Today’s post includes a head sketch that I did when someone bought a couple of 2007 sketchbooks on the first day of HEROES CON– and never picked the sketches up. My ‘program’ of offering a free head sketch when someone purchases a sketchbook has turned out to work pretty well. There’s one little hitch that made things a bit difficult this past show, though. There were several guys who came by and picked up between 2 and 6 sketchbooks and wanted sketches done for ALL of them— one sketch per book purchased. Now, on the face of it, this sounds just fine… but there were people beginning to line up immediately on the first day to get stuff signed and to buy sketchbooks… so I didn’t want them to have to wait while I did up to 6 head sketches at once for someone who bought that many books. So I put those aside to do in the room the next morning– which caused me to miss half the day of the show on Saturday (actually, drawing the WONDER WOMAN piece on the poster board for the annual art auction had something to do with that as well). So I think I might need to tweak the ‘policy’ for the head-sketch-per-sketchbook thing and maybe limit it to two sketches per customer no matter how many book purchased. I guess this will be an ongoing process to get it worked out smoothly.

The reason I’m posting this head sketch today is that one of the guys who bought a couple of sketchbooks and left his sketch requests with the intent of returning the next day to pick them up never came back. So if you ever check out this site, fella– send me an email telling me your name and the subject matter of the second sketch you asked for, and I’ll be happy to mail them to you. So… let me know if you’re able. You can find my email address in the PERSONAL section in the column to the far right.

OK… have a great weekend, everyone.

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12 Responses to “HEAD SHOTS”

  1. Bryan W (ATL) Says:

    Thanks for the Cap sketch and to book Mike! That was a great deal! It took a few days to get back to “normal” after the show and NoxPlode is the ONLY reason I was able to walk in the gym on Monday- pant..pant! See you next time!
    Hmmm, several guys, multiple books and sketches, can’t remember what they asked for, forgot to pick them up, rolling luggage – I wonder?

  2. Tom Says:

    Cool sketch, that is a sweet deal for those who were lucky enough to attend. I’d be happy just to have the book! Are there any left over that you’re looking to sell? If not, any hope of a second printing?

  3. Brian Says:


    Two sounds more than fair as it allows for folks who want to pick-up one for a friend in some far off land such as Australia while giving the folks who were make it to the show a fair chance.

    Any idea how many headshots you got done over the weekend?

  4. ringo Says:

    Well over a hundred….

  5. Brian Says:


  6. Devon Says:

    Sounds like those COMICMONSTER ebay guys to me. They really make it hard for everyone.

  7. Royce Says:

    Mike always had a line in front of him at the con whenever I walked by. I don’t know if it was comic monster or not that left this particular sketch, but they were very active the first day of the show. They cleaned out Cardy and Giordano within 5 minutes of those two greats sitting down. I saw the Giordano debacle myself but only heard about Cardy.

    I think two sketches sounds fair, especially when the circumstances are in doubt. I picked up an extra book for a frequenter of this blog board and felt a little guilty about asking for the second sketch when there was a line behind me. Mike didn’t seem to mind though and I have met him several times and hope that he trusts me at my word. I hate flippers but would love to see Mike “ebay” his own sketch if the true owner fails to show. The SPCA in Durham can always use a donation.

    Thanks again Mike.

  8. COMIKXGUY Says:


    i’d like to also suggest on how many you sell to each person (5 per person ?)

    it might lower how many guyz like comicmonster get but probably won’t help as long as they bribe people

    i think this is the new trend happening


  9. Royce Says:

    Actually, in a way it is flattering to have the speculators choose you to try and manipulate. I don’t know how much the sketchbook can command on the open market, but at least Mike saw the original sale and didn’t just provide the free sketch. The people leaving the line seemed to be satisfied. I know I was.

  10. COMIKXGUY Says:

    passing a note off to you mike from howard shum’s blog:

    “Yes, I know it’s summer, but I just recently inked and colored my buddy Mike Wieringo’s Spring piece. One of the purpose of art is to evoke emotion and this drawing makes me feel serene. It’s my most favorite of Mike’s.”

  11. Serge Ladd Says:


    Your sketch for a book was a great idea this year. You were nice enough to sketch the Thing for my son while I was in line with Todd DeZago.

    And no, Mike didn’t charge my son or run him off saying no book, no sketch!

    I was so impressed, I asked Mike for a book as well, when I could easily have gotten in his line and obtained a second sketch. Darn, that IS a good idea… 🙂

    I am grateful that you, and many other pros, still do the sketches for the fans. We’ve shown the artists the scrapbooks that we turn them into, we aren’t selling the shots on Ebay, we’re treasuring them forever. While they may not do it as a career, you and the rest of the guys at Heroes Con, are inspiring a whole new generation of artists, and in two short years, you guys have made this a family vacation that we look forward to all year long.

    Thanks again!

  12. mister_pj Says:

    You’re still a kid in my book – a very Happy Birthday to you Mike!