mike in the last few days, and that much heartfelt grief is overwhelming. I have felt like I lost a close friend since hearing the news, and I’m truly sad that I didn’t get to spend more time in his presence. He had (and will always have) so much presence. The few interactions we had meant a lot to me, and I’ll miss him.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. We’ve all lost someone precious.


  71. Danny Diaz (Spain) Says:

    Dear Lord, take de Soul of Mike Wieringo and put it in the place of Heaven reserved for all the great comics artist that passed away. Artists like Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, Frank Frazzeta, Will Eisner and many others. I belive that, in this special place, Mike will be very happy to stay.

    The dead of Mike Wieringo is a great loss for his Family, his friends, his colleages and his fans. But, remember what he was, remember what he do, and Mike will live forever.

    When I read about his passing, a piece of my heart and my soul fly away with Mike. He is one of my favorite comic artist, and I miss he a lot… But I belive that he will be very pleased with all the coments posted here and in other web-pages, with all the love that his friends and fans has showed to him and to his Family.

    Dear Mike, wherever you are, you will always be in our Hearts.

    To Matt and the famly of Mike, my condolences; Mike was a great artist, a great person and an authentic gentleman. We will miss him a lot.

    Finally, my apologices for my bad english, I tried to write this text the best that I can. From a Spanish fan my condolences, again, to his Family and Friends.

  72. Jeremy Norman Says:

    Mike, I am so sorry to hear of your passing.. Before my surgery I was going to Art college in pursuit of comics.. My goals have changed due to my Faith but Mike always was one of my biggest influences.. His Art was Amazing and the Comics World has lost a true true genius of the pencil.. My childhood was drama but Spider-Man got me through and Mike’s style was always what got to me and gave me dreams of art.. Thank you Mike and I was happy to have received a personal drawing from you.. God Bless you and your family and I will miss you.. I shed a tear today for your loss but will remember you forever.

  73. Jorfe Says:

    Siempre es una pena que alguien tan joven desaparezca, más aún cuando se trata de alguien tan valioso.

    It is always a pain that somebody so young disappears, still more when is somebody so valuable.

  74. andrea Says:

    caro Mike, hai lasciato un gran vuoto..cercheremo di riempirlo con le tue fantastiche immagini, visioni creative e personali, di un mondo mai stanco di raccontare qualcosa…..riposa in pace e, se riesci,chiedi a Dio matite e pennelli…sono sicuro che te ne concederà quanti ne vuoi…so long Ringo…..

  75. Ivan Brandon Says:

    i had a release party last night where we put out a collection jar in ringo’s honor, proceeds to go to the ASPCA.

  76. Sebastian Agresti Says:

    Mike was the reason why i started to draw comics a few years ago, I am now 17 years old. (18 in 2 days). I currently attend art school, and I am writing my first comic. Mike was a big reason for me joining artschool and I am sad i never got the chance to thank him.

  77. Stefano Robert Says:

    Mike vai deixar saudades em um dos lugares mais importantes da nossa vida: a nossa imaginação. Foi através do trabalho dele que nós, fãs de todo o mundo, pudemos sonhar e nos transportarmos para nosso universo particular, onde tudo é belo e feliz.
    Descanse em paz, Mike. Teu trabalho e talento estão guardados e nunca será esquecido.

  78. Camila Fortuna Says:

    He ment a lot for us, he belong to our world…I hope the family can get through this and remeber him with a smile…the smile that he desreves…I didn’t knew him..but I knew his work…that he loved…he teached me many things that I’ll treasure always
    you should all know someone started a club to honor him
    People is making homages for him..coz he ment a lot as I said..thank you for uploading this page for all to know…..and thank you Mike!…see you in the next life man!

  79. John Christ Says:

    Good luck guys and thank you so much for keeping us (his fans) up to date. While we all didn’t know him personally he enriched all of our lives with his art and good nature.

  80. Steve Bedigian Says:

    I was just reading the Mike Wieringo biography from TwoMorrow’s Publishing this past weekend. Shocked and saddened to learn he has died so young. My condolences to his family and friends.

  81. Jose Marzan Jr. Says:

    So long Mike. It was great working with you and being able to call you a friend. It was also wonderful in seeing you go from a young punk artist on The Flash to one of the most respected artists in our industry. You were truly a class act. God Bless you….


  82. Alex Says:

    I visited Mike’s blog frequently to enjoy his sketches and musings. Through his comments and thoughts on the blog Mike struck me as a very fine fellow. He will be sorely missed.

    Sincere condolences to Mike’s family and friends.


  83. Joao Figueiredo Says:

    I’m french and my english is poor. But I am deeply shocked learning M. Mike Wieringo passed away. I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow you are living. My condolences to you, your mother and father. I can’t find words to describe what i’m feeling. Mike is one of the comic-book pencillers i love the most. i miss him already. i am very very sad. i hope my words did not offend you in any way. you have all my support.

  84. Juan Carlos Diaz (spain) Says:

    Simply: thanks, thanks and once again: thanks Mike.

    Thanks for your art and the thousands of smiles and good times that you has give to all your fans.

    Condolences and prayers to Mike’s family and friends.

  85. Doug Says:

    You’ll be missed, Mike. Your art was one of the joys in my life, and I wish I could have told you that in person.

  86. Sean Eike Says:

    It was sad going to the comic book store and seeing the books with his art, knowing that there would not be any more. It’s so sad to lose a person like Mike.

  87. mouloud ,samir,karim end jamel (algéria) Says:

    good bye mike end thank you for your art ,Condolences and prayers to Mike’s family and friends.end allah irahmek

  88. Luca Says:

    Il mondo è un posto un pò più brutto, ora..
    Buon viaggio, Mike…

  89. Doug Says:

    A goodbye video I made for Mike:

  90. Jim Fairchild Says:

    I feel like I am a very lucky man to have known Mike Wieringo. I knew Mike as a friend long before I ever knew he was famous in the comic world. We met around 2000 or 2001 at Bodyworks gym in Hillsborough. I was working out with my friend from work Joe, and Mike approached us and struck up a conversation about the exercise. We all hit it off right away and soon we were all working out together 2 to 3 hours a day for 4 or 5 days a week. He asked what we did for a living and listened and asked lots of questions. He always showed a genuine concern for others. When we asked what he did, he answered that he drew comics. It was probably two or three years later when my cell phone had died and I was trying to look up his number on the internet that I got somewhat of an idea how big he was in comics. I had typed in his name in google or yahoo and found around 100 or more results. I gave him a hard time about it when we got back to the gym and he was still extremely modest about his talent.
    Mike was such a fun guy to be around. He had the biggest laugh, and he was a huge part of why our workouts were something to look forward to every day. He would always come in with reviews of good movies he has seen or the latest HBO series he was watching. He would come in and tell us stories of his trips up to see his family or when his family came down to visit. He told us about growing up overseas. He told us stories about his cats (he was so heartbroken when he lost his last cat before Charlie). He told us stories about the comic book conventions and getting to hang out with his friends there. He told us stories about going to college with Matt. He would tell us stories about the guys he shared a studio with in Hillsborough before he started working from home. We loved to hear his stories and he loved to hear ours. He was a great friend! He was an awesome guy! He’s the kind of person who is always concerned about making others feel good.
    I had switched from Bodyworks to another gym a couple of years ago and Mike had continued to work out with Joe and then Joe and Chris. We stayed in contact via email and Joe would keep me updated with how their workouts were going and what Mike was up to. I only saw Mike in person a few times in those two years. Once when Mike spent all day one Saturday helping me move, and last fall when we all went to a Carolina Panthers football game in Charlotte. That was so much fun. We laughed and cut up all the way there and back. He also came to my birthday get together in July. He heard I had started playing tennis again, so he stopped and picked me up four new sleeves of tennis balls along with some Mexican beer. I’ve used one of the sleeves of tennis balls but I’ve put the other three behind glass in a cabinet along the Fantastic Four comic book that he signed For Jim!! Leg Day! Luckily, I switched back to the gym at the end of last month and I got to do two more workouts with Mike before he was gone. It was like old times and I wished I had never switched gyms. We had our last workout on last Wednesday and I talked to Mike on the phone Friday and invited him to go to a dinner theater with us on Saturday night. We talked 30 to 45 minutes about all kinds of things, from the electrical work he needed at his house to my interest in real estate. He told me he’d love to go out with us, but he really had a lot of work he needed to get done, so he’d have to pass this time.
    I’m going to miss Mike more than I can say, but I’m such a lucky guy to have had him for my friend. From all the people at Bodyworks (New Millenium), We love you Mike and you will be greatly missed!

    Jim Fairchild

  91. Josh Says:

    I hadn’t made a comment on here and I wanted to leave one. Mike Wieringo was my favorite comicbook artist, possibly my favorite artist in general. He was an inspiration. It always amazed me how he could come with what he did for those sketches that were warm-ups before his work on his current project. It’s amazing how he thought up such imaginative stuff for a warm-up sketch. I read his blog everyday that he posted a new one. I felt like I’d sort of gotten to know him from this blog. I was shocked when I read the news. I’ll never forget him and he’ll always been an inspiration and a factor in my drive to pursue my goals of being a career artist, a graphic designer. If I could make even half of the impact that he’s made in the comic industry, that would be a major accomplishment.

  92. Renee Carroll Says:

    I still feel so much at loss for words. I met Mike at Bodyworks 4 or 5 years ago. I didn’t find out about his art until quite some time after that. He worked out almost every single day, his small break from the daily grind of work. He was a good person, with a big heart. There seems so much to say about Mike, and it’d be hard without writing a book. So I’m just going to say the world has lost a great man and it was my honour to have been his friend.

  93. Odis Says:

    Rest in peace, Mike.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us for as long as you did. And I thank the rest of you for sharing these stories here and elsewhere about the man behind the art, and giving us all a fuller picture of what a great person he was in real life.

  94. lourdes Says:

    Mi marido está super triste desde ayer y es que él es un gran fan de Flash, Mike Wieringo fue su dibujante y para él una parte de Flash murió ayer también. Todo el mundo habla bien de él, y yo sólo puedo decir que si alguien provoca ese sentimiento en tanta gente aunque sea a miles de kilometros y sin conocerlo, debe ser que era alguien muy especial. Nadie merece morir tan joven, y menos con tanto por ofrecer. Mi pensamiento está con él, su arte lo hará inmortal.

  95. sebastien Says:

    Tellos was a book of inspiration, i really loved it. I’m sad to hear the creator Mike Ringo passed away, i’m sure the works wont be forgotten.

  96. ChekkoM Says:

    Ho saputo la notizia solo oggi e sono davvero dispiaciuto per un grande artista come lui, il mondo dei comics ha perso una grossa risorsa spero che la tua arte e le tue storie possano continuare a vivere per sempre nei pensieri e nell’arte di chi come me prova con umiltà a seguire la tua strada. Addio Mike, vai ad ingrassare le file dei grandi artisti che ci aspetano in paradiso…

  97. Steve Doss Says:

    Hi, I met Mike circa 1983. He transferred in as a produce clerk at a grocery store in Amherst County, Virginia. The Mike I met was fun loving and caring. He was at a crossroads in his life. He was out of school and didn’t have the confidence in the abilities that he obviously demonstrated later in his life. I worked with Mike around 2 or so years where we developed a pretty solid friendship. He would come to my house (I just was going through old pictures last summer for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and found some with Mike in them) and play basketball and wiffle(sp) ball with me and other friends. He would drive all the way from Rustburg to do this. We had some good times. I remember him showing me his comic collection and then looking through my bag(haha) of comics I had from my childhood. It was easy to see that Mike wanted more from his life than being a produce clerk. The last I had heard from Mike before I left to join the Air Force was he had enrolled at VCU. When my wife(whom I was dating at the time I knew Mike) showed me the article in the paper about his passing I was sad but it also brought a smile to my face. I smiled because after reading and seeing the web pages about Mike I knew that he had lived his lifelong dream these past 20+ years. Even though I haven’t spoken to him in so many years; the memory of him is so positive that I felt like I should share it. I am very glad to see that he did live his dream.


  98. romina Says:

    We felt really sad here in our studio for days.
    He was a colleague so far away but so close with his visions.
    Our condolences to all his friends and family.