More on Mike’s Memorial Service on Friday

Enough people have asked about this that it warrants a post, though every time I do this, I feel like an imposter. Please bear with me. We’re planning on getting together after the service at a pub down the block from the funeral home. I’ll withhold the name until the service, but I thought people who were planning to come should know that we have something planned. The pub is aware we’re coming. I understand some of you may have to leave or that groups may splinter off and do their own thing. That’s fine. Craig, Todd, Suzanne and I will be going to the pub. I don’t know about you, but I plan on getting blotto in Mike’s honor. (You with me, Leaf?)

Mike’s best friend Todd Dezago has posted the following on his blog and we both thought it prudent to copy it here. I think this sums up what we’re needing right now. Please take it in the spirit it’s given. We’re grieving right now and just need some time to get ourselves collected. Here’s Todd:

“…and to everyone who have so warmly and generously asked/offered/begun putting together the many tribute books and portfolios, we are moved beyond words.truthfully, the number of people wanting to do tribute books has become a bit overwhelming and, at the moment, we’re all still pretty numb about what has happened. we would love to be involved in any tribute that is being done for mike, but right now matt, suzanne, and i just can’t think in those directions.
once some of this crazy sadness is over we’ll be glad to talk more about this.
just too sad right now.”
Again, thanks for all the good thoughts and all the prayers. If you’re coming tomorrow, we’ll see you then. If you can’t make it, please keep us in your thoughts.Take care,


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  1. JuanD Says:

    Lamento mucho su pérdida, considero que se ha ido uno de los mejores dibujantes de nuestros tiempos, pero espero que todos aquellos que lo amaron estén unidos para sobrellevar el dolor que esto representa. Mis mejores deseos en estos momentos tan difíciles, y que más quisiera yo que estar presente mañana para despedirme de alguien a quien admiro profundamente, pero la distancia me lo impide. Mis condolencias desde Xalapa, México

  2. Leaf Says:

    I’m with you, Mafus. I don’t care if I have to sleep in my car or on a barstool.

  3. Paul Rogers Says:

    Hiya Matt, Suzanne & Todd.
    Count me in on the blotto…I kinda need this…See you guys tomorrow…Paul.

  4. yo go re Says:

    Hey, Matt (and everyone else) – make sure you have a drink for all of us can’t be there but wish we were. I qualify a lot of artists as “one of” my favorites, but Mike held that top spot all by himself. Thanks for keeping us all up to date here on the blog, too: I know it can’t be easy to fill someone else’s shoes, so to speak, but hearing about your family’s preparations and whatnot has been good. With Mike gone, it just feels like there’s a hole in the world, and even small updates from you make this feel more real, make it more than just a news story. So thanks again, Matt – have a good time remembering the good times…


  5. mom-the-bomb Says:

    Wish I could be there to give love and anything else needed. I didn’t know Mike but as a fellow deviant on, it saddens me to know such a great artist is no longer with us. My heart and condolences are with you all.

  6. john h. Says:


    Since Mike was so healthy, all it took was 1 beer with dinner

    to get him blotto !

    Not holding up too well,

    John H.

  7. emilio d Says:

    BLOTTO in Miami.
    Matt, Sorry for your loss (and ours).Can’t make it there, but I will get BLOTTO here in MIAMI.
    Big fan of Mike’s art, although we never met. I’m new to blogging, but very impressed with the fact that Mike would take time to blog regularly (unlike some other artists). Although I know everyone gets busy, he still found time to reach out.


  8. Adam Hutch Says:

    I’d never met Mike personally (I was looking forward to meeting him at this year’s Baltimore show), but I’ll raise a glass in his honor tonight.

    Your family and friends are in my prayers Matt.

  9. Dean Says:

    I met Mike at last year’s Baltimore ComicCon. He was the only artist/celebrity I had any interest in meeting and all I wanted to tell him was that I loved and appreciated his work (unlike most others in line that were pandering for like 10 sketches and autographs a piece). He was so kind and gracious that it made me thankful to wait in line to speak with him and shake his hand. I’m just a fan and didn’t know him personally, but for what its worth, I would like to extend my condolences to his friends and family. Is there anyway to still purchase artwork or donate to aid his family in these times? I know that donating to a charity in Mike’s name may make me feel better, but I know sometimes families need more than just spiritual help in times like these.

  10. BocaChanKla Says:

    Lamento mucho su pérdida. Ánimos para sus familiares y amigos.

  11. Beatriz Gálvez Says:

    Hope that the reunion and Mr. Wieringo’s memorial service will be a balm for everyone of you.


    (…and my apologizes for my bad english)

  12. Michael Says:

    I don’t drink alcohol but since I can’t be there, I’m gonna take time and go thru and read some of his work. I read an interview with him that said he always wanted to write. My god, the man was maybe the best storyteller of the last 15 years. I love Frank Miler and Mark Waid’s stuff but ‘Ringo….he was too good for words.

    Matt, Todd and the rest. Have a drink for me. When I did drink I was partial to the darker heavier beers.

    Oh and Matt? I know it’s tough posting here but I gotta tell ya you’ve lifted all our burdens in this thing just a bit. And I feel confident in saying that we all are eternally grateful.

  13. Mike Says:


    Thanks for keeping us informed here, even though I’m sure it kills you to have to do it. Hopefully, today, and the days that follow, allow you to heal and continue on from the pain. I’ve posted a few times, but this time was just to say that you shouldn’t feel like an imposter posting here. I appreciate you doing it, and I’m sure everyone else who reads on here appreciates it. Long post short, thank you again for keeping us informed on here.


  14. Spencer Goldade Says:

    One of the first books I ever fell in love with in my more mature and educated comic-reading days was Tellos, and Mike’s work really inspired me as a young artist at the time. Rest in peace, Mike. You’re one of the greats that I always wished I’d meet, and hopefully some day in another place still will. All the best to your family, friends, and other fans dealing with your loss, my prayers are with you.

  15. matt baird Says:

    I knew mike of rthe past eight years, i am a gym rat like Mike and saw and talk to him almost everyday. He was a great man, caring more about others than himself! Mike You will be missed more than u could ever know. My heart is broken thet you had to leave us. Your friend, matt baird

    ps, ill be workin on that tan!!

  16. Rodrigo Rangel Says:

    Wieringo Family …i am just a comic fan who enjoyed with those drawings of Mike i´ve never know him but I´ll tell u that as a fan he inspired me.. a lot.. I am sorry for his left from this world.. Its a big loss, he was light in this sometimes dark world.. his drawings really left light, happines and humor to my person. well…even my daughters one day told me that his drawins are really happy…
    God needs him in his vast kingdom thats for sure…

    I as a fan like to write and draw and Ill tell you this too… my best comic artist are a few …Mike Wieringo, Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Michael Turner…
    But Mike was the light in comics…
    Salm 23

    Rodrigo Rangel
    Monterrey MEX.

  17. Mark Irwin Says:

    Wish I could be there to pay my respects. My prayers and best wishes are with you all; Mike was a friend to us all.

  18. Ann Burton Says:

    After attending the services today I would like for everyone to know that the Mike I got to know at the gym was a man of geniune love and care for everyone. He always worked out with his buddies and was friendly in his quiet way. When I found out that he was an artist I bugged him to death to come talk to my 4th grade students about his talent. He finally gave in when I assured him that he would not have to give a talk because they would do all of the talking for him.I wish you could have seen the look on those children’s faces when that gentle giant of a man came into my classroom. He gave every child a Telos book and drew each child a specail picture.What was suppose to be a 45 minute talk turned in to 2 hours. No one was more shocked than I was to see the magnificant drawings and Telos. Before the end of the day every teacher in the school wanted to meet Mike. He continued to come to my classroom for 4 more years. Each time thrilling the students with his talent and drawing. He told the students that he was the kind of student who drove teachers crazy because he was always doodling. Thank goodness he continued to doodle.I will forever miss seeing him in his gray t-shirts and gray socks when I go to the gym.Most of all I will miss the sweaty hug he always gave me and his words of encouragement when I would complain about the kids because he said it always took someone special to do my job.He was the special one.

  19. Frank Juval Says:

    I’m not an uber comic fan as I don’t keep up with everything. I’m just an illustrator who enjoys some comics, animation and illustration. Mike was an inspiration to me to push harder and become better at what I do. This is quite a shock to me but I can imagine it must be an even greater shock to his family and friends.

    My condolences to his family and friends. They’re all in my prayers and I hope you all can get through this time of mourning.

    I truly wish I would have met Mike.

    Frank Juval

  20. Paul Rogers Says:

    Today we gathered to celebrate the life of Mike Wieringo. A man that not only gave us the unique gift of unlimitness imagination put to paper again & again, but touched the lives of those of us that met him, knew him and called him friend. I was one of those people so blessed. I met Mike over 25 years ago, the only other person in this, at that time, small town of Lynchburg, Virginia, that I knew of that loved comic books as much as I did. We hit it off immeadiately. In 1985 we heard of a comic book convention called HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carlina and set out for an adventure that would forever change both of our lives. I believe that was the year that Mike decided his years of home-made comic books drawn on his family’s living room floor and countless adventures seen in his mind but unrealized on paper became to take shape. Mike enrolled at VCU in Richmond, Virginia and later graduated with a degree in Fashion Illustration & Design. He hit the conventions with a protfolio and a determination to match. Mike got his first big job from DC Comics illustrating a back-up story in a book called ‘Justice League Quarterly’ and a month later he was asked to do another story and the cover. Wow, he was elated, it snowballed from there, before he knew it, an ongoing title was offered to him, the ‘Flash’ with writer Mark Waid. He was on his way and never looked back. The thing that you need to know about Mike Wieringo is that he never stopped learning, he never stopped asking questions, he never stopped pursuing his quest to express his love of comics and illustration. He was driven, the kind of drive that makes life worth living. Mike had a passion for life that included the things that make life worthwhile, his family, his friends, animals & his chosen career. I received a call on Monday morning. Mike Wieringo had died. I was stunned, physically and emotionally stunned. I have been trying to come to terms with this over the last few days. Hard days. My wife Laura and myself were in Durham today and celebrated his life with other people so blessed to have known him. I want to thank Matt, Suzanne, Mr. & Mrs. Wieringo, Todd, Shelton, Mark & everyone that attended for sharing their feelings and stories with us. My heart is heavy and I will always miss you, I will always love you and I will never forget you. I love you buddy. Paul.

  21. Karalyn Johnson Says:

    Today I said goodbye to my friend, mentor and knight in shining t-shirt Mike Wieringo. He was a special one. The kind you read about but never think you will meet. Those that were truly fortunate enough to meet him knew immediately he was something special on so many levels. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He was a very gentle man, kind, talented, intelligent, generous, thoughtful, caring humble.He hated injustice and cruelty of any sort especially to the innocent or weak. He loved his family very, very much. He spoke of them lovingly and often. He had a great curiosity about the world. Mike loved a good story and was a rapt listener. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a one of a kind laugh. He wanted more than anything to bring a little happiness into the world in any way he could. He succeeded magnificently.
    The memorial service itself was filled with tears and laughter and stories of sleds and comics, cats, conventions and jellybeans. I believe Mike would have approved. I have oft heard the phrase (as I am sure you have) “You could feel the love”, I never truly understood what it meant until today. Today it was palpable in that chapel.It is a memory I will cherish. I had the honor of meeting Mom and Dad Wieringo and many of Mike’s friends for the first time while I re-established aquaintanceships with others. I noticed something somewhat peculiar about Mike’s friends and family. They are all exceptionally good huggers. Not a bad one in the bunch. I bet he planned it that way.

  22. graceb Says:

    I am in shock. Complete shock. I knew Mike from working out for years at Bodyworks gym in Hillsborough. I worked out there with my brother Matt, and everyday we’d see Mike’s smile. He’d always say hello and ask how we were. His kind eyes and captivating smile always was there, no matter the day or the time. I would see him at the grocery store after working out, and he’d always smile and say hello. No matter if you were having a good or bad day, he was always there to make you feel better. The news of his loss has hit my brother and I very hard. I visited his MySpace page, and his song on there “Pass me Over” by Anthony Hamilton has brought peace to me. I’ve listened to it over and over, and looking at his page, he last logged in on Aug. 12. What are the odds that he’d have a song on his profile saying “…pass me over, until my saviour comes…leave me be, if you see me sleeping, until the morning comes…until my saviour comes…” I know he’s in a better place, and I know that no matter what, he will always be remembered as the kind hearted, gentle soul who’d do anything for anyone. And as long as we knew him, we had no idea about his comic drawings. Goes to show what a humble soul he was, and that he will always be remembered for his actions and he will never be forgotten. Ever.

  23. Paul Renaud Says:

    My condolences Matt, for you and your family.
    Mike will be missed by the entire comics community.
    Take care


  24. Bret Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing information with us every few days. We are grateful that you are keeping us all connected to Mike with your updates. It’s helping our grieving, too.

    You and your family are absolutely in our thoughts and prayers.

    Bret Bernal

  25. Jeff Parker Says:

    If it’s okay, I’m going to add what I just posted on my site.-JP

    The Memorial

    I went to Mike Wieringo’s funeral service yesterday- the most emotional one I’ve ever been to. I guess I’m used to going to services for relatives in the later years of their lives and I’ve never been to one of a still young friend or peer. Still, it became overwhelmingly apparent that Mike touched a lot of people in a profound way. The service went on for two hours with friends telling stories of Mike that alternated easily between wrenching and hilarious. Matt Wieringo delivered the most eloquent and moving eulogy to his brother that I’ve ever heard. On the flight back, Karl Kesel and I kept talking about it. And Todd DeZago did his friend proud with touching and entertaining stories and thoughts, and generously shared his insights into Ringo. I hope everyone got a lot out of it, I know the whole thing helped me immensely. Funerals are really for the living, to help loved ones deal somewhat with their loss, and this really achieved that, at least for me. Listening to everyone talk about Mike made him seem so close, so still in the world I could hear his voice and see him in my as if he were there. As you would expect, the attendance made the chapel look like a comic book convention, albeit one where cartoonists dressed much better than usual. Afterwards many of those who could stick around went down the street to a pub to share more stories, and I wish I could have gone to that. I saw a lot of people there I wanted to talk to more, a lot more. Still I’m grateful that the family made this possible and I hope it helped them.

    Goodbye, buddy, though you’re not really gone. You cleverly spread yourself among so many people so thoroughly that they’d all have to be gone for you to be, if even then.

  26. Joseph Wickham Says:

    When I saw the news on Mike’s passing, I was truely sad. I met Mike for the first time in Roanoke virginia at the Roanoke Comic Con. I remember seeing the Flash pages he just started to work on. I commented on what excellent…and I mean excellent work it was and he just said ” Thanks, but there are better artists here than me “. That was untrue. I guess we talked for about 30 or so minutes before I had to leave. Then, maybe two to three years later, one of my good friends started his own comic book. That was called BOOK and Mike did a number of alt covers for us (which by the way sold the most). Lucky enough that year we went to the Dream Con in Charlotte NC and our table happen to be next to Mike’s. That was the best day for any con I had went to that year. I got to talk to Mike for hours that day and learn a lot about the person he was and still is in a lot of us that remember him. At the end of the con having no money to purchase a page from his personal collection Mike, instead did a Rogue sketch fully inked and grey toned for me. Free of charge. That is a true artist ladies and gentleman, a true artist. Again I know this is late, but I felt I should share these stories and show what a truely great person he was. Thanks for being the person you were and are Mike. I’m proud to have known you and to continue to know you through your art and soul.

  27. chukw Says:

    My wife Marc and I are hosting a memorial for our dear friend Mike Wieringo Saturday, September 8 in Redondo Beach. We’ll be holding it at a local park at 1:30 in the afternoon- all are welcome. It’ll be an informal event- Mike wasn’t exactly a suit-and-tie kinda guy. 😉 We want everybody who couldn’t make it to the East Coast service to have a chance to talk about their friend and fellow artist, and say good-bye. We’ll also have a sketchbook or two to sign and draw in to send to his family. We hope you can join us- please RSVP to for the directions.. Thanks!

  28. Mith Says:

    My condolences. My prayers and best wishes are with you all. Mike will be missed, but never forgotten.

  29. Chili Pepper Chris Says:

    I met Mike over 10 years ago at HeroesCon and he was the nicest guy that I met there. Over the years I would always stop by to talk about what he had going on and it was always enjoyable. He was one of my favorite artists working in the field and he always will be. My prayers and condolences to the friends and family. Mike, thanks for the great art and for being such a great guy!

  30. Donna Marie Farrell Says:

    To Matt, Family and Friends,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping everyone posted. His VCU friends and teachers will miss him. I tried to reach him just a few months ago to say hi and how proud I was of him. Words, again, can not describe how sorry we are. I wish I could have attended the service. Having a young son and living in NJ made it impossible. I was thinking about you all.

    God Bless!

  31. Bill Skinner Says:

    To Matt & family,

    I was so sorry to learn of Mike’s death. I knew him at RHS and remember him for his uniqueness, wit, and concern. I always looked forward to Mike’s compositions because they were always so original and imaginative, humorous and affirmative, and so sincere. I enjoyed even more the opportunities I had to talk with him one-on-one. He was such a positive, creative, and caring young man. It was so refreshing to see someone at that age have his head on so straight and have such a great outlook on the world and life.

    As with most of my students, I lost touch with Mike after he graduated. Having learned of his death, however, I have read his blog entries and a lot of the tributes written here, and it is the same Mike I knew 26 years ago–his amazing talent, his concern for others, his generosity, his humor, his sensitivity, and his upbeat view of the world. Losing someone so gifted and compassionate at such a young age is such a tragedy, but look at how many lives he touched in such a short time. Most of us need many more years than 44 to reach so far.

  32. Josh Says:

    I’ve got a question. I was wondering if there’s an address that people can send stuff to Mike’s family. Like if you have an artwork or something in memory of Mike.

  33. Steve Says:

    as a life long fan of Mike’s I was shocked to hear the news… my Heart goes out to you and yours and the world has lost one hell of an artist and tho I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person he was always one that I as an artist looked up to for inspiration

    ps. Mike I know you can read this in a better place….
    Thank You

  34. Ashley Rippy Says:

    WOW… I just found out about Mike passing away boy was I blown away. I worked at Bodyworks where Mike was a gym rat. This is sad, he was such a wonderful person I could always look forward to Mike coming in the gym around the same time everyday and he would smile and hug me as always. When I found out he was an artist I said well you will just have to draw me a picture and little did I know Mike came in on Valentines day and had drew me such a cute picture of a bumble bee with hearts all around him. I will hold on to that picture forever for it was drawn by such a wonderful and caring man. My prayers are with the family!

  35. Ernie Lindsay Says:

    I just found out about mike wieringo’s passing today. Let me just give my condolences to the family and all of his friend’s and fans.
    I myself was I fan of his artwork, but even though I did not know him personally, I knew that he was a great human being.I loved going on his website and looking at the different drawings that he would post on his blog, and inspired me to draw. again my condolences goes out to his family and his friends, but mike will
    live on in his art and in our hearts.

  36. Chad Clark Says:

    My condolences on your loss and I hope the memorial service helped everyone. I am a huge fan of Mike’s artwork and while I can’t help put together a tribute book I’d like to suggest maybe auctioning off whatever original artwork Mike might have had left. Either for a charity maybe or to help with any finances incurred. I missed seeing Mike twice at HeroesCon here in Charlotte and always thought I’d get a chance to tell him how great I thought he was and maybe pick up a page or art or sketch. At least this way I and many other fans can do a little to help. Maybe. Again my condolences.

  37. davide andrea ferrigno Says:

    we will miss you mikey…you were the greatest…good bye

  38. Derek O Says:

    I’ve been wanting to say something since I heard of Mike passing. what can one say? His Art style, for me was so amazing, how he is able to capture the old Saturday Cartoons feeling, in the new age of “Comic Art” you wouldn’t think someone with a style like Mike’s could make it. Nice to see in the end he was able to touch so many peoples lives.

    When I heard about Mike passing, I thought “The world is a little darker now” I’ll hold the up the light, I’ll Follow your path.

  39. Robert Noberini Says:

    I never realized how much I admired Mr. Weiringo until his passing. Though I never knew the man, I was always excited to read his daily blogs and to see what new art he had posted. I was rather suprised at how sad I was after reading the news. He seemed a sincere and gentle man.
    I am so sorry about this, Matt. I don’t normally post to these things, I am a lurker by nature, but I really had to say something. Funny, I had hoped to see him at the Baltimore Comicon to tell him how much I admired his artwork and enjoyed his daily blogs. I hope he knows now.
    God bless and best regards.
    Bob Noberini

  40. Steve Doss Says:


    I met Mike circa 1983. He transferred in as a produce clerk at a grocery store in Amherst County, Virginia. The Mike I met was fun loving and caring. He was at a crossroads in his life. He was out of school and didn’t have the confidence in the abilities that he obviously demonstrated later in his life. I worked with Mike around 2 or so years where we developed a pretty solid friendship. He would come to my house (I just was going through old pictures last summer for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and found some with Mike in them) and play basketball and wiffle(sp) ball with me and other friends. He would drive all the way from Rustburg to do this. We had some good times. I remember him showing me his comic collection and then looking through my bag(haha) of comics I had from my childhood. It was easy to see that Mike wanted more from his life than being a produce clerk. The last I had heard from Mike before I left to join the Air Force was he had enrolled at VCU. When my wife(whom I was dating at the time I knew Mike) showed me the article in the paper about his passing I was sad but it also brought a smile to my face. I smiled because after reading and seeing the web pages about Mike I knew that he had lived his lifelong dream these past 20+ years. Even though I haven’t spoken to him in so many years; the memory of him is so positive that I felt like I should share it. I am very glad to see that he did live his dream.


  41. Steve99 Says:

    I don’t speak english wery well, I want to say only thank’s Mike. 🙁

  42. David Sanchez Says:

    I just want to say that my thoughts are with you.

    I wish i could do more. Me as a Flash fan always loved Ringo’s art.

    Really if there is anything i can do just let me know.


  43. marcos Says:

    look i live in dominican republic ,just want to send my condolences like everyone,so i see him in a wizard mag basic training a long time ,so i have to say he was so good at what he did.god bless you mike.

  44. mister_pj Says:

    I still find myself coming here.

    I’ve written my condolences to the family but I still come back every day or so, like I always have. I keep thinking there will be another sketch to marvel over, maybe a short passage on the struggles behind what goes in to making those beautiful pictures. It just doesn’t seem real to me and I remind myself that Mike is gone. Selfish as I am though, I just don’t want it to be true.

    I believe the mark of a person, their legacy, is the lives they touch. Here I am, another anonymous surfer, someone who made a point to stop by this outpost on the web and look inside the life of one of my favorites creators – a guy who was several years my junior – and it is still hard to imagine a world without him. No more whimsical drawings crafted with such loving precision, it’s just so hard to accept and believe.

    A few months back, Mike had done a series of drawings of different LOST characters. He drew Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Jack, Locke and Mr. Echo. It was one of those moments when favorites of different worlds collide. Thinking about it now, I am somewhat sorry Heroes never tapped Mike because I have that feeling he would have done wonderful justice to those characters as well.

    Earlier this year, DC chose to kill off Bart Allen. I was upset because Bart Allen/Impulse had been a favorite character of mine, a throwback to the days when comics didn’t live in a dark and foreboding world but instead existed in a world of wonder and amazement. Those qualities were always evident in Mike’s work and it kept me looking out for every new assignment he did.

    I know from reading Mike’s blog how much he struggled at his craft; the effort he put into each drawing, how critical his eye was toward his own work and the high standard that he held himself to as an artist. As one of many, many people around the globe that loved his art, I can say if anything that trait endeared him to me even more.

    He cared. It made a difference and it showed.

    Why I come back, I can’t say. A part of me keeps hoping this will be like a comic story where death is not immutable and surprise! There will be another drawing, that’s not the way the real world works though.

    I can only imagine how hard it is for his family to deal with his loss but, know this: if anything can make you take heart, if anything can provide you with some small comfort, please know that your brother, your son, your kin was greatly appreciated and left an indelible mark on this planet – he is and will be greatly missed.

    All I know is the world is going to be less brighter, less fun in his absence and I miss a man I never met but got to know through his drawings and the characters he drew.

  45. JUANMAR Says:

    My name is Juanmar from Argentina
    My condolences Matt, for you and your family.
    Mike will be missed by the entire comics community.

    Take care


  46. Don Bethman Says:

    Hey Matt-

    I’m not very good at writing notes like this, and I’m sure you’ve had your share to read, so I’ll keep it short. I only just heard about Mike through a friend at work, so I apologize for the lateness. I’m so very sorry to hear about his passing. And our loss. I had always intended to catch up with Mike again, but it just never seemed to happen. I’m sorry for that too. In writing this, I’m thinking about the impact he’s had on me, more notably, when on occasion l catch myself reacting to a random situation, and find myself thinking “what would Mike would do here?”- probably something a little more responsible than me. Certain things just stick that way, no matter how many years. We are better for having known him.

    I’m not in contact with many people from VCU these days, but will email Donna F. if she doesn’t already know.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Take care-
    Don Bethman

  47. Paco Says:

    I’ve always been impressed by Ringo’s artistry and enthusiam for comics since his work first began appearing on the comicscape. I was a fan of Tellos and, as a small online comics seller, was always happy to fill orders placed for this comic. I knew the pleasure that Tellos brought readers — as did every other title Mike worked on. I am saddened by the news…but happy to have shared in his vision.

  48. Mario Says:

    So long Mike, thanks a lot for your beautiful work

  49. Derek B Says:

    Technically I only knew Mike for a relatively short period of time when i was living in Lynchburg and he was JUST getting into the Comic biz…but out of the blue today when i was asked by someone if i considered Mike a ‘friend’ or an ‘aquaintance’, even though we hadn’t kept in touch over the years, i instantly said ‘friend’ without a doubt, (because Mike was just one of those people who made everyone feel like they were his friends)…well, that’s when i was told what had happened.

    Like many, it’s difficult, if not impossible for me to adequetly express how i feel…so i won’t even begin to try.

    I’ll just say this…you know those people who are so genuinely refreshingly nice and open and friendly that EVERYBODY likes them? Well, those type of people are special & rare these days if you ak me. But i feel like i know em when i see em…and, without a doubt, Mike is one of them.

    Mike, I really wish i would have kept in touch, i’m bad at that with everyboby…but regardless, here’s to you man. Whether you are here or whether you are somehere else, know that you are STILL inspiring folks through both your work and passion to create & grow ( i’ll bet you’re STILL drawing too:), AND your just plain all around genuine-ness. Cheers to you dude…I feel proud and lucky to have crossed your path…


  50. Dennis Says:

    Rest in Peace Mike! The world lost a great artist!