R.I.P. Mike

As Mike himself would say, “just a quick one for now.”

Our family is, I’m sure you’ll understand, in shock. By now, the word has spread that Mike passed away Sunday night of apparent heart failure. That’s all we know for now. When we hear more, I’ll share it here. I’ll also post any news of a memorial service here once we figure out just what we’re going to do. We tried to notify all Mike’s closest friends before word got out. Unfortunately, news travels fast and I’m afraid some of you, despite our best efforts, found out the hard way. My apologies.

On behalf of our family, I’d like to thank everyone for the tremendous outpouring of support and sympathy. It means a lot, particularly to our Mom and Dad. Mike had so many friends and admirers, a fact I had to continually remind him of. He was so humble and unsure of himself. I think it would really surprise him to hear all the love being expressed here and elsewhere. I haven’t had the time or the heart to read everything posted but I plan to. So I ask that everyone share their favorite Mike story. It will help us through this trying time and you would have our gratitude.

Though we haven’t ironed out the details of how we plan to honor Mike, I’d like to suggest that, in lieu of cards or flowers, anyone who is so inclined please donate to the ASPCA or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in his name. I have a feeling Mike would like that.

Take care,


438 Responses to “R.I.P. Mike”

  1. Brian M. Says:


    You are the best.


  2. Bill Nolan Says:


    Sad, very sad… beyond sad.

  3. Rich Lovatt Says:

    I just heard the news…my thoughts are with Mike’s family and friends.

    Terrible, terrible news.

  4. Tom Daylight Says:

    I cannot believe it. This is horrible news. One of the world’s greatest artists has been taken from us, all too young.

  5. Marc Lombardi Says:

    My deepest condolences to Mike’s family and friends in this very sad and shocking time. He will certainly be missed and will always be remembered for his art and his love of the craft.

  6. jason matthew Says:

    this is such a terrible loss. my thought and prayers are with mr. weiringo’s friends and family. you will be missed terribly.

  7. Patrick Says:

    My thoughts go out to Matt and the rest of his family and friends.
    By Thy Side,

  8. JB clarenson Says:

    Damn terrible terrible news…..

    My thoughts to the family and friends too.

  9. Badabing Says:

    I was hoping and praying that the news wasn’t true, but alas it appears to be. My condolences to Mike’s family.

  10. Marc Says:

    Rest in Peace, Mike.

  11. Andrew Scott Says:

    To Mike’s friends and family–

    What horrible news to discover Mike’s passing. I was just on this site last night, thinking about buying a sketchbook and maybe a print, and realizing how much joy is apparent in Mike’s work — he truly enjoyed what he did for a living, which is something I wish for everyone.

    You’ll be missed, ‘Ringo.

  12. Nick B Says:

    My thoughts are with his family – one of the nicst and talented guys in the industry.
    So damn sad.

  13. John Jett Says:

    Speechless. This is beyond terrible. My htoughts are with Mike’s family and friends.

  14. Duff Says:

    It is a sad day…


    Rest in Peace Mike.

  15. scott Says:

    bye mike. 🙁

  16. Leandro Arteaga Says:

    You will me missed 🙁

  17. Anthony Wheeler Says:

    I’m stunned and saddened…Mike is/was part of the reason the internet existed for me. I’ve been truly inspired by this blog and his thoughts on the industry and art in general.

    May the good Lord bless his family and friends in this terrible time. Mike–thank you for the inspiration–rest in peace.


  18. Min Says:

    So very sorry to hear the terribly tragic news.

    My prayers go out to Mike’s family and friends.

    God bless!!

  19. Mike Says:

    oh my god…this is the worst news EVER. My condolences to Matt and the entire Ringo family, as well as all of the people Mike’s touched in all the years he’s been around. This is a sad, sad day for all of us. =(

  20. Jamal Igle Says:

    I heard about it this morming before it was widley reported and I’m having a hard time dealing with this. Mike was a great guy.

  21. Bobby Timony Says:

    Goodbye Mike.

  22. James FIgueiredo Says:

    I’m just so, so sad.
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Wieringo, you’ll be missed so much.

  23. Julien Gaillard Says:

    RIP Mike…

  24. Tim Agen Says:

    Thanks for all your work.

  25. Alejandro B Says:

    Mi más sentido pésame a la familia de Mike, realmente voy a extrañar su trabajo.

  26. Ryan Heavilin Says:

    Mike’s run on Amazing Spider-Man is the reason that I am the comics fan that I am today. I’m not going to lie…I’m crying right now. We’ll miss you, Mike.

  27. Angelo Says:

    R.I.P. Mike…

  28. Mike Says:

    Um, and whoever did the lol post should be shot. Hopefully theres someone who can log in and delete the post.

  29. Ryan Heavilin Says:

    Man, I feel like a callous idiot. Mike did Spectacular Spider-Man.

  30. Mark Monux Says:

    I’d just met Mike this last year and while I feel cheated that I won’t be able to know him better, I’m sure my feelings off loss does not compare to the deep grief those close to him are feeling. My heartfelt condolences to Mike’s family and friends. His death is a sad loss. Goodbye Mike.

  31. Zach Says:

    It’s horrible that even in a sad time like this the sociopaths come out of the woodwork.

    Show some respect.

    This is a very sad day.

  32. Krystalanna Johnson Says:

    I love you Mike. You are missed, and will continue to be missed. Mom loves you too. Rest in peace Mike.

  33. Peter Says:

    Thanks for everything, Mike. You were the coolest, and you enriched us all.

  34. Bob Tilley Says:

    My thought’s are with Mike’s family and Friends. Without Mike the Flash would never have been cool again… a massive loss to the comic industry : (

  35. Stephen Moody Says:

    Still in a state of shock!My thoughts go out to Mike’s familly and friends.Such sad , sad news !

  36. wyl13 Says:

    omg.. he just died suddenly… we’ll miss you dude….

  37. Mike R Says:

    One of the best. One of the nicest. RIP Ringo … you’ll be missed.

  38. John Walters Says:

    I can’t believe it.

    Goodbye Mike. You’ll be dearly missed.

    John Walters
    A Fan.

  39. Jamie Snell Says:

    You will truly be missed. Rest in Peace.

  40. scott Says:

    The news hit me like a bellyshot…

    My sympathies to those who loved him and called him “friend”.

    Live your lives to the fullest everyday, everybody…

  41. Rich Says:

    The comics world, and the world period, has just lost one of the great ones. We’ll miss you Mike.

  42. Troy Says:

    I was unaware of his art work prior to today. Like many artists who have passed on, you really never know who they are until their gone. From what I’ve seen his work is amazing and the world has lost another great artist too soon. My thoughts are with his family, friends and everyone around him.

  43. ManuelPitt Says:

    vai com os anjos, Mike
    sentiremos tua falta aqui embaixo, mas sempre serás lembrado

    condolences to family and friends

  44. Michael Tyler Says:

    Though I never knew Mr. Wieringo, when I heard the news hit me in the gut and I’m walking around like a zombie now…RIP Mr.Wieringo. You went too damn soon.
    My Condolences to friends and family, you’re missed ‘Ringo. 🙁

  45. John Beatty Says:

    I’m speechless.

    You will be missed, friend.


  46. john h. Says:

    You will be missed my friend.

  47. Rivard Says:

    It’s just hard to believe. I don’t think it’s set in yet. Heh… Just can’t believe it. You’ll be missed, Mike. I can’t thank you enough for all the years of beautiful images.

  48. Michael Griffin Says:

    Rest in peace, Mike. Thank you for all of your great art over the years.

  49. Manou Says:


    You were one of the greatest…

  50. Will Sliney Says:

    Thanks for the great artwork over the years. Rest in Peace

  51. Palladin Says:

    This just seemed to be the place to give condolences.

    To Mike’s family, you will be in my prayers over the coming days. I am sorry for your loss. As a fans I can say that every time I met him at HeroesCon he was a class act. I am sorry for your loss.

  52. Brian R Says:

    Mike’s work got me into comics when I was younger with his work on Flash with Mark Waid. I’m going to miss his familiar work very much. Even though I never knew him, I miss him already.

    Goodbye, Mike, and thanks for everything.

  53. Morlock Says:

    Mike’s work on FF was a HUGE part of my enjoyment of that book. he was one of my favorite artists…

    RIP. we’ll all miss you.

  54. Chris B. Says:

    I just wanted to add my condolences to Mike’s family and friends. I never met Mike, but he came across to me as the nicest man and I wish I could have met him. He will be missed by so many people, and my prayers are with you.

  55. Andre Says:

    I never met Mike, which I now deeply regret. This news is sudden and shocking and my thoughts and prayers are with his close friends and family. Mike your work was and is amazing. I know you will make one great artist in heaven.

    Much Love and Respect,

  56. Chance Says:

    My prayers are with Mike’s family (and with Mike himself, wherever his spirit may be). He died far too early. What a sad and sudden loss. He was a hugely talented artist, and from what i read, very well liked in the industry. He’ll be missed.

  57. Joey Says:

    One of the things I was looking forward to in Baltimore was Mike. I enjoyed his art, his frequent blog updates, and his affinity for animals. My condolences to his family.


  58. Jay Elmore Says:

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends for their loss. I never had the privilege of meeting Mike, but everything I’ve seen and read about him makes me wish that I had.

    His artwork always brings a smile to my face. Looking at the Prince of Saturn sketch here and a “reimagined” Buck Rogers sketch he did a while back makes me realize that there were so many more stories he had to tell.

    Count me as one of the many people who will miss Mike and his artwork terribly.

  59. Carol Says:

    This is a lesson for us all. Who expects to be taken away so young or so suddenly? Our youth and talent offers no protection from loss. Cherish each day and strive for happiness in all things.
    Mike was an inspired talent and a great guy. My deepest condolences to his close friends and family. Please know how admired and respected he was and that he will continue to inspire many, many lives.

  60. adrian Says:

    Rest in peace, Mr. Wieringo, you had become one of my main influences in my works, and i allways loved your art… and i will like to send my condolences to your family…


  61. Ali Says:

    Rest in peace, Mike. Your art has given me much joy over the years, and you will be sorely missed.

  62. wolfe Says:

    R.I.P. Mike.


  63. Mike Fitz Says:

    I was crushed to hear about this. I met Mike once at a convention and he was very kind and soft-spoken.

    I consider him very high on the list of my favorite artists. I’ll miss seeing his work very, very much.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  64. B.D Says:

    Rest in piece.

  65. steve Says:

    This is truly a sad day. Mike’s work and kindness will be missed. I had only met him last year, and he was incredibly friendly and approachable, and even though I had just met him, I felt like I had known him from seeing his artwork for years.

    My thoughts are with his family through these hard, hard times.

    Mike, thanks for your warmth, and for your incredible work. You will be missed.


    A really sad day…To the Family my deepest sympathies for the loss :(!!!
    I just woke up and saw the bad news!!
    The first thing I did everyday was to check what He was up and enjoy his work…


  67. Fred SIGRIST Says:

    My pain goes beyond words.
    My condolences to his family and friends, he was a dreammaker, he will be missed.

  68. Tom Says:

    Crushed is a good word, I’m having trouble finding my own. This is stunning news, a great artist and person is taken far too early. Another hard lesson on how fragile we all are. I hope mike is in a better place now at peace.

    My deepest condolences to Mike’s family and friends.

  69. Fox Says:

    Rest in peace Ringo, rest in peace.

    Una gran perdida para el mundo del cómic. Mis más sinceras condolencias a su familia.


  70. Tim Townsend Says:

    Great memories, good times. Godspeed, Ringo’.

  71. POLLOPUTO Says:

    Que allá donde vayas haya una mesa de dibujo, muchos cómics, y mucha paz.

    Nos hemos quedado sin uno de los grandes.

    Descansa en Paz, Mike.

  72. Lee Cherolis Says:

    Being young as I am, I was shown Mike’s work for the first time only a few years ago. I’m crushed that his pen has now ceased to pour incredible art into our world. Mike’s work still inspires me greatly as I’m sure it does countless others.

  73. M&M Says:

    The BEST Artist of Spider-Man… rest in peace, Mike

  74. Scott Weinstein Says:

    I wanted to give my condolences to Mike’s family and friends. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with him as Heroes the past 2 years. Not only was he nice and friendly, he was extremely welcoming. I was an outsider he’d never met before and he made me feel like part of the group. It provides little comfort now, but his family should be proud of the tremendous body of work he left behind for generations of comic lovers to enjoy. Anyone who’s met Mike, or just visited this site, knows how much he loved comics. And the world of comics is a better place for Mike having being a part of it.

    He will be missed.

  75. Mike G. Says:

    I just want to express my sympathies to Mike’s friends and family. He was a gifted person who inspired me.

  76. Jono Says:

    Goodbye, Mike. We’ll miss you. You were a great guy and a talented man.

  77. kizmiaz Says:

    Mis condolencias para todos sus familiares y amigos, una gran pérdida. Sigue dibujando desde el cielo, Mike!!

  78. Jon P Says:

    His kindness and optimistic showed in every line he drew.

  79. MKR Says:

    A fine piece of work to go out on. It’s sad that as soon as I found your art, I saw the last new one I would see. 🙁

    If there is an afterlife, then it’s good that its residents will have you there to keep them entertained. 🙂

  80. Kevin O Says:

    You will be missed. I loved your art, and I will pray for your family.

  81. Brit Says:

    Hearing about Mike’s passing this morning was an incredible shock. He was such a talented artist and a great voice in the comics field, and to lose him is just heartbreaking.

    Mike will be missed by all.

  82. Denis Says:

    Oh no.

    My heart and soul goes out Mikes family. This is terrible, terrible news.

    You will be sadly missed. You brought joy to the minds of millions, worlds of colour and beauty to the eyes of readers across the world. We loved you so much.

    Good bye, friend.

  83. Tom Lavier Says:

    I visited Mike’s blog every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and really enjoyed reading what he wrote and seeing the new sketches. My favourite piece of original art that I own happens to be one of Mike’s. Its a cool Superman origin recap page from Adventures of Superman #600 framed and on the wall in my home office.

    I don’t know what to say, I’m just sad.

  84. Cisne Negro Says:

    This kind of things are unfair. Rest easy, Mike. We will miss you a lot.

  85. CBrown Says:

    Doing my morning scan of the sites and I saw the headline. It just stopped me dead in my tracks, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I won’t pretend I was his biggest fan; I didn’t seek his work out, I just took him for granted that whenever his work appeared it would be great. I never met the man, but I read this blog and read interviews with him and he always just projected this sense of being a humble, warm, likable guy, just like his art. I also got the impression that he wasn’t too keen on the direction of today’s superhero industry, and I was curious to see where he was going to go in the future. I think it’ll be awhile before I stop checking this site, hoping to see just one more great sketch. R.I.P.

  86. TheH2s Says:

    I am so very sad to hear the news. Ringo is, was and always will be my favorite artist.

    RIP Mike.

    We’ll miss you.

  87. Tom Lavier Says:

    My post a couple up should’ve said every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sorry.

  88. Javier Says:

    I had the pleasure to meet Mike at MegaCon in 2006. I kind of geeked out and asked him some questions about how he felt Impulse was being handled. He answered my questions and signed my comics. Great guy. He will be missed 🙁

  89. Javier Arancibia Says:

    We’re really gonna miss you.

  90. Benjamin Hall Says:

    I am but one more person in a sea of people who were touched by his art and kindness.

    He took the time to comment on one of my drawings once and I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

    I wish I could have met him in person.

  91. Jason Wesson Says:

    Mike, you will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to your friends and family during this difficult time.

  92. Kelson Says:

    I never met Mike, but I’ve been reading his blog for several months. I had no idea this would be his final entry.

    I was a big fan of his run on The Flash with Mark Waid, and a big fan of Tellos — which, in a case of odd timing, I re-read this weekend.

    Rest in peace, Mike. You’ll be missed.

  93. Ty Says:

    My prayers and condolences to the Wieringo family.

  94. Francesco imp.bianco Says:

    ….I’m an italian fan..and I’m very sad for this news..it’s terrible. ..and..rest in peace mr. wieringo…

    Riposi in pace.


  95. Spencer Says:

    My condolences to his family. I have been a long time follower and lover of his works, Tellos in particular, he is and will be missed. I wish I could have met you in person, seeing as we lived so close to one another.

  96. Andrew Says:

    Take care Mike, You made all of us want to be better artist. Your work had an energy all it’s own and a single Illustrations told a story all to its self. I was lucky enough to meet you in Chicago a number of years back. You were sitting down in artists alley drawing Thor! A group of us at and watch your magic unfold.

    You are in good company now my friend. Good bye and thanks for sharing your talent with the world.


  97. Scott Rowland Says:

    We’ll miss you, Mr. Weiringo.

  98. DT Butchino Says:

    I never had the joy of meeting Mike in person … however he was an inspiration to me and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever spoke to on the internet. This comes as a shock to my wife and I, both big fans of his, and we wish to offer our condolences to his family and friends. May his soul find its way into the next world and may he always carry the creativity and joy he spread with him into the next life and beyond. Rest in Peace my friend … Rest in Peace.

  99. Dave Says:

    My deepest sympathies to your family. I was so shocked by this news. Good bless you.

  100. tom beland Says:

    I’m still crying over this news. I spoke with Mike about the possibilities of doing a cover for my series and, although he was too busy, he was his usual gracious self. Mike has always been an inspiration to me and this site has always been my first stop in the morning to view his sketches.

    I can’t believe he’s gone.

    Rest in peace, Mike. You’ve brought so much joy to all of us.

  101. Patrik Robertsson Says:

    I never got to meet Mike Wieringo in real life but it is allways a great loss when somebody this talanted passes away never the less.

    I wish to pay my respects to a very talanted artist, so rest in peace… that is all i have to say.

  102. GIlberto Teles Says:

    Rest in peace great mike, and thanks for everything that you do for comics in your life.
    You will live forever in our memories.

    Gilberto ( a brazilian fan )

  103. Pablo Mejias Says:

    Yo uwill be missed

  104. Jon Says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

    A wonderful storyteller, gone way too young and way too sudden.

    Mike, your art and the spirit of fun and possibly captured within it were an inspiration and a joy to behold.

    You may have moved on, but the tales you’ve told will last forever.

    My thoughts go out to Mike’s family and friends.


  105. EXILES Says:

    ES una noticia terrble.Se ha ido un gran dibujante.Una gran lastima.Descanse en paz.

  106. Israel Montoya Baquero Says:

    I have just readed the notice and was completely stunned. How can be it possible? One of the finest artist left us so soon…this really is a grieful day.
    Why are always the best who have to leave? Deep condolences from spain to Mr. Wieringo family and friends…don´t know what else to say….

  107. Leaf Says:

    You always treated me as a friend, Mike, and you will be sorely missed.

  108. Dave Strong Says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done, Mike. Rest in peace.
    -Dave Strong

  109. Kin Wong Says:

    Thank you for all you’ve given to the comics industry and for taking the time to share your thoughts and sketches with your fans each week. I am a huge fan of your work and wish I had the chance to be able to meet you at a comic con sometime. I still can’t believe that this has happened, but I hope that you have moved on to a better place. This place, at least, just won’t be the same without you around anymore. You will be truly missed, and my deepest condolences to the Wieringo family during this difficult time.

  110. sebe Says:

    I’m so sorry…

    I’ll miss the job of Mr Wieringo

  111. Will Terrell Says:

    I’m in shock. There are few artists I looked up to more you. You were such a great guy, so kind, and passionate, everyone’s biggest fan. I just don’t understand.

    I am grateful to have witnessed your life and art. I will truly miss you Mike.

  112. KSBrennan Says:

    RIP Mike.

    You will be missed.

    My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  113. Rich Says:

    The comics world, and the world in general,has lost one of its all-time greats. You’ll be greatly missed, Mike.

  114. Valentine De Landro Says:

    My Condolences to Mike’s family and friends.
    This is horrible news and a great loss in so many ways.

  115. John Gallagher Says:

    My regerets and wishes to Mike’s family, and close friends– Mike made a life of making people happy– he will missed– take care Mike.

  116. Giovanni Says:

    Goodbye Mike! I live in Italy where you was born…Ci mancherai molto! Addio! 🙁

  117. Mister E. Says:

    So sad. My thoughts go out to Mike’s family and loved ones.

    RIP Mike. You will be missed.

  118. Lea Hernandez Says:

    requisicat en pace, ‘Ringo.

  119. Royce Says:

    This news saddens me as none other has for quite some time. I valued the many times I chatted with you Mike and well always treasure the art you shared with me. I will miss you tremendously. Rest assured that your fanbase greatly appreciates your body of work and will keep that friendly spirit that you so obviously housed alive in your honor.

    Rest easy my friend.

  120. Leandro Says:

    Adeus (goodbye, in portuguese) from Brazil, Mike!

    You will be missed!

  121. jose angel Says:

    descanse en paz,lo vamos a echar mucho de menos,era un gran dibujante y se va a notar su perdida,lo siento,mi pesame a su familia

  122. Brian Says:

    I really enjoyed coming here & seeing what you’d grace us with. It was a high point of my morning.

    I’d like to echo all that has been said so far. I never met ‘Ringo but am a big fan of his stuff. It sucks that we won’t get anymore.

  123. E.M.J. Says:

    My Thoughts and prayers to Mike Wieringo Friends and Family.
    Rest in Peace, Mike.
    You’ll be missed.

  124. Lloyd Says:

    My condolences to your family and loved ones. Thank you for your contributions to the industry. You rocked, man.

  125. Valderrama Says:

    Joder tio te voy a echar mucho de menos. Gracias por compartirlo todo con nosotros.

    Descansa en paz

  126. Justin Stewart Says:

    I only ever had one conversation with Mike. He was gracious, humble and amazing. I’ll miss him. His work was like nothing else.

    Thank you for it all Mike. Say “Hi.” to Jack for me.


  127. Don Pedicini Jr. Says:

    Mike, Rest In Peace. You were and will always be an inspiration to many, especially me! Thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends!

  128. laseraw Says:

    you will always be missed on the medium

    my condolences.

  129. kab Says:

    Sorry to Mike’s family for the lost. I had the luck to meet him one time in France, he was so nice, I love this work since the begining. Thanks for all you’ve done.

    RIP Mike.

  130. Bruce Says:

    Rest in peace wonderful artist

  131. Steve Musgrave Says:

    This is terrible news. Absolutely terrible. Mike was such a nice guy. I’ll miss his artwork. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. What a damned shame.

  132. Joe Says:

    Rest in peace, Ringo. You were great!

  133. Fiorito Says:

    Mike was one of my biggest influences as a struggling artist. The world grows sadder and uglier today.

    Farewell, Mike. You did a great job down here.

    All the best,

  134. West Says:

    R.I.P. to my favorite Flash artist. Wish I’d said it while you were still with us.

  135. Junior - Brazil Says:

    God bless you, forever……..
    Brazilian fans

  136. Las Entidades Says:

    Bye Ringo. We will miss you so much…

  137. Paulo Prado de Medeiros Says:

    A sad notice for all comic lovers of all the world. Maybe Mr. Wieringo doesn’t know, but here in Brasil he is one of the most icons and inspirators of the readers…
    For your family, peace for this moment…
    Paulo, from Brasil.

  138. Steve Zegers Says:

    You were one of my favorites, and comics will be less fun without you.

  139. DJ Black Adam Says:

    My prayers for his family. Everyone, take a moment to appreciate life, we never know when it will end.

  140. Josh Says:

    God. Such a terrible loss. My heart goes to his family. The world has lost a brilliant artist and a great man.

    Adios Mike, from Mexico with love and respect.

  141. Vinicio Says:

    Ciao, Mike.

  142. Blair Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike’s family. To Mike — thanks for all the wonderful work and incredible inspiration. Peace be with you.

  143. Ken Sims Says:

    This is a sad day in comics. ‘Ringo was one of my personal favorite Artists. To me, Mike was on of the few artist who could match solid anatomy with dynamic design, perspectice and personal style in an exciting way. Truly, he will be missed.

    I’m sure fans everywhere send their thoughts and prayers out for the friends and family of Mr. Wieringo. I hope they all know how important he was and how he’s touched all of our lives.

  144. Rodrigo Spotorno Says:

    Damn. I hoped it was a typo on newsarama, but unfortnually it is really true… Good bye, Mike. All the best to his friends and family.


    And thanks for all the wonderfull worlds you helped create.

  145. Iberia Says:

    Grazie di tutto Mike.
    Ci mancherai. 🙁

  146. Lam Says:

    The best people don’t die, become legends !!!

    Rest in peace !!!

  147. David True Says:

    My Deepest sympathies go out to your family Mike, for you will will be a talent that will be missed by a lot of people. Hope you are painting whole new worlds.

  148. Oliver Booms Says:

    I’m stunned and will be for quite some time. Never met Mike, or talked to him, but I’d like to think that a man’s personality is reflected in his art, and Mike’s was the among the most charming in his field. His blog entries and the accounts of those who knew him show him to be a kind and humble person who will be sorely missed by all of us.

    My heartfelt sympathies to his friends and family.

  149. Gustavo Battiston Says:

    Rest in peace, Mike…..God bless You!!!

  150. txono Says:

    Te echaremos de menos mike:(

  151. Spiderjin Says:

    Addio Mike, eri un grande e ora lo sarai ancora di più! :((

    Rest in Peace Mike! You’re a Legend now ! :((

  152. aimo Says:

    You’ll always been an inspiration, Mike, then, now, and always. Thank you for making our lives more colourful with your art and thoughts. Rest in peace.

  153. jonathan brown Says:

    RIP Mike

  154. Don Says:

    I really just wanted to cry when I read it. My prayers and condolences to all. – Don

  155. Rober Says:

    A tragedy in comics industry, he was one of the best… we´ll always remember he and his work, Rest in peace Master and god bless your family

    Desde Mexico, estamos con ustedes….

    Hasta Pronto, Mike!

  156. David Says:

    Mike Wieringo has been my artistic inspiration most of my life, and it was his work that always pushed me forward to try and be a better artist. I never got the chance to meet Mike, but for some reason I feel like I have lost a close friend. There is a sadness in me about his death that can’t even be put into words.

  157. Rob Says:

    My condolences to family and closer friends of Mike

  158. Russell Burlingame Says:

    I actually did cry when I heard. Mike was, by all accounts, a wonderful guy and truly a talented and inspired artist. His was one of only two names in the comics industry that could make me pick up a book based on art alone. I wish I’d had a chance to meet him, and send my deepest condolences out to your family.

  159. Gvalentine Says:

    i’m sorry.


  160. Kristen Says:

    Mr Wieringo was one of the major influences in my artistic style and I was very sad to hear this news. My heart goes out to his friends and family. He will be deeply missed.

  161. Ernesto Says:

    “Spider Sense” ….. the best!!!!

    thanks for your art all this time

  162. Pablo Picayo Says:

    Mike co-created Impulse wich is my favorite character of all times. I’ve been coming to this site three times a week almost from the begining and reading his blog and seeing his sketches really inspired me tp pursue my dreams because even though Mike worked on so many comics over the years he would still post here and share his thoughts with all of us.
    I feel like I lost an old friend.

    Thanks for everything
    R.I.P Mike
    you will be missed

  163. Aníbal Says:

    Here from Brazil, we miss you too. Great work, go in peace.
    Bom trabalho, descanse em paz.

  164. Adam Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Wieringo family. I’m just stunned. Rest in Peace Mike.

  165. avarcho Says:

    i never got to know mike personally, having met him only a couple of times at the heroes conventions in 2004 and 2006. i was very lucky to get the chance to talk with him, get a few of my favorite books signed and even got a few sketches from him that i continue to cherish. he was very generous and gracious, and through those meetings and his blog, i felt as though i knew him well. i’m very saddened at his passing and my thoughts go out to his family and friends during this most assuredly difficult time. i know that his memory will live on through the relationships and body of work he has left behind. goodbye and godspeed, mike! you will truly be missed!

  166. Brandon Peterson Says:

    I’m staggered by this. He was great on every personal and professional level i can think of. He will be sorely missed.

    Brandon Peterson

  167. Bram Cayne Says:

    Mike was so much more than one of my favorite artists…He was one of, if not the nicest comic book pro I’ve ever met. Scratch that…One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

    The first time i met him I was 12 years old. It was when he first started his run on Sensational Spider-Man and the books were a real mess….this is JUST after the clone saga remember….And here I am, the biggest Spider-Man fan thrilled to see this new artist on the book. There was this giant line to get stuff signed and I was probably the only kid in there. I waited about 20 minutes and when it was my turn, we started talking about all things comics. He then held up the line for me, taking tons of time to draw a fully inked, full body Spider-Man sketch (for free!) which he signed, “For my new buddy Bram! ‘Ringo!”

    Everytime he saw me after that ( sometimes years apart) he’d always remember me.

    The last time I saw him I was 16 or 17 and it was a similar story. I was making my own comic books for fun, and I brought him both “issues” of it just to kind of show him. He ended up sitting and fully reading both issues from cover to cover, laughing (which was good as it was supposed to be funny!) and offering advice and what have you. He then drew a sketch of my own characters for me.

    This is the kind of stand up guy that he was….he didn’t have to do any of that stuff for me, but he did. He loved comics, he loved drawing, and he really appreciated his fans.

    It breaks my heart knowing he’s gone so soon, and that no one else will get to have a story about him like I do. He was truly an inspiration as an artist, a professional, and as I like to think of him…a friend. I will really, really, miss him.

  168. john h. Says:

    There is no back pain in Heaven.

  169. Tim Mitchell Says:

    That’s terribly sad; I had met him for the first time at Heroes Con this summer and found him to be incredibly generous and friendly (He did a Reed Richards sketch for me even though I hadn’t purchased his sketchbook). I love Mike’s work for its fully realized characters and fantastic storytelling. I’ve always admired his website and how there’s a new sketch every other day.

    I love how he kept working, kept fleshing out ideas for stories. The guy didn’t let up as far as I could tell. That’s really a testament to his love of comics. I was inspired to draw every day because Mike had something new up on the site. And I expect his body of work to inspire and challenge me for years to come. Cheers, Mike.

  170. elvicho Says:

    Nos vemos, Ringo. Mi más profundo pésame a la familia.

  171. Dan Walker (UK) Says:

    I’ve been reading Mike’s blog for a couple of years now, and his inspirational and matter-of-fact posts were no doubt part of the reason I resolved to go back to college to study art last year. Thanks Mike.

  172. Adrian f. Zettlemoyer Says:

    Keeping up to date on the comic industry has never been this hard.

    I’ve been reading comics for so much of my life, and every time I want to turn away from the industry, something seems to draw me back in. One of those things was ‘Ringo’s fantastic and fun art. Coming after the cluster!@#$ that was the clone saga, His art on Sensational was a breath of fresh air, capturing the look and feel of Spidey’s universe so perfectly.

    Many years later, and his artwork breathed new life into my favorite books – Fantastic Four.

    I’m sad that I never got the chance to interview him, as I’ve had my eye on his artwork for so long, and the fact that we won’t see any new work is a crushing blow to comic fans and the medium.

    My heart goes out to all friends and family, it really sounds like the universe has lost a phenomenal person.

  173. Gabe Strine Says:

    I am truly saddened by the loss of Mike.

    I had not met him personally, but I became a fan through his daily sketch blogging. He was a omic artist in a very true sense. He loved the medium since he was a kid and lived the dream of becoming one. He got to draw Flash, and the Fantastic Four, and Spiderman for a living! …For a living!

    I always enjoyed reading his insight and marveled at his drawings. His style throws back to the days before the Mcfarlane/Liefeld era of roided-up superfreaks with a clean. realistic, almost wholesome appeal. My favorite of his bloggings was a series of sketches he did that reinterpreted original drawings he did as a kid. To apply the creativity and wonder of his youth to his adult abilities I think encapsulates what his craft was all about.

    I’ve never met him, but I will miss him.

  174. Venenofan Says:

    Una gran perdida.

    Requast in peace mike, dibujabas estupendamente.

  175. jess Says:

    i am very sorry for your loss.
    he was deeply loved and admired.
    i hope so much that Charlie will be well taken care of
    in Mike’s absence.

  176. Venenofan Says:

    Una gran perdida.

    Rest in peace mike, dibujabas estupendamente.

  177. Scott Cates & Rose Toth Says:

    Mike Wieringo died last night from a heart attack at the age of 44. Scott and I would like to express our sympathy to his family, friends, fans and colleagues. Mike was a wonderful, gentle man, with a great capacity of love that he shared with all who knew him.

    Out of respect for his family and friends, we are suspending all sales of Mike’s artwork we currently have in inventory. We do not want to profit from his death. What happens to his artwork will be for his estate to decide.

    Mike drew a picture for my daughter to give my husband, Scott, for his first Father’s Day. This was in the midst of a convention, with fans thronging for sketches and signatures. The picture was a last minute thing, because my original present fell through. But he helped me out that day, with a lovely drawing Scott treasures. That was just one of the stories that can be said of him, he was a jewel of a person, aside from his talent. I was not a close friend of Mike’s; I helped him with his website, and sold sketches for him. But I’m crying as I write this, because the world will be lesser place without him.

    Rose Toth & Scott Cates

  178. Scott Cates & Rose Toth Says:

    Mike Wieringo died last night from a heart attack at the age of 44. Scott and I would like to express our sympathy to his family, friends, fans and colleagues. Mike was a wonderful, gentle man, with a great capacity of love that he shared with all who knew him.

    Out of respect for his family and friends, we are suspending all sales of Mike’s artwork we currently have in inventory. We do not want to profit from his death. What happens to his artwork will be for his estate to decide.

    Mike drew a picture for my daughter to give my husband, Scott, for his first Father’s Day. This was in the midst of a convention, with fans thronging for sketches and signatures. The picture was a last minute thing, because my original present fell through. But he helped me out that day, with a lovely drawing Scott treasures. That was just one of the stories that can be said of him, he was a jewel of a person, aside from his talent. I was not a close friend of Mike’s; I helped him with his website, and sold sketches for him. But I’m crying as I write this, because the world will be lesser place without him.

    Rose Toth & Scott Cates

  179. Dave Says:

    Today is a very sad day for me, Mike was my favorite artist of all time. I practically grew up looking to Mike’s art for inspiration, it was because of his semi daily blog that inspired me to create my own blog. Mike was a wonderful artist, who was known as “the nicest guy in comic books”. He was always up for doing a free sketch for a fan, always willing to share what he knew about the biz to those looking to break in. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Mike through an email or two, he even gave me some feed back on my work once or twice, but sadly I never got a chance to meet my hero. I was planning on going to the Baltimore Comic Con next year specifically to meet Mike Wieringo, the front page of my sketch book has been reserved for Mike since I started my con sketch book in 2002. Though I never did get to meet Mike, there is an overwhelming sadness in my heart over the death of my artistic hero, and I am finding it hard to just put into words the inspiration that I received from his work. Today may be a sad day, but Mike’s work will continue to be an inspiration to me, and to many other people despite his untimely death. I will miss you Mike, my prayers go out to your family, friends, and all of your fans.

    In the words of Tellos

    “By thy side”


  180. Victor Torres Says:

    My condolences to the family and closer friends of Mike.
    RIP Mike you will be missed…

  181. Mike Thompson Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the entire Wieringo family. Such terrible news to start the week. He will certainly be missed.

  182. Jim McClain Says:

    I am grieving for Mike and for his family as if I have lost a close friend. In many ways, I feel that I have. Thank you for making all of our lives richer, Mike. You are already missed.

  183. Tony Vaughn Says:

    My most sincere sympathies to Mr. Wieringo’s loved ones.
    I may not have known Mr. Wieringo personally, but he was/is one of my favorite illustrators and I will miss him.

  184. Jim Thorpe Says:

    I am saddened to hear about the sudden death of a great artist, and would like to send my condolences to his family. we will all miss you.

  185. Emilio Nicola Says:

    Un gran artista, una gran persona que nos deja
    Su arte quedará para siempre junto a nosotros

  186. Vinnie Bartilucci Says:

    I’m creating a collage of as many of ‘Ringo’s convention sketches as I can get which I’ll be bringing to Baltimore and either laying on his Artists’ Alley table or handing to the Concom for passing on to his family.

    If you’d like to participate and contribute a sketch, visit http://www.internationalnorbertconspiracy.com/ringo.htm for the info.

  187. Rick Evans Says:

    I gave up on mainstream comics in the 90’s due to bad art. Mike’s work brought me back. I rank him among my personal greats: John Byrne, Bill Scienkewicz and Alan Davis. I would check the site almost daily for inspiration and aspiration.

    If he was, in real life, as much of a nice guy as his posts made him sound, I am certain he will be sorely missed. Condolences to all who knew him, but take solace in the knowledge that he will be fondly remembered by many who never had the honor to meet him.

    Fair winds and following seas, Mike…

  188. Mikey Crotty Says:

    Mike was inspirational. his work was inspirational. His words here were as enthralling as his pictures. The outpouring of sorrow today is a testament to the joy he brought us as a person and an artist.

    My sincerest condolences to his loved ones, my sincerest thanks to Mike for the happiness he brought me and the happiness his talent will allways bring me.

  189. Dave Says:

    May he rest in Peace…

  190. Michael Bills Says:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t as familiar with Mike Wieringo’s work as I wish I had been, only seeing his work for the first time a while back.
    Its really sad to see such a talent and influential artist pass far before his time.

  191. SteveNS Says:

    I didn’t know Mike except through his work, but this news really hits hard.

    What was special about his art was how it so clearly gave expression to his warmth and heart and humanity. You never got the sense that he was drawing out of obligation or to make money. Every line, in every composition, was joyful and straight from his heart.

    What a loss. My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

  192. Jason Meek Says:

    I’ve met him at several conventions. He was always friendly and absolutely eager to help out young artists get into the industry. I didn’t “know” him but being a regular visitor to his blog I really felt like it did. I don’t know what Mon, Wed, and Fri will be like without a new sketch from Mike. My heart and prayers go out to his family.

  193. Damion Waldbrunn Says:

    Mike was the first person that told me that with a little work and determination, I could make it as an artist.

    I will always remember him for that, for the time he spent with a 20 year old kid who secretly despised himself due to a bad life…and lived for only one thing…drawing comics.


  194. Nelson Hernandez Says:

    My condolensces to Mike W’s family. I am and always will be a huge, huge fan of Mike’s work. What an untimely and tremendous loss to the illustration/comics world, but we should remember his wonderful contribution while he was alive. Clearly Mike loved what he did and was truly humble about his work. Wherever Mike is now, I am sure that he carries on with the soul of an artist… Rest in peace Mike. Your fans loved you.

    Nelson Hernandez

  195. Paul Gutierrez Says:

    I as with so many never got to personally meet Mike but with this blog and his constant visits to different comic message boards I felt that I knew him forever. Mike you will be missed greatly. Not only were you a great artist but also a great person. I’m sure your up in that great big sky right now at your drawing table doing what you do best. RIP Mike you will be greatly missed.

  196. Brian Robinson Says:

    I will miss Mike’s daily blogs and insight into our world. I was not always a huge fan of his back in the day(way into the image studio types) when I was young, but his style grew on me and I became a huge fan. I loved his F4 for just the joy it brought to comics, even in its dark times, you could almost feel his light coming through.

    I will miss Mr Weiringo deeply. I have never met the man, but have been touhed by his spirit and work.

    Godspeed, mike and rip.

    And to his family, my deepest condolences

  197. Ekong Says:

    Hi, I’m from the Phils., and am a very avid fan of the guy. I will miss him. My condolences to the ones he left behind– his family, friends, his art.

  198. Cara Walton Says:

    I met Mike when I was about 18-19 years old, over 13 years ago. I was dating my now husband, Bradley Walton at the time. Bradley and I travelled to Artamus Studios so Bradley could hang out for the day. I was just tagging along. Mike was extremely nice to me that day. Bradley got kind of wrapped up in the atmosphere and Mike made sure that I didn’t feel neglected. He was a super nice guy.

    Bradley later asked Mike to do a back cover for one of his Cavewoman Missing Link comics, he agreed, knowing that he wouldn’t get paid much, he just enjoyed doing it. One of our biggest regrets is that we didn’t buy that original art from him. We kept the color proof, it’s been hanging on our wall for years. It’ll be especially honored now.

    We always made sure to stop by his table at Heroes Con and say, “Hi.” He would always take time to talk to Bradley and I. He always remembered my name, that impressed me. I have extreme difficulty with names, I spent one afternoon hanging out with him, probably talking his ear off, and he remembered me all those years later. He was a great guy and the world will be a darker place without him.

    Our deepest condolences,

    Cara and Bradley Walton

  199. Jeff Says:

    Heya, Matt. So sorry for your significant loss. I never met Mike, but I interacted with him years ago on some DC chat sponsored by AOL. Ironically, I chatted with him because Mike Parobeck had just recently passed (also way too early), and I wanted to point out to ‘Ringo just how much his work reminded me of Parobeck’s. It was full of joy and happiness and amazing exuberance, showcasing an obvious passion for what he did. He seemed taken aback, yet (hopefully) pleased by the comment.

    The energy with which he instilled his creations was in marked contrast to his boundless humility. According to every single account I’ve seen of him, he was an amazing person, and not just for his talent. He will definitely be missed by scores of fans, and I assume even more friends.

    I’ll miss him, and I never even met him.

  200. Adam Hutch Says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I know words don’t help in times like these, but I was very envious of the joy Mike obviously found in his work. It shown in every piece I saw him produce, either on this website or in print. I never met Mike but I looked forward to the wit and warmth I found in his postings. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rest in Piece ‘Ringo.

  201. vynsane Says:

    i can’t believe it. i’m in shock. what a loss!

    thank you for the inspiration, ‘ringo. here’s a sketch in your honor:


  202. Dwayne Says:

    I found out this morning that comic artist, VCU alumni, incredibly nice guy, cat lover and personal hero of mine, Mike Wieringo, suffered a major heart attack yesterday and passed away. He was 44.

    For anyone fortunate enough to meet Mike they had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest, most humble, successful artists ever. I was lucky enough to be fortunate on several such occasions. It’s very rare to meet someone so talented and so genuine at the same time. The world has lost a great talent and an even greater person. While I’m sad at his early departure it can be said that he had life on his terms doing what he loved to do putting pencil to paper every day. His work has always inspired me and he will always be someone I’ll look up to.

    My thoughts and prayers go with him and his family and, as always, you’re the best, Mike!

    My heart goes with you…

  203. Tessa Thornberry Says:

    I can’t believe it, that I’ll never see him again! I kept putting off flying in to HeroesCon, in the hopes he’d eventually make his way out to San Diego when I was there. I should’ve gone.
    Oh, how horrible is your loss, Mike’s family. He was a treasure.
    I met Mike when, through strange family-friend connections, my mom arranged for me to intern at Artamus Studios in the spring of ’98 and everyone seemed to be okay with finding something I could help them with. Mike and Rich used to crack me up with their bouncy humor, throwing words and song lyrics and stories of family and cats back and forth. They made me feel welcomed, and helpful. I was really grateful to be able to learn so much about comics and to be able to help out people who were both kind and talented. (Everyone else at Artamus was cool, too, of course, but Mike and Rich let me help them more.) Mike was sweet, and loved his cats, and I’ll miss his presence in this world.


  204. Christian Lichtner Says:

    The good guy team has lost one of their all-time starters… and I don’t see anyone else on the bench being able to fill the slot.

    Mike was not just a incredible artist, but a truly great human being.

    I posted this on my site, liquidology2.com, but perhaps this is really the most appropriate place to post it.

    You know those who work in comics, always judge others in the field by their talent, and truthfully, while that’s the most obvious thing, it most certainly isn’t the most important. And in what matters the most, being decent, kind, and caring, Mike was absolutely at the top.

    That’s not to say he wasn’t super talented, he truly was exceptional, but I’ve met so many guys that are super talented, and just end up being knobs as far as just being human beings… and if you fail at that, what else really matters?

    So be decent, kind and above all else good. Be like Mike.

    He’ll be truly missed, and leave a void that won’t be filled. My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family, and I hope that time will be able to lessen your grief.

  205. Eric Says:

    I’m sorry I’ve never met Mike in person but even so, it broke my heart to hear about what happened. Mike was an amazing person. He always put other people before himself. I’m one of thousands of people that will deeply miss him.

    I would check his blog as often as I could. His stories, along with his artwork, always inspired me to live life with passion. It’s incredibly sad to see that such a great man is no longer with us but his family should be proud to know of the immensely huge positive impact that he had on the world.

    Rest in Peace Mike.

    My thoughts and my prayers are with your family and friends.

  206. Bill Williams Says:

    As a comicaholic, I saw Mike’s work before I met him at a convention. At the time, I was traveling around doing shows and promoting the little independent comics I was making and we bumped into each other in the Artist Alley. Over a few beers, we talked about working for yourself as he was involved with launching Tellos. I ran into Mike at shows here and there and I seem to remember that he let me crash on the floor of his hotel room for a night when my reservations fell through. That was the kind of guy he was.

    Mike’s star rose and he ended up doing more mainstream work. A few years later, I stood in a line to look at some art and I ended up buying a Spiderman cover from him. He was shocked and almost embarrassed that I was handing him cash. But I got him to sign it to me and even got him to pencil a cover for me when he got the time. So, I was lucky and I got to ink something of his. I did not know him well enough to say that we were good friends, but we were always friendly. And I will miss him.


  207. James Jobe Says:

    Though I never had the chance to meet Mike in person, I was a fan of his work, and am very sorry to hear the terrible news. The comic industry has lost yet another great talent, and we shall never be the same for the loss.

    RIP Mike

  208. Mike Reisner Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Mike’s imagination and creativity will be missed. To me, he was his generation’s Walt Disney, a true imagineer. God bless you and keep you in your time of loss. With utmost sincerity,

    Mike Reisner

  209. Cat Staggs Says:

    I am having a hard time finding words for this post..so i will keep it short.

    I did not know Mike as well as many of my colleagues but what time I did share with him was amazing. It was like he had known me for a lifetime only moments after we had met at Heroes Con a few years ago. Keeping in touch at shows as well as online through various art forums was a real honor for me. I now am regretting I had not gotten to know him better. So generous in life and in art.. your brilliance will be missed.

    Heroes is not going to be the same next year.



  210. Joe Jusko Says:

    This is just the worst thing imaginable. I visit this blog every day to marvel at the delicate, beautifully drawn images Mike was kind enough to share with us. He was one of my favorite artists working today, producing books that were above all else, FUN. I will truly miss his talent and imagination. God bless, Mike!

  211. rodrigo Says:

    its hard to say something new when everything else has been said, not just from known friends of mike, like Todd Dezago and Mark Waid, but from fans and people he never knew that he touched.
    I must admit that i love his artwork, it’s so bright and happy, and i got the feeling that from the way he used to write in this blog, thats how he was. His art migh not be like the one from Alex Ross or Jim Lee, it was a cartoony easy to look and admire art that got my attention to him in the first place, but since i started reading this blog, his art was not the reason i stayed reading, his words, his kindness, his love for comics, his simpathy and joyful way of comunicating with fans was something not many people do. it is surely a lost in the comic business, but one can just hope that some new artist will follow his path and keep his way of seeing the comics alive, i know im gonna try.

    the sad thing is that i didnt get to meet him.

    as i said in this blog before, excuse me for my english mr. wieringo, im from chile and we speak spanish 🙂

  212. Cynthia Says:

    Too soon… too soon.

    Just as so many people said, the world will be less bright because Ringo’s light is now gone up to enlighten the angels – perhaps they needed a kind soul to keep them company, or a talented artist to draw for them and keep them smiling.

    For Mike’s family: may God give you the strength to heal, and may you find comfort in the sweet memories of his smile and all you hsared with him. Mike was truly beloved by so many people, even those that never got to meet him. He has been and he will continue to be an inspiration for us all.

    Rest in peace, Mike… you are loved.

  213. JUAN MIGUEL Says:

    I´m very sad (triste} for this new, Mike Wieringo was a great artist, and i am so sorry, i dont have words… REST IN PEACE MIKE THANKS FOR YOUR BEAUTIFULT ART AND FOR BE A GREAT PERSON

  214. David Kirkpatrick Says:

    I’ve been reading Mike’s blog for a long time now – originally his art postings and galleries brought me to the site, but I kept coming back to hear his thoughts on his art, the comics industry, and life in general. I never got to meet him in person, and thank him for his art and the pleasure that it brought to me. It’s hard to imagine that he’s gone, and my condolences go out to his family and friends. I’ll miss him…

  215. Anthony Andres Says:

    The first time I learned to associate Mr. Wieringo’s art with his name was during his fantastic run of variant covers during the Spider Man even The Other. I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy’s great!”, I read an interview with him over on Newsarama during that same time, and my respect for him grew. He’s a classy artist, great talent and a great personality. “That’s the kind of artist I want to be”, I thought to myself. I can’t say that I deserve to be called a fan though, I have none of his sketch books, and have only a handful of books that he worked on. But I respected him so much, if that counts for anything.
    When I heard the news, all I could say is “What?!” and read on. I am so sorry for the pain his family is in right now, I offer them my condolences and many, many prayers along with the many they have received already.
    Mr. Wieringo, you are a brilliant inspiration. Thank you so very much, for everything that you gave the industry, and more importantly, for your contributions to the community. I am forever in your debt.

    Anthony Andres

  216. Kelsey Shannon Says:

    I was fortunate to know Mike for close to 10 years now, but I only really started to become real friends with him in the last 2 or 3. We would talk on the phone for hours, laughing and joking about the silly job we have and how we take it so seriously. We would talk about the continuing exploits of the castaways on LOST and he recently got me hooked on a show called Flight of the Conchords. I was going to call him today to see if he watched it. I hope he did.

    I first met Mike in Chicago where we were introduced by a mutual friend. After talking with him for a few minutes he asked me to sit down at his table. I thought it was such a nice thing to do seeing as how he was a “pro” and I was nobody, but that’s the kind of guy he was. Not many professionals take the time to look at, let alone comment on other artist’s work and Mike did that all the time. I would see him pop up on message boards, groups, deviant art, and eventually his blog, always with a note of support or kudos. He was a fan as much as he was a professional.

    All day I kept thinking about what Charlie must be going through. Is there any word on him? I hope he’s ok and will get a good home.

    I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I already miss him so much.

    I love you Mike and I’ll see you again

    Your friend,

  217. Yves Says:

    I’d like to offer my condolences to Mike’s family and friends.
    Mike was great artist and person who will be missed by fans across the world.

  218. Rich A Molinelli Says:

    R.I.P. Mike, I’m sorry I was away so that I could not answer your e-mail you had sent me this past weekend. You were even so apologetic for not getting back to me right away………………….I’ll miss talking with you once and a while, through e-mails, and I will miss your artwork so dearly.


  219. Byron Hamm Says:

    It is hard to understand why one feels a deep personal loss for someone I never had the chance to meet. I guess it’s that like many I came to know Mike online through this site. His weekly posts were the first thing I fired up at my office every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Not only for the amazingly detailed art that at the same time felt so simple, but for his insights into life and this community we call comics.

    I was stunned today to come across this news during my weekly surf of this site. My heart and prayers go out to Mike’s family and all those lucky enough for him to have blessed their lives as friend.

  220. Matt Says:

    I’m only 25 now.

    But I remember with vivid detail the afternoon I first came across Mr. Wieringo’s work when I was looking for new stuff not Marvel or DC related. I wanted something fresh and new and exciting. Something that popped and made me smile. I found his work on Tellos. I immediately recognized his work from some issues I’d seen him do on Spider-Man and really fell in love with his fun, action-packed style.

    I’m going to miss what he brings to the table for the rest of my life, as I’m sure alot of people will. If only the worst of it were just missing his work on comics. I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now and can only wish them well and pray for them in this awful time.

    I’m really sorry.

    -Matt Strawbridge

  221. Steven Lewis Says:

    I’m really going to miss you, Mike. I never commented, but I read your blog almost every day, enjoying the heck out of your sketches. I wish I told you how much I loved your artwork, and that I always seek out your comics.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Mike. I hope that, wherever you are, you finally know just how talented you were, and how much people enjoyed what you brought to the medium.

    God bless you, Mike Wieringo. My heartfelt sympathies to his family. I think about how much I liked him, and I never got to meet the man. I can only imagine what it’s like for those who knew him and loved him.

    What a great guy.

  222. Jessie Long Says:

    Please accept my condoleances to Mike’s family and friends. The world lost a great artist and a great person with his passing. Rest in peace, Mike, we love you.

  223. Frankie from Australia Says:

    I had the opprtunity to him at my first san diego comic con and like many of us, and was suprised how easy it was to chat with him, coming all the way from australia you made my trip a memorable one.

    R.I.P Mike:(

  224. Nolan Smith Says:

    Mike was one of my favorite artist, his style was just so cool! I remember picking up his Spider-Man comics thinking how cool the art was. I have followed his work for awhile now, and it saddens me to see him leave this place.

    My prayers go out to his family, his friends and all those who are hurting from his passing. Rest in Peace, Mike.

  225. -ND!- Genen Says:

    Mike has always been one of my biggest inspirations; he’s for the most “responsible” for me wanting to become a comic-book-artist too. Although I never met him in person, I had the chance to “know” him from forums and there I saw what EVERYBODY says: that he was an extremely nice and humble guy who always had a nice word for everybody. And that warmth also shone from every single piece of art he did and will shine on forever!

    My condolences to his family!!

    Rest in Peace, Mike!!


  226. Dave Lanphear Says:

    I’m incredulous and stunned… I’ve just read this news at CBR and Newsarama. The industry will sorely miss Mike, but more importantly, his family and friends will too. I’ve had the privilege to work on several of his books, but only could meet him once, and he was superlative, generous and kind. From all I’ve read elsewhere, that was Mike all the time. It’s sad he was taken so suddenly. My condolences to his family and friends. You’re in our family prayers.

  227. Raul Lopez Says:

    I can’t believe it, it is really sad, I speak with him a pair of years ago where he very patiently answer all the questions i have for the interview i was preparing, with just only a pair of mails i realize that he was better person that penciller.

    Rest in peace Mike.

    Your friend.
    Raul Lopez

  228. mario! Says:

    wow. i woke up and had quite an annoying morning, everything just seemed to be wrong or bent out of shape. hell i couldn’t even get the crease right in my pants…
    normally i’d check out this site to see, hopefully, a new bit of artwork by mike. his blog was a must read for me. his artwork a welcome friend. earlier today when i looked, it was still friday’s pic, and i thought “i must be early. i’ll check it out later.” damn.
    although, i haven’t picked up any of mike’s latest work, i remember falling in love with his stuff way back when he drew the flash. and despite the fact that the books he drew lately weren’t at the top of my list, i always assumed i would go back and pick them up sooner or later. that, or he’d start on something new that would just “wow” the hell outta me. dammit, i’m babbling.

    my thoughts and prayers to you mike and to your family. your work always left me in awe, and the kindness you showed here always put a smile on my face.

    love from texas…

  229. Jacob Rougemont Says:

    I met Mike at a comic con in Tennesse right before his run on Fantastic Four and he had been an artistic inspiration since his work on the Flash in 1993. He was a great guy and I am sorry to hear about his passing away. My prayers go out to his family and all those he knew him. The comic world will not be the same without him…

  230. Jesse Acosta Says:

    Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.
    I’m glad I was able to at least exchange some e-mails with you, and tell you how much I appreciate your artwork. You are an amazing talent who will be missed by those of us who you touched with your work. You’re shoes will be impossible to fill. Though I hardly know you, I would call you a teacher, and a mentor to me. Thank you for everything.

  231. Alexandre Bastos Says:

    I never posted here before, but here it goes Matt.

    It was a horrible and tragic the news that this incredible artist named Mike Wieringo, passed away. I saw it on Newsarama, because he website was seeing a tremendous increase in traffic which in turn the servers and subsequently crashing them.

    Unfortunately, I never knew the man, but I knew his fabulous works.
    Mike Wieringo was an amazing artist, he captivate me (I am from Brazil) and others around the world with his artwork style. His art in comics was so fluid that look more like an animation than a simple comic book.

    Now he became part of the amazing artists that left us, like Leonardo DaVinci, Alex Toth, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner and so many others that were more than men in their lives, they were as he living legends.

    Now he ascends to heaven and became more than a man. And like the others masters that we miss so much, he became an immortal legend.

    The sorrow of his fans, fellow artists, friends and family will remain but his incredible art will live forever in our comics and memory. I promise that I will never forget.

    I’ll miss the incredible and amazing artist that he was. As for the men, I am sure that he created a friendship with his fans around the world, and I think he knew this connection, because of the way he signed his works with a friendly Ringo.

    My deepest sympathies, prayers and condolences to Mike’s loved ones, family and friends alike.


  232. Grant Gould Says:

    I saw the news all over the internet tonight.. I can’t even really express how I feel: fear, shock, disbelief… Even though I’m only a fan of Mike’s and never knew him personally, I feel like I lost a good friend. I read his blog every day, followed his work since the mid-’90s… I’m really gonna miss him.

    Mike’s been a personal inspiration to me, both as an artist and in terms of having an awesome attitude towards life and comics. He’s one of the most amazing, imaginative, talented guys ever to put pencil to paper, and I only wish now that I could’ve met him in person and told him that to his face.

    My deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of Mike Wieringo.

  233. philippe Says:

    I don’t know what to say. This is so sad. Mike was one of the true cartoonists. We shared a few E-Mails and he was such a nice and polite man. We talked about his wish to do books for France. That’s so sad that we won’t see those books
    My thoughts go to his family

  234. Ryan Miller Says:

    Mike, I too was a daily reader of your blog. You were an inspiration to so many. It was you that made me start drawing again. And I thank you so dearly for that.

    May your new canvas be the clouds from heaven, so all the world may enjoy.

  235. Jordan Says:

    I first learned of Mike’s artwork when I was younger and wanted to subscribe to Spider-Man. It was Mike’s Spider-Man that I looked forward to seeing, and if it was some other artist’s on that comic, then I really wasn’t interested at all. Over the years I’ve come back to his artwork and found his blog which I frequently visit to see more of his wonderful sketches and read about what’s going on in his life. To this day, his most recent Spider-Man/Fantastic Four comic is currently sitting on the top of the comics in my room which I’ve already read and reread.

    Simply put, his art was an inspiration. By reading his blog I feel as though I’ve come to understand just how kind, humbled, and caring this man was, I realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface. I feel as though I am loosing a friend and a role model. One which I’ll have never personally known, this is something I will regret. I will always remember looking forward to his art, and never being disappointed. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Rest easy, Mr. Wieringo. I will miss you.

  236. mister_pj Says:

    My heart goes out to Mike’s family – his brother, sister in law, his parents.

    I just found out and couldn’t believe it. It is just terrible news. Mike was an exceptional talent taken from us far, far too soon. I have loved coming to his blog these past years and marveling at his incredible abilities and amazing work. Facing a future without the prospect of seeing the beautiful ‘warmup’ drawings (masterpieces in their own right) he treated us to on an almost daily basis is a sad, sad prospect.

    He will be deeply missed and my thoughts go out to his loved ones in this time of mourning.

  237. Matt Adler Says:

    We love you Mike. And Matt and the rest of the Wieringo family, everyone’s thoughts are with you.

  238. Mike Sprouse Says:

    I just found out that Mike Wieringo died this past Sunday.

    I’m numb.

    I’ve known Mike for a while now. I am literally two weeks older than Mike and this is an uncomfortable reminder of my own mortality.

    My brother, Chris, and I met Mike years ago at a small convention in Roanoke, Va. Mike hadn’t starting working in comics yet; he had submitted samples to several companies but at that point hadn’t been given any work.

    We couldn’t understand why; his stuff was great! A fun style that wasn’t aping the “hot” style of the day and clear, dynamic storytelling. We told him that he should be working in comics and to definitely NOT give up, because you just knew he would be, someday VERY soon.

    Mike, being the humble guy he was, seemed flattered that a comic book artist like Chris; an artist Mike was a fan of, would be so enthusiastic about the stuff he was doing. Not long afterwards we learned Mike was working professionally in comics. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    The Flash made him a star in the industry and The Fantastic Four raised his profile even higher.

    And yet Mike never changed. He still was the aw, shucks guy who couldn’t believe he was actually working a job he loved and had always dreamed of. He must have pinched himself everyday!

    Last year I went to Baltimore for the Baltimore Comicon 2006 and saw Mike sitting at his table. I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple of years and didn’t presume he would remember me. But to his great credit, and my surprise, Mike greeted me by name and seemed genuinely glad to speak with me again. We talked (but alas, not long enough as it turns out) and it made my day. To top it off, Mike even gave me a sketch he had in his portfolio when I inquired as to it’s price. He refused my money no matter how much I insisted. This was typical of Mike; that’s just the kind of guy he was.


    I miss him already…

  239. Marília Pezzato Says:

    My condolences for the family. It’s hard to lost a dear one, specially in such a unexpected way. Mike’s last post was so casual, as all among the others, it’s quite hard to believe. He was a very good artist, and as far I can see, a very good man. I never talked to him, but I admired his work.
    Allow me to quote a small text I did almost one year ago, when someone dear to me died:

    “But every journey have an ending
    Every story ends one day
    But as long we remember, it will go on
    Thank you for sharing your story with me”

  240. Kevin Isaac Says:

    My condolences to the Wieringo family and friends, while I never had the opportunity to meet Mike in person I always took the time to view any updates on the blog and website as well as picking up any books he worked on. I like to think that he inspired me to work harder at my craft and improve upon myself. I am in deep shock that he is gone and I really cant find the words to express how I truly feel. As Matt has suggested I will definatley be donating some money to the ASPCA in Mike’s name.

    He will be truly missed upon anyone who has seen his work or met him in person.


  241. Vic Says:

    I’m from Spain and my written english it’s very bad, but i tried to say a simple thing. He made us dream, I loved his work. Rest In Peace, i know for sure that you are in Heaven, with other Great Artists cause your are one of Them

  242. jordi Says:

    Desde España. un fan de su trabajo. Gracias por compartir tus sueños, Mike. Descansa en paz

  243. Julio Says:

    My condolences to the Mike’s family, friends, and fans. Thank you for your art. R.I.P


  244. giuseppe mainolfi Says:

    rip, mike.
    It’s just… unfair

  245. jr.capoeira (brazil) Says:

    what to say? i have no words to express the how great example mike was to all of us. no words to express how painful was to know that he passed away.

    he was a great guy, very talented. we will all miss his artwork and his posts here at this blog. above of all, he was a great person.

    go in peace, you will not be forgoten.
    jr capoeira

  246. ken Says:

    There are no words but if we could, everyone signing this would be willing to listen as long as you, his family, wanted to talk even though we don’t know you. Or, we would sit with you in silence so you would not sit alone. This man, son, brother, touched and entertained more people than he could ever hope to meet and consequently his life was a blessing and had noble purpose even if he didn’t intend it to. And of course he brought joy and companionship to those who knew him personally. He was not alone in this world and therefore his life is a success. Well done, Mike.

    May time bring eventual peace to his family.

  247. John Gulick Says:

    I just found out the news as I was visiting the site all I can say is I feel as if I lost a friend even though we never met .I was planning on seeing Mike at Baltimore in September in hopes that he would critique my work, And give some pointers he had a style that will sorely be missed among all the Muscle men and scantily clad Women of comics .My heart goes out to his family and friends I know the pain of loss and can only say have faith in christ and we will all be united in passing .

  248. David Baldeon Says:

    My deepest condolences to friends and family. I never had the chance to meet Mike Wieringo but through his wonderful work, and even so I cannot help but feel I’ve lost something myself. He was an inspiration and an artist and professional to look up to. Somehow, from what his art transmited, I couldn’t help but think he was a nice guy. None who draws like that can be a bad guy.

    So long, Master. We will miss you.

  249. Sonja Says:

    I am still in shock over the news. I can’t believe he’s gone. No more big grin and firm handshake, no more seeing (and drooling over) the latest pages. The very first practice coloring I did was a page from Tellos…

    My condolences to the family. I’m in Durham, if there’s anything I can do to help please email me. redsonja at gmail


  250. Victor Says:

    RIP Mike.

  251. Leinil Yu Says:

    Thank you for your work and encouragements. RIP, sir.

  252. Cory Fuka Says:

    Mike’s stuff had a fresh energy that couldn’t be replicated by anyone.
    I only knew Mike W. from his blog posts I hope his work continues to shine.

  253. Fran Says:

    Un abrazo y mis condolencias a la familia.

    Te echaremos de menos, Mike.

  254. Ben Williams Says:

    I didn’t know Mike personally but the first comic I ever bought was because of his artwork. Despite that being over 10 years ago he still remains as one of my favourite artists and will always be a huge inspiration. My heart goes out to his family and friends, he will be surely missed. Rest in piece Mike.

  255. Maarten ter Braak Says:

    You will be missed Mike.

    Ever since someone gave me Tellos I have been hooked on your work.. but also for that one sketch I asked you permission to add color too.

    The enthousiasm was just bubbling under the surface for just the idea to get to see someone add color to one of your sketches and to hear later you really liked what I had done with it.. I’ll never forget that.

    I’ve always had the plan to come over to the US for a comicon and hoped to meet you there, now I guess that will never happen.

    Rest in peace.

  256. Federico Says:

    Thank you for all, Ringo!!!
    I’ll miss you.

    Your italian friend and admirer, Federico

  257. remo Says:

    Goodbye, Mike.

  258. Howard Shum Says:

    I know a lot of people in comics, but only few of them I consider friends and Mike was one of my closest friends and confidant.

    I met Mike early in my career. He was one of the few big name pencilers that requested me as an inker. We spoke to one another often and seemingly endlessly. We talked about what we liked and disliked about the industry, our dreams and aspirations, and a bunch of crazy stuff that had nothing to do with art or comics. Whenever I needed him, I could always count on him.

    Mike was an amazing artist and great human being. There is goodness in his soul. He will always be my friend.


  259. Graeme Neil Reid Says:

    Shocked by the news. I never met Mike and only really knew his work from the soap box posts. What an inspiration, he will be sadly missed. My thoughts go to his family.

  260. POLLOPUTO Says:

    Mantened por favor esta página viva, en recuerdo de Mike.

    Mis Condolencias, Mike es uno de los grandes.

    Un cariñoso abrazo a la familia de un dibujante español.

  261. Mario Augusto Says:

    Eu realmente fiquei muito triste com a morte de mike wieringo.
    Adorava o seu estilo de desenho.
    Quando via um quadrinho com sua arte, comprava logo.
    Durante muito yempo, usei o seu material com referência para o meu trabalho.
    Sua morte deixou uma enorme lacuna nos quadrinhos modernos.
    Descanse em paz, Ringo!

  262. Geoffo Says:

    Thanks for everything.

    I dont think I can put pictures on a com, but still, here is one I’ve drawn for you, Mike :

  263. Rian Miller Says:

    I had the chance to meet Mike last year. As with most people I admire, I got the strong feeling that upon speaking to him I would have nothing to say other than “Gee, I really like your work,” so I dissuaded myself from going up to talk to him. Now I’ll never have another chance, but through his online presence here and on deviantArt, and through his work itself, I feel like I almost know Mike personally. The world is a more beautiful place because of him, and it will continue to be though he is gone. I’ll continue to look at his work with admiration for years to come.

    Goodbye, Mike.

  264. Bob Rankin Says:

    Just don’t know what to say at this time. It was such a shock to hear what happened, moreso for Mike’s family, obviously.
    The industry has lost a truly great man. His artwork was and will be in future an inspiration to all aspiring artists.
    God bless Mike you will be sadly missed.
    My thoughts are with your family at the moment. Take care.

  265. Pearu Unga Says:

    Mike – thank you for everything. My thoughts are with you. Rest in peace.

  266. Roberto Macedo Alves Says:

    Mike, I will miss you. Even if we never talked personally – my frequent visits to your blog constantly inspired me and made me feel like I knew you. I consider you one of my most important influences and the original drawing of yours I have on my wall (a page with Peter Parker and Ben Reilly) will be treasured for ever.

    I just regret not telling you this some time ago. Right now, I can just express my condolences to your family – as a believer, I will just put here the opening words of Mozart’s Requiem: A prayer asking for perpetual light to shine on you, like you perpetually will shine in our hearts:

    Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
    Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
    Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion,
    Et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem
    Exaudi orationem meam
    Ad te omnis caro veniet.

  267. andie tong Says:

    lost for words. rest in peace, mike.

  268. Pepe Quiles Says:

    Wherever you are now, thank you very much for your work and the good times! You are the best now and forever! Gracias, Mike.

  269. Elmo Rosa Says:

    The comic books that he worked on have beem by my side, in my drawing desk, over the last 8 years. My friends who draw just know me as “the guy who likes Mike Wieringo”. He IS the greatest “drawing teacher” I’ve ever had. Over 300 images of his work in my HD. One of the most accessible comic book artist that ever existed. Thank you, a lot, mr. Wieringo. Not only for the influence, but also for all the words of inspiration and incentive I’ve read in your blog over the last 3 years. Like Mike Parobeck’s work, your drawings will keep orientating my work, but I think something is gonna be missing, at this moments, from now on.

    * And, for one last time, “I’m sorry my terrible english.”


  270. Marian Mirescu Says:

    It was my birthday, August 13.

    Rest in peace, Mike!

    “Maxim”, a comic artist from Romania

  271. miguel Says:

    From SPAIN, thank you for all Mike.
    Mike, siempre serás de los mejores.
    Descanse en paz

  272. Carlo Del Grande Says:

    No words… this is unbelievable… RIP Mike.

    Karlit0 (Italy)

  273. Quentin Tablit Says:

    If there was one person I’d absolutely love to hand my sketchbook to for a quick critique of my stuff, it was Mike. I’ve taken a great deal of inspiration from his work and most of all, his work ethic. I can only hope to be such a man. I’m going to miss you and your art deeply. May perpetual light shine upon you.

  274. Craig Says:

    Mike made the world a better place, not only with his art, but with his attitude toward others. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.

  275. Tim Perkins Says:

    The world has lost an artist over the weekend,who’s work, more than anybody else’s I know, showed child-like innocence, fun, and hopefulness for the future.

    Heaven is a far brighter place today…I hope we can all learn from Mike’s example!!!

    I for one will miss my visits to his Blog to check on the new sketches, my visits to his website, and buying his latest work when it came out…

    God Speed Mike.

    Please say hello to Jack for me…

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all your family and friends.

  276. Niels van Rijen Says:

    When I heard of Mike’s passing this morning, it made my eyes tear up(try explaining this to your co-workers)

    To all his friends and family, I wish you all the strength in the world to cope with this insurmountable loss.

    Mike, wherever you are now (I like to imagine you’re chatting it up with Kirby, Fisher and all the others who were lost to the industry), you rekindled my love for Spider-man back in the day and I owe you for at least a part of my love for the art form.

    Your art will always remain a joy to behold. You had a genuinly distinctive style all your own, filled with great style and energy.

    Although 44 years is too early an age for anybody to pass away, you spent those 44 years living your dream, creating your legacy and reaching out to millions. You achieved more than most ever will. You will be sorely missed.


  277. Alessio Trippetta Says:

    I’m so sad…
    I can’t even express it with words…

    RIP Mike

    Ale, from Italy

  278. Alessio Trippetta Says:

    I’m so sad…
    I can’t even express it with words…

    RIP Mike

    Ale, Italy

  279. Rick Withers Says:

    My prayer are with you and your family Matt. He was a true talent and a great guy. I am truly sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Mike.

  280. Karl Says:

    I never got the opportunity to meet the man, but I feel, as many do, that I knew him through the work he did. I’m shocked and saddened. My condolences to all.

  281. Martin M. Says:

    It’s sad when talent like this leaves us. I wish family and friends all the best.

  282. Francesco imp.bianco Says:

    My condolences for your loss. Riposa in Pace Ringo!


  283. James Priest Says:

    Sad news… I first read this about 14 hours ago early in the morning at work. Sitting at home now, I still feel completely gutted…

    You will be missed Mike…

  284. Kyle Latino Says:

    I never knew Mike, but his style has been an incredible inspiration for me, especially in the last year. I am sincerely glad to have seen his work. It is very rare to see someone with so much class and dignity work in an industry saturated by undue violence and unveiled sexuality. Mike was the go to guy for the reader of more conservative sensibilities, proving that sophistication does not exclusively derive from ‘adult content’.

    My prayers go out to his friends and family.

  285. Luis Javier Capote Pérez Says:

    We´ll miss you, Mike. My condolences to his family. My best Ringo´s story is from Sensational Spider-Man 23, with Todd DeZago as writer. It is an homage to Mark Gruenwald´s memory.

  286. Aaron Yagla Says:

    I’ve only come across his blog every now and then. I haven’t really picked up a comic recently. But he was a part of my childhood. Mike was one of my top favourite artists since the early 90s in my teen years. I felt very connected to his work, his style and expression. Now, it’s hard to believe he’s really gone. This is truly devastating. He will be sorely missed.

    You’ve touched us all with your work. Thank you for everything, Mike!

  287. Chris Walker Says:

    My earliest memories of Mike are just of the various NC cons where you would see him drawing. He was working on Flash. And like everyone knows, Mike was one of the first pros to treat you with respect, even if you didn’t really belong on the other side of the table yet. Mike didn’t care, he was happy to see a new face in comics, keeping the art form going. I don’t think I have met many people who loved comics as much as MIke.

    All my stories of Mike are the same, he was just a great guy to be around, whether it was just a fun glance he would give you at the con, hanging out with him at Artamus, or having a bit to eat or beer with him. I always told him how great his art was and how much all the guys I knew looked up to him.

    I emailed him not to long ago, just to say hey because I hadn’t talked to him in a while. And of course, just like Mike, I was on the phone with him by the end of the day having a great conversation about art and life.

    I’m gonna miss your energy, your honesty, and your integrity. Mike was an artist’s artists and a pro’s pro.

    I really can’t write enough positive things about him. Thanks Mike, for making comics fun and always being a joy to be around.

  288. Brian Mulcahy Says:

    I had the great good fortune to sit beside Mike at Heroes this year while helping out at the table of his Tellos partner and best friend Todd Dezago. Getting to see Mike interact with his fans was one of the highlights of the show for me because he was not just a great artist, he was a great guy.

    I remember one guy in particular who was talking to Mike and you could just tell what a big fan the man was. During their conversation the man mentioned that he had just come back from Iraq. It was then Mike’s turn to be the fan as he immediately stood up, thanked the guy for what he had done and told him that he had to shake the man’s hand. The look I saw on the man’s face told me that Mike’s hand shake and words of thanks were the highlight of the show for him.

    God speed Mike and we’ll see you when we see you.

  289. PatrickWedge Says:

    RIP Mike. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends that were affected by this horrible situation. I think many of us can say that the comic industry was truly blessed by the presence of Mike and his creative vision. What a wonderful envoy for what comics could and should be, fun.

    I can imagine Mike and Jack talking shop upstairs right now. God bless!

  290. Millus Says:

    He was so young…
    I am so sorry. I love his Style and skillz.
    My condolences to his family.

    Respect and Prayers.

    M from germany

  291. James Harvey Says:

    It seems like my comment did not go up the first time. I want to add that I grew up in the right age to read comics, the age when Mike was providing the art for Flash, Robin, Superman, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four. In fact, I just re-read his Fantastic Four run and starting sobbing uncontrollably. I’ve had a hard time keeping myself composed when reading this news. His is a true legend, and an inspiration. He and Mike Parobeck (who also left us too soon) were a big influence on my life, and will remain as such. I do feel better knowing the Mike is looking down on all of us know. Bless you . . . you will be missed,

    James Harvey

  292. Steve Miller Says:

    I met Mike the first time several years ago at a Chicago Con. We waited in line together to get our Name Badges and chatted a bit to pass the time.
    I got mine with no problem, but the people running the guest booth had no record of Mike’s registration. They started to question him to see if he really was a professional artist (he was the artist on Sensational Spider-Man at the time.)
    I stepped in and recounted a brief history of Mike’s comic work starting with Doc Savage and finishing with Spider-man. The people at the registration booth immediately made Mike up a badge. Mike turned to me flabbergasted and asked me how I knew all that. I said, “Are you kidding? You’re Mike Wieringo, you rock!” He just grinned and laughed in his humble way. It was a joy to see that comment put a smile on Mike’s face as over the years his work and personality has put several on mine.
    I miss you Mike, you will always rock in my book.

  293. Scott Kurtz Says:

    In the summer of 2005, my friend Mike Wieringo invited me to stay with him at his North Carolina home for a week. In the middle of this visit, we would drive up to Charlotte for Heroes Con. Mike slyly rented a mini-van for the trip, insisting it was because he feared his POS car would not make the trip. I suspect he did so because he was worried I wouldn’t fit comfortably in his compact for the long trip. If that was the case, Mike would never admit it.

    On our way to Charlotte we listened to a comedy album I had on my ipod. At one point, the comedian said “You know you’re drunk when you get pulled over by the coast guard. Sir, turn off your windshield wipers, it’s not raining. SCREW YOU SEA PIG. Friendly Dolphin. I was saved by a friendly dolphin.”

    Mike and I were laughing so hard, that we had to slow down and pull over to onto the shoulder. For the entire con, I would sneak over to Mike’s table where he would have his head buried in a sketch and belt “FREINDLY DOLPHIN” out of the corner of my mouth and just watch him crumple into convulsing laughter. At one point, I drew a picture of the friendly dolphin and had a fan bring it over to him. Moments later, from across the con hall, I heard Mike’s deep belly laugh.

    I first me Mike at a small con in Houston, TX. I was sitting at a table, eating lunch with the other guests. Mike was seated next to me alongside, Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Todd Dezago and Frank Cho. I felt like a fraud. Like a didn’t belong. But Mike was the first guy to almost angrily insist that of COURSE I belonged there and then he went on to tell me how much he loved PvP. He told me to start charging for sketches “That’s your time. You should be paid for your time.”

    We talked for hours about comics at the bar that night and I still have, framed forever, the program cover to that con with everyone’s signature on it.

    When I gave my Eisner speech, I talked about all the people in comics who have been kinder to me and more inviting and welcoming to me than I feel I deserve. I felt myself getting emotional but held it together until Mike’s smiling face popped in my head.

    Mike and I would talk for hours on the phone while each of us worked. I would inquire about his Marvel work and he would always deflect. “It’s the same boring stuff. I’m just drawing some other guys words. I’m more interested in what you’re doing. What’s next with PvP?”

    Mike refused to eat meat because he couldn’t bear the idea that any animal would experience grief to provide him sustenance.

    Mike never judged me. When at one point, I had difficulty walking due to my weight he casually matched my speed. When I embarrassingly apologized he looked at me with a shocked look and said “My God. Why would you apologize.” I told him not to let me hold him up. “Where do I have to be? I want to hang out with you.”

    That year at Heroes Con, Mike got up at 5am to draw an incredible spider-man piece for the show auction. His back pain prevented him from working at the table. Instead bailing on the promise, he just got down on the floor and drew it lying flat.

    I am so blessed to be able to say that I talked to Mike last Thursday. We caught up after months of not talking. I asked him last week if he had been upset with me. “Why would I be mad at you?” he asked me.

    “Well, I’ve been calling for a month or so and you didn’t answer or return my calls.”

    “Yeah, I was feeling a little down and when I get that way, I’m not very good company. So I just stay away from the phone.” Thank god I got to talk to him, because if we hadn’t had that conversation, I would have spent the rest of my life wondering if he died upset with me.

    Mike loved comics. He loved drawing them and writing them. He was tired of his contract work I think because he had grown weary of just being an “art monkey” as he would put it. “I want to write my own stories. I want to do more like what YOU do.”

    And we would SCREAM at Mike. Why not just DO it? People would eat it up. Do your Saturn Kid book. “Nah. I gotta pay the bills. When am I going to draw it? I have deadlines People don’t buy westerns.” There were always a number of excuses. Always more time in the future to get that figured out.

    I’m just so god damn angry today, and empty and heartbroken because I don’t get to talk to Mike anymore. And I’m worried about his cat Charlie because I know that what happens to Charlie would be the most IMPORTANT thing to him.

    I called Oliver over at Fanboy radio frantic this morning because I couldn’t find the MP3 of the episode I did with Mike and Kirkman. And I thought “Oh Christ, what if I can never hear that again.” Oliver posted it for everyone. I tried listening to it and I was okay until I heard myself say “Hi Mike.” and Mike lyrically said back “Hi Scott.”

    I’ve never lost a friend this close before. I have no point of reference. I’m a huge-obese asshole and I have no heart problems and Mike did everything right and he’s dead. How the hell do I reconcile that? How do I ever look at his brother or Todd or Craig?

    Mike, I am so sorry. I am sorry I didn’t call more. And I’m sorry you don’t get to draw all your stories. And I’m sorry I can’t call you and make you laugh anymore.

    Thank you for making me feel like I wasn’t me. Like I was one of you guys. One of the cool kids. Even if it only lasted until I got back home. I can never repay you for that.

    I miss you terribly.

  294. Steve Miller Says:

    If you want to Win Friends and Influence people forget about reading Dale Carnegie’s book and instead live life like Mike did. From the outpouring of comments you can see everywhere he went he made friends and his mark on life will influence others for years to come.

  295. Anthony Lee Says:

    While I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person, he did see some of my work online, on his CBR forum. Mike was very complimentary, and from what I read, that was pretty characteristic of him. His kind words spurred me on, and I would like to take this opportunity to add my condoloences to his friends and family, hoping that it will at least offer some small comfort.
    As I say, I never met Mike. But I still feel like I lost a friend.
    Anthony Lee.

  296. Tony Miello Says:

    I never had the pleasure to meet Mike. My loss. He was one of the few modern artist whose work I would always pick up regardless of what book it was in. His work was always filled with energy and a youthful excitement that brought me back to my childhood every time I looked at it. His was a style that I often looked to for inspiration.

    As I said I didn’t know him. But I looked forward to reading his blog. It made me happy to read the excitement of his words as he talked about comics or his childhood or his cat. I always wanted to get the chance to meet Mike. I didn’t know him personally but I liked him. I will miss him.

    Above all else, Mike Wierigo was a good man.

  297. Vinsymbol Says:

    His work was a source of inspiration and an everyday pleasure reading his fantastic blog.
    I will miss him a lot….
    Mes condoleances à la famille…
    un fan français bien bien triste….

  298. Enrico Says:

    Sometimes there are no words…
    My condolence to the family
    Ringo we will miss you.

    Enrico from Italy

  299. DAVID J. FOWLIE Says:

    I still just cannot believe it. Not only should the comic world be saddened but everywhere else in general. I always wanted to meet Mike cuz he seemed so humble and friendly. I felt like I knew him from his blogs here. It’s just so sad and really makes me wanna make the most of everyday. If I had met him, I woulda thanked him for all the years he has put a smile on my face from seeing his enthusiastic art. He was an inspiration to me as an artist and I wil miss him.

  300. Marcus Says:

    It’s sad that he passed away at the age of 44. 🙁

    One of my favorite comic artists and his work will live on through all the readers that already have discovered his work and the coming generations that will discover the same thing we have.

    Rest in peace!

  301. Merrill Hagan Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks.

    Like so many people on here, I never had the opportunity to meet Mike in person, but man, did I love his work. I vividly remember seeing Impulse for the first time and just being shocked at the image cutting through the clutter of the times. I love all of his work, but I treasure those Fantastic Four issues beyond all measure. Which is kind of why I felt like I had to say something or anything for a guy I never met…

    Your work made me happy. I looked forward to reading it and I studied it and loved it and devoured it. And you made my life just a bit better while I was reading it. You are a true artist and a true entertainer. I will be sad that I will never get to see any more “new” work from you, but I am so so happy that I have so much left to discover and that I already have so much that I love to read and look at and I will have that for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. I hope you are at peace somewhere.

    Thank you so much.

  302. Ryan Anthony Says:

    I was very shocked and sad to read this morning of Mike’s sudden passing. He was a hell of an artist, with a fun and whimsical style. I loved his work on Spider-Man, Superman, Tellos and, of course, The Flash. I’ll always remember how he seemed to give Bart Allen’s hair a life of its own. The comic world definitely is poorer without him. But I hope it’s some comfort to his family and close friends that he left a remarkable artistic legacy behind.

  303. fernando alcalde Says:

    From Spain: the words “art by Mike Wieringo” were decisive for me

    to choose buying a comic book. This old fan(49 years old) is very

    very sorry for your passing, Mike. I really enjoyed your work and

    will miss it.

    My condolences to tour family.

  304. Marty Blevins Says:

    There were few men as talented and as jovial as Mike Wieringo. He was always ready with a pencil or a riotous belly laugh. I think the world will be a shade darker with him not in it. Rest in Peace, Mike.

    My deepest sympathies and condolences to the family.

  305. Ken Says:

    I can count on my hands the the number of comic artists whose work I could recognize, and on one hand the number of those I appreciate. I’ve never much paid attention to artists, always prefering writers, but Mike Wieringo’s work was the first artist that made me take note.

    It had always been an idle fantasy of mine to someday work with Mike on a comic book, but this will not be. We will miss his presence in the comics, those who never actually met him, though I’m sure those who have been personally touched suffer a much greater tragedy and loss.

  306. Dani Lucanu Says:

    fly high, mike, and rest in peace… my deepest condolences to the family

  307. Enric Feliu Larena Says:

    From Vilanova i la Geltrú,(Barcelona,Spain) Permete-ho-me que m´expressi en català,la meva llengua paterna i del meu país Catalunya per transmetre a la família del Senyor (i gran entre els grans)Wieringo, el meu condol per tan lamentable pèrdua.Els còmics no seràn el mateix sense ell,i sempre tindre en el meu record aquella gransèrie seva Tellos. Que al cel i sigui…

  308. VanKid Says:

    Never know you that well enough…but never failed to tell how much I’ll miss your awesome drawings…
    Rest in peace…

    *condolences to your family, friends and fans…

  309. Randy Gentile Says:

    Had the pleasure of being his letterer on Fantastic Four and Spider-Ham… I was honored to be a part of his art.

    Rest in peace, Mike.

  310. Neil Jorge Says:

    A few years back I had the oportunity to go to Heroes Con, The main person I wanted to see Was Mike. I’ve loved his work since I picked up his Flash. Suprise Surprise, when I met him , he was the nicest most gracious, and just all around good person I have had the pleasure of meeting , I asked if he could critique my work , he asked me to sit down and he’d look at it . After a while of looking , critiquing and talking He gave me the best compliment I could have recieved. He said
    “you have a lot of potential and the only difference between me and you is that i’m in the business.”

    To this day that is the statement that keeps me going , he was my biggest influence, and my favorite artist . More than that he was one of my favorite people.
    Mike thank you for helping, listening, giving and most of all just being there for me and i’m sure many many others.
    I’ll miss you my friend. See you on the other side.
    Neil J.

  311. Mark Phillips Says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike’s family and friends. He was wonderfully talented, but most importantly, he was a wonderful person.

  312. Leonard Copp Says:

    I’ve just seen that an editor at Wikipedia has written a very solid and well-researched biography of Mike at


    expanding greatly on the small amount that was there.

  313. Fabricio Marvel Says:

    Do you know that sensation you have when your favorite cartoon or your favorite tv series ends? I´m feeling the same right now. An empty…I´m very sad…Ringo was one of my favorite artists…I loved his work since the beggining.
    Here in Brazil I know that a lot of fans are sad also…we are starting to see the Friendly Spider-Man stories on news-stand right now.
    Well, rest in peace Mike…I´m sure that you´re at a better place in this moment and that you is eternal to all of your fans and family…you´ll never be forgotten.

  314. Chad Thomas Says:

    I got to meet Mike Wieringo once.

    I was so nervous when I met him I totally forgot to have him sign the sketchbook that he gave me in exchange for my mini comic. Ever since I discovered him in high school I collected and devoured every single Wieringo book I could get my hands on. I loved his Flash run, gushed over his Sensational Spider-man, poured over every animated detail in Tellos, and fell in love with the Fantastic Four during his time on the book.

    Mike loved all ages books. His style and what he put into every drawing is something I hope I can accomplish as well as he did. If you asked me anytime who my favorite artist was you would have gotten the answer, “Mike Wieringo…no doubt.” He was an inspiration to me. He showed that an animated style on a super hero book could be great. I can’t count the times in high school I sat trying to emulate his style.

    I once posted a drawing I did on his forum over at comicbookresources.com about three and a half years ago. He responded and told me how much he liked it and asked to see some sequentials. I was so nervous I never ended up posting anything. I knew at that time that my sequentials were kind of a mess and didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my favorite artist. I sit here now really regretting that decision. I had an opportunity to have my work critiqued by Mike and to hopefully have him impart some wisdom to me. I’m sad I didn’t take him up on his offer. I could have(and still could)really benefited from his experience.

    I met Mike at Heroes and spoke with him briefly. He was exceptionally nice and enthusiastically thumbed through my Sushi Bar mini before handing me his $20 gorgeously bound sketch book in exchange for my $3 kinkos made floppy. Although I never followed up on it I really hope he enjoyed it, and I’m glad that he was able to see the kind of influence he had on me.

    I’m really sad about todays loss. And while I know that we’ll be celebrating his work and life for many years to come, today I’m just sad that we lost an amazing artist far too soon.

    Thanks for everything you gave me Mike. I hope you know it now.

  315. franser Says:

    So long, Mike…

    Addio, Mike, mi mancherai!

  316. Jenna Marques Says:

    I’m so sad at work. Working in this industry makes it hard to not run across this news again and again.

    I loved Tellos, and his energy and characters, and want to say how much I am going to miss looking for his covers and the next chapter of Tellos. Didn’t ever meet him at a convention yet, but he was on my list of those next to meet.

    I hope his family sees how much he is loved and missed and knows our prayers are with them.
    I will try to find peace and comfort in the work that remains.

    much love xoxo

  317. wecrosscreek Says:

    He quickly became my idol, and hero.
    I regret not meeting him in person.

    I read a comment about him that rang so true…
    “He didn’t draw violence, he drew action… he didn’t draw martyrs, he drew heros.”

    To saw he will be missed, is a great understatment.

  318. Rich Says:

    I talked to him once years ago at a Con, a nicer guy you couldn’t meet and one of the finest artists in the biz. A real loss. Best wishes to his family.

  319. L. Pruitt Says:

    RIP Mike.

    I’ve been “out of” comics for years… but a few years back, a friend showed me some of “Ringo’s Art – you won’t believe it” and he was right.
    Beautiful work from a man with a beautiful heart.

    What a loss for the industry and for the world.

    May he rest in peace.

  320. John Mejia Says:

    I really like the dynamics in the Mike’s draws. He makes me want to draw again myself! I’m sure he was jus a terrific person, what other way could he put that feelings in his work? I’ll miss him a lot!

  321. James Figueiredo Says:

    I have been a fan of Mike Wieringo’s art since I first saw it, many years ago, on a Spider-Man book (it was in a story arch with Ka-Zar in the Savage Land). I have been following his work ever since. I have the issues he worked on the Flash, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the issues he did for Gen13 and Wild CATS, and Tellos. I bought his Superman issues solely because of his art. I was going to pass up on the Fantastic Four/Spider-man mini because I’d wait for the trade, but a friend convinced me to buy the monthly issues, and I so glad I did, because his work on that is just amazing. I’m so sad that this is the last work I’ll see from him.

    I almost never posted here, but I followed his blog religiously, and it was always, *always* an immense joy to take a look at whatever new amazing picture he would post here. It was also a delight to read whatever he’d write each new post, always sharing a bit of himself with his fans and admirers.

    He was one of the first artists I got to follow regularly from the beginning of his career, and that, combined with his online presence, makes me feel like I’ve lost someone I knew, even though I never met him. I’m so sad he’s gone.

    His work will always be an big inspiration to me, and I know I’ve learned a lot about drawing from looking at his drawings. His work was always so full of life and charm, his characters were so full of movement and expression and personality.

    My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

    And my heartfelt thanks to the man himself, for making the world such a richer place with his presence and his talent.


  322. LuG Quelhas Says:

    We sure miss Mike´s great drawings and stories.
    All the suport to his family and friendas from the fans here in Brazil.
    The world lost a little bit of magic.

    Thank you for all the stories.

  323. Donna Marie Farrell Says:

    We are really going to miss Mike. Mike and I went to VCU together and was the best in our class. No surprise to see how well he did. And yes he was humble and kind. When he entered VCU, unlike most of us, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and was very focused. He was very serious about his studies, enjoyed the classes and was a real funny guy. Always, always, a pleasure to be around. We looked up to him. He always encouraged and supported his class mates. God Bless you and your family Mike.

    Love Donna

  324. Keith Evans Says:

    RIP Mike

    Your art rocks forever!!!

  325. Cachalotecomix Says:

    My condolences to family and closer friends of Mike.

    Rest in peace.

    Felipe from Spain.

  326. Mitch Gerads Says:

    Mike, you were a tremendous inspiration to me and will continue to be. I thank you for all your teachings and you beautiful contributions to the community.

    You’ll be missed.


  327. Darren Smith Says:


    The news of your unexpected passing has left me feeling sad and tearful. Your departure has left a huge void in the comics community that no-one can ever fill. You were an amazing artist and it is at least comforting to know that your beautiful artwork is IMMORTAL and it will be enjoyed by — and influence — many generations to come.

    Your blog entries were a joy to read, and it really saddens me that there will be no more. I just hope that your website will remain up for always as a memorial to you.

    Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity and inspiration.

    Goodbye and Rest In Peace.


  328. Justin Peterson Says:

    The new comic rack at every comic book store world wide will be a lonely place without you, Mike.

    You were a good friend to all of us, even if we never knew each other.

    Thank you.

  329. Paul Gerwen Says:

    The world will miss his talent… i know i will.

    Godspeed Ringo

  330. Anthony Says:

    My heart is so heavy for your loss–thanks Matt for the update. Its strange to me that I feel so empty for a person that I’ve never talked to or met in person, but for some reason–the way Mike opened up to us on this website and countless others, I always felt like he was speaking directly to me. I’ve admired Mike for years–his work has been such inspiration and his commentary on the comic/art industry has been very enlightening and encouraging. I always loved the way he would constantly compliment other’s artwork–his footprints are all over so many different websites and artist’s careers.

    Mike–thank you for all that you did and all that you were. Your legacy will shape and devlop so many artistic people for so many years to come.

  331. roderick de jesus Says:

    Mike I’ll miss you and chceking your blog habitually every five minutes and looking at all your amazing artwork. I started collecting seriously with flash on your very first issue, and you were the first name I could ever remember specifically, making me want to buy whatever you did. I wish i had a chance to meet you. But them’s the breaks, Thanks for all you’ve done for myself and everyone, inspiring us all onward and upward. Your style never stayed stagnant, and I hope, neither will I you’ve taught me to keep changing.

    I’ll miss you

  332. Greg MacKenzie (Toronto) Says:

    I was so saddened when I heard the news of Mikes sudden passing. In 40 years of comic reading and collecting, a few Artists catch your eye and they’re the ones who’s work you can’t miss. He was one of those Artists for me. I’ll remember my one encounter with him at the Toronto Comicon. Specifically his joyful laugh when I asked him what it was like to have been one of the Beatles. The Wednesday comic rack won’t be the same. Peace Be With You Always. My Condolences.

  333. Israel Huertas Says:

    This is a very bad day for your fans, Mike. I´ve discovered you a long time ago in SpiderBoy and you changed everything I ever thought that could be drawn in a comic book. I will always like your art and the way you change my mind about comic books drawing. Rest in peace, Mike, in the cloud of the greatest artist ever.

  334. Scott Arnold Says:

    Mike was a truly stand up guy.

    I wrote this yesterday when this post first went up – and the outpouring of support for him crashed my post. I was glad to have had that happen – anything… ANYTHING people can say or do for this man is worthwhile. He was one of the greats.

    When I first met him a number of years ago, I wasn’t that familiar with his work, but (as an aspiring artist) I was trying to meet as many artists as I could – and I was collecting backing board sketches. I’d seen Mike’s work, and liked it, and used this as an excuse to find a vendor with the Rogue series for sale and bought those so I could get Mike to sign them.

    I don’t know if he could tell I wasn’t as familiar with his work – but if he did, he didn’t let on as he happily popped out an Impulse head and we spoke briefly about his work and how much I liked it. We also spoke about the impending Tellos.

    Through that… through his blog… through his posts on other websites… he was the guy everyone felt they knew and anyone who met him felt like they’d caught up with an old friend… if it it was their first encounter.

    Mike was a warm and genuine human being, and I wish like HECK we all could have said more of this to his face when he was alive. He seemed so uncertain, somtimes (a human trait few mainstream artists profess and something I, again – as a toiling indie kid – will always appreciate) and this support would have probably made him blush and changed nothing in his confidence… but I wish he could have heard it.

    He was one of the greats and will be sorely missed on so many levels. My thoughts are with friends and family… it’s a dark time for comics fans – thankfully we have Mike’s work to look on for some light.

    – Scott

  335. AndrewF Says:

    It is far and few that we get to see people such as Mike Wieringo. Not only was he a very talented artist, but in person he was a very kind hearted individual. I only met Mike once in Chicago at Wizard World. There was a group of us standing around as he drew Thor. As he was drawing he stopped and talked with us and commented on our work and gave us tips about how we could improve. I never forgot that, not once. His work had such innocents about it. You could tell by looking at it, that Mike really enjoyed what he did, Years later, actually this year. I sent Mike a message on MySpace. Much to my surprise he returned my message. I was happy and honored he took the time to talk with me yet again. Well Mike you will be missed by many that never met you and many that did. You touched us all. Your in good hands now, you’re up there with my Dad now. I hope he gets to meet you. I guess God needed a great artist. You and your family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. Good bye Mike and thanks again for taking the time for all of us.

  336. Matt Butcher Says:

    I am saddened by this. I have been a silent fan for a long time.

    Rest in peace. Thanks for making it a brighter world.

  337. Cedric Hohnstadt Says:

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of Mike’s passing. I didn’t know him personally but I was an admirer of his work and visited his blog often. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  338. Badr Says:

    My condolences to Mike’s family.
    Rest in piece Mike.

  339. Berni Says:

    Rest in peace .. MAESTRO!

  340. Beatriz Gálvez Says:

    Rest In Peace Mister “Master” Mike Wieringo.

    We will miss you.

    Blessings to you, your family, your friends and fellow artists

  341. Devon Sanders Says:

    I had the honor of meeting three different times at Baltimore Comic-Con and each time I was amazed at the amount of sincere gentleness emanating from this man the size of an NFL lineman.

    He was a true inspiration in his art and in the way he dealt with his fellow human beings.

    He was a true man and a true gentleman.

  342. Gustavo Says:

    Thanks for everything Mike! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us during this time. I learned a lot about draw with your beautiful illustrations and sketches. Rest in peace man, we love you!

    Blessing to you and family!

  343. Robert Wood Says:

    This just sucks. I’ve been bummed for a couple of days now. Mike was a hell of a guy.

  344. Patrick Burke Says:

    My deepest sympathies to the Wieringo family. I loved Mike’s artwork on Tellos and Fantastic Four. I enjoyed listening to him on radio programs I’ve heard him speak on. He seemed to be a really down to earth guy. He will be missed.

  345. Skipper Pickle Says:

    The sketches on this blog were a daily dose of cheer–the kind of thing that you could look at and your chin would lift and you’d get just a bit more courage to wade back into the daily grind and work a little harder.

    This is a real gut-punch.

  346. IvánN Díaz Says:

    Thanks for your fantastic work, Mike!

    My condolences to Mike’s family.

  347. Sharpe Says:

    As a fellow comics enthusiast, an appreciator of Mike’s works, and also a fellow VCU grad, I wish to send my sincerest condolences to Mike’s family and close friends. He has been a huge influence on my artistic development as well as many others and he will be sorely missed.

    By Thy Side,


  348. Paul Says:

    Very sad news. RIP Mike.

  349. Shawn Says:

    As much as I’d be inclined to write about my shock over learning of Mr. Wieringo’s untimely passing, what I really wanted to say is how much I appreciated the work he produced. He was the man to show me how truly fantastic the Fantastic Four are. Beyond his work in comics, though, I couldn’t say enough about how much I loved seeing his daily sketches posted in his blog. In recent weeks, I took a page from that book and have tried to post my own daily sketches on my blog and seeing him keep at it and post new things each time I’d check on was a constant source of inspiration for me. Mr. Wieringo brought with him everything I felt is good and right about comic books. He had this sense of awe about his depictions of characters. The way he rendered the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Superman, every last character he depicted made me feel like a kid again, getting into comics for the first time and getting excited to see my favorite heroes. In a time when making heroes darker, grittier and edgier, Mr. Wieringo brought us inspired, hopeful heroes that took a cue from Christopher Reeve’s line in the original Superman. His heroes weren’t above us, they weren’t there to destroy us or make us feel angst. Mr. Wieringo’s heroes, and his characters in general, were our friends. Thank you for not being afraid to give fans that sort of hope. We, as fans, will always be in your debit just as much as we, as fans, will be the lesser for your passing.

    With respect and admiration,

  350. Pablo Soares Says:

    This is very sad…above all, Mike’s art inspired me. I could see fun all over his work. To me, his rendition of Spidey will always be one of my favorites. I just can’t believe this happened…

    Mike, thank your for your unbelievable work and passion for comics.

    You will be missed but your work will live forever.


  351. Simón Says:

    The first Spider-man comic I ever bought was the one where he faced Swarm… That was drawn by Mike… I’ll remember him forever..He’s a truly classic in the medium..

  352. Nikos Koutsis Says:

    I’ve just learned the bad news… I never had the chance to meet Mike, but realy hoped to do so. He was a huge inspiration and must have been a great guy. The world will never be the same without him. My deepest sympathies to his family.


  353. Michael Lombardi Says:

    Oh man, I just heard.
    R.I.P Mike

  354. Michael Says:

    I won’t pretend or say that I know how it feels for his family or his closest friends. That’s impossible. But as a fan, on the outside…I can tell you why we’re all so upset. Why we all feel like we’ve lost a friend. It’s because we have. Mike was just that guy who made everyone feel like a friend. We have a saying here in Texas and it’s true of him. He never met a stranger.

    So I’ve posted this story a few times and I wrote Scott Kurtz about it but I am gonna post it here because it’s just so cool. Back in around 2002 o 3, it was the month that Waid, ‘Ringo and Kessel were launching their run on FF, we down here in the Houston area got a convention. not a big convention but it was the biggest we’ve had here for comics. The FF team were seated at one table, along with Frank Cho on one end and Todd Dezago (beside his bud Mike) on the other. Waid had this huge line and being a writer I wanted to talk to him but as I said he had a long line and so I did the # 2 thing on my list and went over to Mike. Now, I’m this fat 29 or 30 year old in a wheelchair and I go up to Mike and ask him for what was my very first con sketch. I had promised myself I wouldn’t request anything if it was free because I felt and still feel like if you’re commissioning something the artist should get paid. But I couldn’t resist asking for Sue Richards.She’s one of my absolute favorite characters and ‘Ringo’s was my favorite version.

    During the drawing of said sketch I talked to both Todd and Mike and one of the things I asked immediately was how to pronounce Mike’s last name. I didn’t want to mispronounce it and be foolish so I figured it’s better to ask first. After he tells me he says (and I’m sure I’m not getting the details right) “Just call me ‘Ringo. Everyone does. My Dad is ‘Ringo too so it’s good”. And thus I rarely have ever called him anything else.

    Concerning his art, I think Karl Kessel has said it best and summed up why I love ‘Ringo’s art so much. “Mike’s art was about hope, not hopelessness. He drew heroes, not martyrs. And if that was wrong, thank you Mike for never being right.”

    My Sue sketch is my most prized and I do not mean that to slight anyone else who’s been gracious enough to give me a sketch. Oh and you could not ask for someone more enthused about meeting fans and drawing for them and just making you feel like you were awesome. And it’s not something he put on. It’s just the way he was.

    Anyhow, my thoughts are with his friends and family. And of course Charlie.

    One more thing um..I’m thinking that, as I told Scott in my email to him and Todd in my email to him,…whether your a comics pro or a database engeineer or anything else, you could do alot worse than using ‘Ringo as your model on how to treat people. His talent and art are only surpassed in my eyes by his kind and gentle spirit.

    Much love to all,
    Michael J Norton

  355. Bridget M. Bradley Says:

    I’d love to tell you I have a favorite Ringo story, but the truth is I don’t.

    I’d never met the man before and it is with the deepest of regrets that I never will now. He was a big influence to me, inspiring me to try and get into comics in the first place and to change my horribly crappy art style to the just plain crappy style it is now. Each time I say it only makes my heart shatter even more.

    I only wished I had visited his blog more often like I used to, and that I could have told him in person how great he was to me.

    My deepest condolences and prayers go out to his family and closest friends.

    Ever Lovin’ Blue (and Teary) Eyed,

  356. vassilis gogtzilas Says:

    this is so sad. i feel so sad. mike wrote a comment to my myspace.com page a few days ago. never had the chance to meet him but i always admired his work. he will be missed.My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  357. Aimee Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have never heard anything but sweet and kind things about him. I was always struck by how humble and generous he was to fans.

    I have nothing useful or helpful to say, so instead I drew a picture.
    Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  358. Luis Novoa Says:

    Todavía recuerdo cuando compré un número de Spiderman hace tiempo. Siempre me pareció un artista formidable. Mis condolencias para su familia y amigos y que descanse en paz.

  359. Peter Baines Says:

    I didn’t know Mike, but I was an enormous fan of his work and am truely saddened by his passing. My deepest sympathies to his family and his friends.

    Rest in peace, Mike.

  360. DaneAult Says:

    I wasn’t going to reply, just keep the feelings inside, but after reading all of these posts, I can’t do it.

    I never met Mike. I spoke to him infrequently through his forum at CBR and here. I never got the opportunity to see him at a con. But, like so many here, I loved Mike’s artwork. I discovered his work on Sensational Spider-Man back during the clone saga, and was hooked. I’ve read (if not bought) everything he’s done since.I read his blog for inspiration almost daily. It was truly inspiring to see such a master working through & solving some of the same problems a lowly newbie artist confronts on a daily basis. He always seemed happy to post in this blog.And we were all happy to read it.

    I wish that I could have told him in person what an inspiration he was and continues to be. To me and apparently to a lot of people from around the world.

    I’d like to offer my condolences to the family, friends and people like me who never met Mike, but still lost an inspiration.

    Mike, you will be missed. May the winds be with you, wherever you go.


  361. Offer Says:

    I was very sad to hear of Mike’s passing.
    May he rest in peace & be as happy as he made so many.

  362. Mike Says:

    My condolences to Mike’s family and friends. I’m still not sure what to say, but Mike was my artistic hero. The first time I heard of him it was for Tellos, and I was only ever able to get the first issue, my LCS kinda blows, but after many long years I was able to find all the issues and finish the story. In the meantime through the years I hadn’t really collected comics, and then when I got back into them I hunted as much stuff down of Mike’s as I could. I’m going to miss his postings here, and getting to see any new Tellos, or any other work for that matter. A quick fave story though of Mine with Mike is a story he told here about 2 dogs he helped get home one day on his travels, that really proved to me, I never got to meet him, that he was one hell of a guy. My prayers and thoughts to everyone, and I hope he’s still creating like mad upstairs.


  363. Thierry Martin Says:

    c’est avec tristesse que j’apprend la nouvelle, toutes mes condoléances à la famille et courage.
    une pensée de France.

  364. David Harper Says:

    What a tragedy. Mike, you will be missed.

  365. Matt Lemmons Says:

    Mike’s work was lovely—he was better at conveying a sense of adventurous fun than any artist I can think of. And his comics have given me a great deal of enjoyment over the years.

    My condolences to his loved ones. He’ll be missed.

  366. DJ Black Adam Says:

    My prayers for the family, it is an unexpected loss.

  367. Kent Damgaard Says:

    I only recently discovered Mike through his work on Fantastic Four which was recommended to me by another danish fan. Only last week I’d just bought the second hardcover edition which I was looking forward to spending one of my next free weekends reading.

    It seems unfair that one who was only a year older than me, with so much still to offer this world should be taken away.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

  368. Stefan Blitz Says:

    It feels almost wrong to leave condolences online on a message board, but for some reason, I’m compelled to pay my respects for a man whom I’ve never met, but have admired and have enjoyed their work for over a decade.

    I offer my sincerest condolences to Mike’s family and friends and hope that his legacy will stay in our hearts and in print for many generations to come.

  369. Nanashi Says:

    All my friends know about my passion for comics. What they don’t know is that Ringo was the first artist who hooked me for life.

    When I was first getting into comics, Ringo’s art leaped from the shelves at me to tease me into the pages. His style was so different from everyone else I was reading at the time; it had liveliness and bounce I couldn’t shake. He was part of those first handful of artists that had me notice the little creator box on page 2.

    Through the years, I got books just because I saw his pencils. He was the first artist who could get my attention by name alone. He was also the first I could pick out by style.

    Then I discovered he was not just a gifted artist, but a gifted human being as well. Mike made not just comics a brighter place, but the world of those around him brighter as well. He was a star in every shape of the word; we are poorer for losing his shine.

    My sincerest condolences to those that were fortunate enough to have known him in blood or bond.

  370. Ricardo Gonzalez Says:

    May God bless you, Mike Wieringo. Thank you for your art, your inspiration, and, most of all, the humanity you brought to this blog. I have been visiting this site for years. Regrettably, I posted once, maybe twice, to let you know how much joy your art has brought me. Somehow, I suspect you are well aware. Just to say it…thank you, thank you, thank you. May your rest peacefully knowing that your love for your craft and your fans have made this world a better place.

  371. Mike Koneful Says:

    Ringo made this industry respectable by being an honestly awe-inspiring man simply by the way he carried himself in his life away from the drawing board. He was a great inspiration to anyone who knew his work, and a greater inspiration to those who knew him as a person. And, I can say that from the heart, as a vegetarian named Mike who works in funny books. His contribution to our world will be missed dearly, but thank the Lord that his body of work will be here for however long we all have left to enjoy it. My prayers are with the family and close friends of a man who made many, many people’s lives a more wondrous, adventurous place to inhabit.

  372. Joey Says:

    Mike was a huge inspiration… his lively run on Spider-Man in the 90’s was literally the first reason I seriously considered working in comics. I remember reading a story arc about a villain called ‘Swarm’, and being blown away at how Mike captured the action in such a clean-lined, friendly style. As a long-time animation buff, my eyes were opened to a whole different path for telling stories.

    It turned out Mike was an alumni of my college, and some classmates and I had the good fortune to be there when he visited to talk about his experiences in the industry. Mike was his typical self– warm, modest and encouraging– and I remember being really charged by the advice and encouragement he gave. Even with all the people he must have met over the years, he always remembered those friends and me when we ran into him at conventions. Later, when I was working on my first indy book with Howard Shum in 2002, Mike gifted us with a ‘Ringo-style guest cover, definitely one of the highlights of my career so far. The original art for that cover traditionally holds a special place over my desk.

    The comics industry as a whole has suffered a great loss with Mike’s passing. It moves on now without his enthusiasm for comics as a positive medium, his ever-willing mentorship, and some intriguing story ideas of his that were just beginning to evolve. His take on famous characters was both classic and fresh, and even ‘extras’ in the background seemed to have their own life and story behind the scenes. That subtle, appealing style of his was still growing and being refined– though in my opinion, the trends of the industry never really gave him a chance to cut loose.

    So tough to see Mike go… as humble and approachable as he was, I couldn’t help feeling intimidated when we had the chance to talk; I wish I had gotten to know him better.

    Here’s hoping heaven has a little slice of Tellos waiting for you, Mike. Godspeed.

  373. DjO Says:

    The universe is not at all predictable…….Mike, man, u left from this world too early………..you will be missed but your artwork will remain………..we’ll never forget you……godspeed……..now you can draw in heaven with all the other great artists that have passed before you………….rest in piece…………………..

  374. Chris Scott Says:

    I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry to hear that Mike has passed on. My jaw absolutely hit the floor when I first saw Lenil Yu’s tribute to Mike on his Deviant Art page and then read the news. He was truly an inspirational artist and will be sorely missed.

  375. David "Bart Allen" Tilley Says:

    Mike was one of my favorite people. The charlotte con over the years was not about the comics, but it was my annuals three day trip to see Mike. half the con was my hanging around Mike and his gang. I am going to miss that so much, I am going to miss his art sure , but i am really really going to miss MIKE.
    Mike was the first artist i ever bought a sketch from. he was the first person to call me by my real name (Dave) and not Bart in the chat rooms. I really do not know the words to say how much I will miss Mike. I wish i could explain in words how i felt right now.
    I find myself cring very easy right now> I just wish I could tell him how important he was to me.

  376. James Engelhardt Says:

    I met Mike in the early mid-90s, during his Flash run. I worked at a little restaurant about three doors down from the Artamus studios, and I spent a lot of time with the guys, just hanging out, talking comics, drinking beer on the roof you could climb out onto. All of the guys were friendly, but I felt closest to Mike and Rich. We ended up sharing a lot of stories–many of the unrepeatable ones involved Mike’s brother, whom he loved deeply.

    Over my desk I have a variety of framed images and memorabilia. Diplomas. Pictures of my wife, some art I’ve collected. Pride of place belongs to a page from an issue of The Flash (labeled #87). I think it’s a Christmas issue. Mike has drawn Rich–in a Duke shirt–into a mob scene. It’s a birthday present from a long time ago that I treasure because of all the Artamus guys, Mike was the one who had a gift for me. I’ve kept up with the blog, commented a time or two, because he was the kind of guy who inspired that sort of loyalty. He was generous to me, a budding writer, with the stories from comics that he loved. Scott Kurtz mentioned Mike’s desire to work for himself, and I remember him fretting about those issues fifteen years ago. I was glad he got Tellos; I’m lined up for the hardback. . .

    The page is framed above my desk because I loved the time I had with him. Because you can never tell the influence even a short friendship will have. Because, now, I can’t let myself forget. My condolences to the Wieringo family. I wish a lifetime of sardines to Charlie. And I mourn with all of his friends and fans. We will never absorb this loss.

  377. EMM386 Says:

    I was an avid comics reader as a boy, but as I hit high school in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I stopped reading. Comics were in the boom times, but it seemed too commercial, and the stories and art that I loved as a kid just wasn’t there. Then one day in the dorms, a friend asked me to read some comics because he wanted to spark the love in me again. The comics were the beginning of Ringo’s run on the Flash. I loved the art, I loved the story and was hooked on comics again. I continued to follow Mike’s career, buying some, though not all of his works. I loved the Flash, and his FF and Spidey run. I liked the art in Tellos, though the story wasn’t really for me. I read this blog dutifully every MWF and frequently went to his deviant art site.

    Being in Honolulu, its difficult to make it out for conventions, so I regret never being able to meet him in person. From the stories that are coming out with his passing, though, I think he would be happy knowing that his work re-kindled my love for comics. RIP, Mike. I owe you so much for the art and stories you gave, and the many more I will have because I started reading comics again.

    To his family, you have my deepest sympathy and condolences. We lost a great friend and artist. You’ve lost so much more. Thank you for sharing Mike with us.

  378. Claude Spizzirri Says:

    Another wonderful talent taken away, too young, too soon. Rest in peace Mike.

  379. David Arroyo Says:

    There are tears in my eyes as i realize he is truely gone. I always hoped to meet him. Im very sad he is gone. You were the best Mike…

  380. mauro thompson Says:

    My condolences…

    amanzing artist…

  381. Mike Says:

    It’s always very sad to hear of someone with such talent passing so soon because you know there’s always so much more they could have contributed which would have brightened the lives of countless others. Fortunately though the artwork which Mike leaves behind will always serve as a memory of what an immense talent and inspiring artist he was to so many.

    Rest in peace, Mike.

  382. Rob Stull Says:

    I first met Mike back in 1994 at Heroes con in NC. I’ve been a fan of his art since The Flash and Impulse. We’ve worked together off and on over the years and recently re-connected this past year on a few things over at Marvel. To me, it felt like coming home or having a cup of coffee with an old friend. We never kept in super close contact with each other all the time but sometimes that’s just the way this business is. You don’t have to speak to someone every day, to know they’re OK or what they’re up to. Often times you can be on a project with someone for years and never meet face to face. As artists in this industry we tend to forget how closely connected we all are through the work we do. Mike (not unlike most of us) was probably at the local comic shop every week to “check up” on his many friends in the biz (a ritual we all share). Mike was never far away, because his work was always close to me. Original art, trade paperbacks, and countless amounts of individual issues of pretty much everything he’s ever worked on, served as constant reminders of just how much I appreciated him as an artist and friend. He’s been on my mind alot this week. I can’t help but reflect back to the time we were both working on Tellos and spoke daily on the phone. Some of our conversations went well into the wee hours of the morning. Anyone who knew Mike would tell you, if he knew you and respected you, he would feel comfortable talking with you about (almost) anything. Life, art, sports, politics, anything. I’m going to miss that.

    Mike, thank you for caring, sharing, and blessing us with all the pretty pictures. Thank you for everything.

    R.I.P. Mike Wieringo, My friend. YOU WILL BE MISSED DEARLY my brother.

  383. Jon Says:

    RIP Mike, your works are so great and inspirational, and they will continue to inspire artists to come.
    I just wish I could’ve gotten to know you better.
    Thank you for producing such wonderful and inspirational artwork.

  384. Tim O'Shea Says:

    To the Wieringo family, thanks for sharing Mike with us. He will never be forgotten. To paraphrase what Cully Hamner expressed, I like to imagine Mike deflecting a compliment from Kirby right now.

  385. Juan Torres Says:

    I never met Mike. I only knew him by his art, his fantastic Tellos… But Mike, you will be missed. You are a great inspiration for us, and your artwork made us dream and travel through fantastic worlds.
    Vaya con Dios, amigo.

  386. Mark Spencer Reynolds Says:

    I’ve chatted with Mike a couple of times online and was very impressed with how approachable he was. He gave me serious hope. I love and bought much of his comic work. I always wanted to know what Wieringo was working on… and what a wondrous thing that he kept penciling interiors.! I miss him. My condolences to his family and friends. May God bless and comfort you.

  387. Alberto Ruiz Says:

    Mike was a gentle giant in many ways. He has left a big void in this world. My condolences to his family.

    —Alberto Ruiz

  388. Paulo Says:

    Grande perda para o mundo HQ. Excelente trabalho realizado.
    Goodbye Mike.

  389. Eric! Says:

    I only met you in passing at a few cons, I knew you through this board and your comics. I know if the chance was there you would be a great friend, those who were your friend and family are blessed. Someone on another board mentioned all the great comics that will await us heaven, it’s a nice thought, but I’ll miss your comics until then.
    Thank You and Peace!

  390. Peter Kourakos III Says:

    My heart dropped when I read the news today. Someone commented that his name on a book made the book worth picking up based on art alone. I agree completely with this statement. I also believe that there was nobody better suited to draw comic books than Mike. Hopefully his name will draw the same reverence as the other greats that have left us. He will be missed and hopefully his art will continue to be an influence in the comic book world.

  391. Pernilla Poblenz Says:

    I was so, so sad to hear the news on Monday and it truly came like a bolt from a clear blue sky.
    Sometimes you get attached to someone through words and images even though you might not know them personally and have never even met them in person; yet you feel like you’ve known them for all their life. Mike was that kind of guy to me. I’ve enjoyed his storytelling through his fantastic artistry and felt that connection. I still do.
    It breaks my heart to know that no more new stories will emerge and it saddens my soul to know he was so young when he passed. I take comfort in knowing he’s created an abundance of stories that will still be around and I can still imagine a fraction of what could have been created and told, because he’s still that guy I got attached to and enjoyed reading and felt like I knew and that’s important. Mike’s important to a lot of people all over the world and that will never change.

  392. P.J. Cifuentes Says:

    Sorry about my bad english
    I was a teenager day Mike’s works came to my life. Now I’m 32, with a family and a lot of histories that have been on my side all this time. Wieringo comics are one of the best, and for my, the only I can said is that he is now on the last pages of his last work in FF: The comic book artist’s heaven!

  393. Eric! Says:

    I only met you in passing at a few cons, I knew you through this board and your comics. I know if the chance was there you would be a great friend, those who were your friend and family are blessed. Someone on another board mentioned all the great comics that will await us heaven, it’s a nice thought, but I’ll miss your comics until then.
    Thank You and Peace!

  394. Gary Bingaman II Says:

    When I read the news today, I grew cold and tears came to my eyes. Mike’s work has been a constant favorite of mine since i was near the age of 12 or so… I remember buying the ROGUE mini-series simply due to his cover artwork… Then as i discovered him on THE FLASH, it was cemented…he was one of the BEST.

    I had a FLASH poster from WIZARD magazine that he drew hanging over my drawing desk as I grew up… I am now 24…. I will miss his beautiful, bright and inspiring artwork.

    My heart goes out to his loved ones… he was, and will always be, one of the greats.

    RIP Mr. Wieringo.

  395. Javi Says:

    You´ll be really missed.

    My thoughts to his family and friends.

  396. Declan Shalvey Says:

    Rest in peace Mike. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with all of us.

  397. Jason Pyke Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mike briefly at Comic-Con in 2001. He was one of the nicest and instantly friendly artists I’ve met at any Con. Truly a pleasure! He had a style all his own, and it was nothing less than consistently inspirational. This is a major loss for not only the comic community but the artistic world at large. Where ever you are Mike, I hope you know how much you inspired me and countless others! Thanks for everything!

  398. Trey Alexander Says:

    I’m stunned.

    … and yet, as I sit here and think about my own feelings and reaction, I realize that they can’t even begin to compare with the void that is left and the pain that is felt for his family and closest friends. Hopefully these notes of appreciation and condolence will continue to offer you some small comfort during these difficult times.

    I’ve known Mike for about 10 years, through HeroesCon, and had the pleasure to spend some time with him away from the show on several occasions. Sadly, I was not able to attend the Con this year, and now will always regret the chances I missed to spend more time with him. A gifted, talented, humble, caring human being.

    Here’s wishing that this site will continue to thrive as a living memorial and tribute to ‘Ringo, and that future sales of his artwork and books will benefit those charities he supported.

    Love and prayers to his nearest and dearest ones.

    Trey Alexander

  399. Michael Dwyer Says:

    My condolences to the Wieringo family and RIP Mike. Just this past weekend I was asking about the last issue of the Spidey/FF mini series…I can’t believe that will be his final book. I was introduced to his work thru Flash and Spider-Man and his art is what kept me on both books. His art may have been considered cartoony, like Mike Parobeck’s (another talent gone too soon), but it was clean, stylish, and joyful…

    I have never met Mike, and only just discovered his website when I learned of his passing. I read all the condolences posted and it’s a testament to Mike’s character and life.

    Thanks for everything ‘Ringo…may God keep you safe in His care and grant your family and friends peace.

  400. Eli Wurtzel Says:

    I am shocked and saddened. We only met briefly over the phone, but I was looking forward to meeting mike in person and working on our project together. Mike was one of the most creative and talented artists I have ever come across. As is evident by the preceeding posts, he will be sorley missed. Mike will live on in his artwork, worlds and characters he has created.
    Go in peace mike, and may god heal the broken hearts of your family and friends.

  401. Zach Says:

    I think the best thing that I can say about Mike is that even though I’m not into comics, and couldn’t follow about 90% of what he was talking about in his posts, I still had to visit every week to see his new sketches and to see what he was working on. I think that alone speaks volumes of how talented I thought he was and how much of an inspiration I thought he was (and still is). I am deeply saddened about his passing, and I hope you are all doing well.

  402. Jose Velez Says:

    First of all like many of us I send my deepest condolences to Mike’s family and fellow colaborators in this time,the world has lost yet another great and wonderful artist so soon..he was still in his prime…I loved his art when he drew Spider-Man and also with Adventures of Superman,I also did enjoy when he did a few of the “Basic Traning” for Wizard (which I still use sometimes to this day when I decide to make a drawing) it helped me a lot while drawing

    He will be truly missed by all of us,from the bottom of my heart Thank You Mike Wieringo for your contribution to Comics,your art will be imortalized forever and you will me missed…

    I consider him as one of my favorate artists,alongside George Pérez,Pat Lee,Ed McGuinness,Phil Hester,Mike Omening,Joe Madureira,Mark Bagley,Ron Lim,Jim Lee and many more..

    Descanse En Paz (Rest In Peace)

    Jose Velez
    Guaynabo,Puerto Rico

  403. Jim Engel Says:

    In the increasingly dark world of comics, Mike’s work was bright, enthusiastic, and managed somehow to visually embody hope.

    I did not know him, but I am grateful for knowing his work.

    Sicere condolences to his family and loved ones.

  404. Nataniel Says:

    Rest in peace.

  405. Rich Faber Says:

    Mike was my friend and colleague, and I already miss him terribly. I’ve written up my memories of Mike here: http://richfaber.blogspot.com/2007/08/mike-wieringo.html for anyone who cares to read. It’s obvious from the outpouring of love across the internet and elsewhere how much Mike’s life and work touched the world. I’m sure he’d be humbled by it all.

    With much love, deepest respect, and sympathy,
    Rich Faber

  406. Nool Says:

    My condolences to you & your family. I never knew Mike, but I did know his work. Amazing is the only word to describe it. Mike is one of the reasons I got back into comics. From The Fantastic Four To Spider-Man, I collected it all. My god son is now seven. Some of his first comics i bought him are Wieringo originals. He will be missed. Thank you Mike…Always.

  407. Daniel Best Says:

    Utterly devestating news. It’s hard to believe that it’s true. It goes without saying that you’ll be missed by more people than you’d ever have been able to imagine. There’s a hole in the universe now and it’s not going to be filled. Rest easy Mike, and say hello at all the artists you’re going to see when you reach the end of your journey.

  408. Roberto García Hidalgo Says:

    I`m a comic book fan from Mexico and I just watched the terrible news in Comic Art Community.com.
    I wasn’t one of Mike’s biggest fan but I liked his art very much and receive the bad news made me feel like I had lost a friend of my own. It made me feel truly sad. He was pretty young and he was an excellent artist.
    My condolences to his family.

    God bless you Mike.

  409. Mike Wynn Says:

    Rest in Peace to Mike Wieringo… a very talented man that got to do for a living what many of us would love to. Though I am not as familiar with your work as many here, I always knew your reputation as a tremendous artist. God bless the family. Your spirit lives on here, through your amazing creations.

  410. Dani Oromí Says:

    My deepest condolences to Mike’s family and friends from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (Spain). I’ve followed Mike’s art since his Flash works, and I’ve loved every page he draw. I’ll miss you.

  411. Robert Lewis Says:

    I first met Mike at a small comics convention in Akron OH. He did a Spider-Man head sketch for me in my sketchbook, and looking back at it, he drew it nine years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Mike was drawing free head sketches for fans all day long, and I could tell that he was tired… his drawing hand was probably ready to fall off… but he kept sketching for anyone who asked for a sketch.

    Mike’s run with Todd Dezago on the Spidey comics was a tremendous run. His version of Spider-Man ranks up there with Ditko and the Romitas, simple, some would say “cartoony”, but just classic Spider-Man.

    The last time I met him was at a Heroes Convention in Charlotte a few years ago. Tellos had been out for some time, and I was begging him to keep doing the book… you could see the disappointment that he couldn’t do it and make a living.

    He loved his fans. And, Mike, we loved your work, and your artwork will remain with us forever. We will most definitely miss you, but I hope you’re sitting around the great Marvel Bullpen in the sky, drawing with the best of them. I want to see you up there when it’s my time to go.

    And, Matt, you choked me up when you talked about Charlie, Mike’s cat, friend, and companion. I was worried about him as well. Thank you for being cat lovers and taking him into your home.

    My condolensces to all of Mike’s family, friends, and fans. To Matt and your family, may God look over you and bless you in these sad days. You have my thoughts and sincerest prayers.

    — Robbie, Canton OH

  412. Seth Says:

    I never met Mike, but if the man was anything like his art, he was truly a class act. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  413. Daniel Larson Says:

    I am shocked. I can’t even believe this. I have been a huge ‘Ringo fan for a while.

    My ‘Ringo story:

    I attended Wizard World Chicago just after I graduated college in 1998. I was fortunate enough to find my way into a conference room where they were playing a modified version of “Win, Lose or Draw” and Mike was one of the 2 artsists participating (I don’t even remember who the other guy was). I sat right in the front row just hoping to watch him furiously making barely legible sketches of references to comic book series or characters (as one does when one plays “W,L or D”).

    To my great pleasure, after answering a question correctly I was asked to join Mike on stage and we teamed against another patron and artist. Mike and I smoked the remaining competition (due to HIS drawings and my fountain of previously useless comics trivia).

    At the end of the competition as the crowd was filing out, Mike flipped the pages of the giant sketch pad down and put the markers back. He tore off the pages and was about to throw them away when I asked:

    Me: “Would you mind if I took those home?”
    Mike: “You want these? They’re nothing special.”
    Me: “Are you kidding me? These were done by… Mike Wieringo!”

    I was such a fan of his work that I honestly feel as though a close friend of mine has gone.

  414. David Says:

    I never got to meet Mike, I wish I had, but that does not change the fact that I will miss him like a friend. I think, as an artist myself, that when ever you draw something you put a bit yourself into that piece of art, and I felt through Mike’s art I got to know a bit of him. Mike’s art was, and still is, a great influence on me. His fun and colorful style always put me in a good mood, and sometimes would even cheer up if I felt down. I will greatly miss him, but I think that a little piece of Mike will always live on in his friends, family, and every one who’s life he touched through his art or kindness as a human being.

    God bless you Mike.

    -David Carruthers, Reno NV

  415. Tyler Says:

    Rest in peace Mike. You were an inspiration to us all.

  416. Bobby Wicks Says:

    Mr. Wieringo introduced me to the fantastic. When my world was mundane, his work made it a little less ordinary. I am deeply saddened by his passing and send my sincerest condolences to his family.

    Thanks for everything, Mike.

  417. Teddy Says:

    I remember first being introduced to Mike’s art when he was doing Sensational, around the time I became a regular reader of comics. I loved just staring at his panels over and over again. They belied such warmth and love of the medium. RIP ‘Ringo.

  418. Tom Fink Says:

    I don’t know if this counts as an offical ‘Ringo! story or not (since I never met him personally…or anybody else in the field, actually), but I used to skip class once a month just to get a copy of his work on Fantastic Four. I’m from Lawton, Oklahoma and the one comic shop in town at the time would only order three copies of that book. So I had to be there at ten o’clock when the shop opened to get my hands on a copy, Art History II be damned. I remember picking up issue 60 for 9 cents, thinking “Waid and ‘Ringo on FF for a dime? Geez, Marvel, just GIVE the best friggin’ book ever away.” By the time his shiny Doom cover to #500 came out, my class was as good as failed, but I got the ONLY copy of that director’s cut in Lawton. The ONLY one. Matt at the comic shop all slides it to me and he’s like, “Try not to show anybody, but I saved this for you.” Technically, that comic cost me 300 bucks and 3 credit hours… 😉

    Mike Wieringo’s work is simply, incredibly, amazing. Tell me his run on Fantastic Four isn’t still the best that title’s ever seen. Go ahead. Argue with me. Tell me his variant covers for “Spider-man: The Other” weren’t the coolest things to wrap around a comic since Gen 13 #1. I dare you. You find another artist with the same flair, same charisma, same energy (and as far as I could tell, same ability to meet a due date), and I’ll eat my keyboard. He’s completely irreplaceable.

    A good friend of mine knows I’m a fan, called me at work today, and told me the news. I was like, “Shut up, no way.” But he was like, “No, seriously.” My heart just dropped. You go to the comic shops all the time and you see all this art and color and excitement, and you forget that there are people behind all of it. You name drop ‘Ringo and Bachalo and Campbell like they’re celebrities because honestly, they are. But you never think one day you’re going to lose one of your heroes.

    So, to Mike’s family and closest friends, to his die hard fans and casual collectors, those few skipped beats of my heart go out to all of you. Keep your memories of him warm, and don’t argue with me that he’s one of the greatest. 😉

  419. Gordon Somers Says:

    I never discovered Mike’s wonderful art until this year with the Modern Masters book. The work presented in there made me track down more and to eventually discovernig this site. For Mike to be able to post a sketch almost daily before knuckling down to the paying work was a pleasure to see.

    From reading the MM book and readng Mike’s posts (as well as comments I have seen previously from Todd and Matt) Mike seemed to be one of the good ‘uns. Being in the UK I kinda knew it would be a far cry to ever meet the man in person, but I really wish I had made comments on his work here and possibly managed to correspond with him. Some of his views on the medium seemed to mirror my own.

    I had just visited this site on Monday an hour or so before finding the news on line. I just went numb (almost like the day I drew my first Batman sketch for many years a couple of hours before discovering Bob Kane passed on)

    Matt – my sympathies are with you and yours right now. The good guys always seem to be taken from us too soon and Mike seemed to have so much more to give. He’ll be sorely missed.

    Best regards from Scotland


  420. Anna Says:

    I never met Mike. But I distinctly remember reading his work when I was still in school. It always made me smile and those few hours I spent reading the books were just genuine fun… I am sure many people can relate to that. I always wanted to write him a note to say thanks, thanks for the enjoyment I got from his books and thanks for his influence on my own art. I hate being late. But one some level I hope that at least writing it now it’ll still mean something. So while I never met Mike, I sure am gonna miss him.

    My sympathies to the family and friends.

  421. Late Says:

    Despite only reading a few of his bits and pieces in the world of comics, and finding Mike’s blog this year to read and see his wonderful sketches, I have a really hard time swallowing right now. This is a very, very sad moment, even for me who barely knows the man. I can but imagine the sorrow of the family and friends, and my sympathies go towards you all.

    Like many have said, he seemed to be a really great guy, and his art gave a flaring kick to my own work pace when I felt being stalled down. I’m saddened that I never got around dropping him a message while I still could…

    Rest in peace Mike, you’ll be missed by many, yours truly included.

  422. Go-Go Says:

    I just found out about this today and it is sad news indeed. I considered him one of the best talents to come out of the late 90s and picked up Tellos by chance, not knowing it was his book. I was not a follower of ‘Ringo’s every move, but to know that he like our other modern artists like Joe Mad, modern legends like Jim Lee, and the supreme legends such as Stan the Man were still about and making art, what is ultimate expression. The last book I bought with his art was FF #500. I know this because I don’t buy comics as much as I would like to and that was the last FF book I got. He had a laid back style that alog with some of his comtemporaries help give more freedom to the genre. He will be missed. God bless you and your family Mike. To all who are distraught over this loss, my heart goes out to you all. 1love.

  423. Steve Says:

    My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. May God give you peace and comfort during your time of grief.

  424. AV Says:

    I have just noticed. I live in Spain and I never met Mike, but I want to express my most sincere condolences. He was one of my favourite drawers of all time. I guess I cannot help in any way, but I felt really sad when I read it.

  425. SavedbyMCR Says:

    It still doesn’t seem real. My heart goes out to the family.

  426. Philipp Knall Says:

    You gave more to me than you will ever know. I will never forget.

  427. Stephen James. Says:

    Just got back from vacation today and I was stunned to hear this. Mike Weringo was one of the best artists working in comics these days. Reading his books gave you a sense of fun, reading his comics were a true joy. He was a clear draftsman, and had a style that while carictured also had a sense of strong drawing skill. Reading his blog was always a treat, and seeing his work/comments on the Drawingboard.org made every day that much better.

    Mike’s run on Fantastic Four along with Waid was one the things that made me “love” comics.

    Such a shame to hear of his passing.

    Rest in peace Mike.

  428. Elena Santana and Eduardo Serradilla Says:

    We so sorry for your lost. Mike Wieringo was one the most amazing artist we had ever seen. We love his beautiful images and his style.

    Thank so much for his work, we miss him a lot.

    Rest in peace

    Elena and Eduardo

  429. Matt W Says:

    I never met Mike. I chatted with him a few times online. When I was a very young teen I hounded him a few times to come to Megacon, as it was the only convention located close enough to attend. But unfortunately, by the time he finally came I had moved away and had reduced my involvement in comics. But still, when his name popped up on the invite list, I seriously contemplated making the trip and going merely for him. I regretted not going at the time. And now, I regret it even more.
    Mike was perhaps the one artist I’d follow to any title. He was a “less is more” type artist. He kept his lines simple, clean, and pure. He could tell the story in 1/5 the amount of lines as his fellow artists, and on top of which, he could do so with more warmth, emotion, and passion showing through.
    I remember pouring over his Spiderman issues with my friend in middle/high school and just spending hours discussing and appreciating his style. Mike’s art brought our friendship closer.
    I remember chatting with him online the first or second time, about how much I thought of his work and how honored I’d be to meet him one day. And he gave me his address just like that. I was just some over eager random kid who tracked him down online, and he was just so willing to reach out to connect to his fans.
    I have a copy of Flash 92 (Impulse was always my favorite comic character) with the rest of the creative staff’s autograph. It was only missing Mike’s signature. I suppose it will always be missing Mike’s signature. But I’m okay with that, because Mike brought so much more to my life, in the form of entertainment, enjoyment, beauty, an appreciation of an art form, being a commonality in a friendship, that I didn’t need a signature to represent that. No signature could top the experiences he provided. There’s an obvious gap on that Flash cover, a place reserved for Mike that is no longer filled, and there’s a sadness for the absence. But the mark Mike left on my life remains, his spirit still exudes from the artwork and reminds me of the all too fleeting interaction I had with an obviously caring and decent man. I look at my collection of Mike’s work and can’t help but smile from the great memories of life I have as a result of him.
    My thoughts are with Mike’s family and his friends. I hope Mike realized the impact he had, and I hope his friends and family know it now from the outpouring of stories that have occurred. May those close to Mike not be saddened by the absence that remains now, but smile from the spirit of Mike that still touches our hearts and our memories and that will forever be with us.

  430. Camille Says:

    I can’t believe this ! It’s impossible, no Mike…

  431. Tim Levins Says:

    In the past three years that I’ve been a stay-at-home dad, I haven’t done much comic book work, and as such I haven’t really followed any of the industry news websites. The only comics-related site that I have visited on a fairly regular basis is mikewieringo.com. Just this morning I decided to check out Mike’s site to see what new sketches he had worked on since I last visited a couple of weeks ago. Usually I look at the drawings first and then read Mike’s comments, and it took me several seconds to register what was I looking at on my screen. There were no new images, and when I scanned through the page I saw words like “memorial” and “funeral”. When I finally realized what I was reading, I was absolutely stunned and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about Mike’s passing until a week and a half after it happened.

    I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work since I picked up an issue of Sensational Spider-Man back in the 90s. I was thrilled and inspired to see that someone with a “cartoony” style was working in mainstream comics. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some of DC’s “animated” books, but I’ve always admired Mike’s ability to blend realistic and cartoony qualities to create a wonderful, unique look.

    I was never fortunate enough to meet Mike in person, but we exchanged e-mails a couple of years ago after I read his blog entry describing his vegetarian lifestyle. I couldn’t believe that my favourite comic book artist, a guy whose work I’d followed and admired and tried unsuccessfully to emulate, was a vegetarian — just like me! We had a nice dialogue about our ethical beliefs and our respective comic book work, and though our correspondence was brief, it remains one of the most cherished memories of my career. I imagine that Mike’s sketch of “Vegan Man” must have baffled more than a few of his fans, but I for one would have liked to follow his heroic exploits as depicted by Mike!

    Like everyone else, I’m saddened and shocked by Mike’s passing, but after reading the many, many touching and heartfelt comments and tributes on Mike’s site and elsewhere, I’m happy to know that both he and his work have meant so much to so many people. I can’t quite believe that I’ll never get a chance to meet him in person or that I’ll never have the opportunity to see more of his amazing artwork, but I do know this: I’ll treasure every one of my dog-eared Wieringo comic books. He was a wonderfully talented artist and he will be missed.

    To his family and friends, I offer my most sincere condolences.

    Tim Levins

  432. Eji Says:

    Rest in peace, Mike. I hope you can live on forever in the beautiful work you’ve made. You were an inspiration to me, and I’m deeply saddened I’ll never get that chance to meet you. A talented man and an amazing guy… we will miss you.