Well, another HEROES CON has come and gone… and this one was a great one.

Actually, they’re all great– but for several reasons, this one felt especially fun to me. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t taking on full commissions for the show. As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s become somewhat impossible to draw more complicated full-figure stuff at shows simply because of all the signing I do during the day. In past years, I’d take on a list of about a dozen or so pieces for folks who wanted sketches in the first half-hour of the first day of the show and then immediately stress about getting them done. Even in the evening and night of each day of the show, I’d have the nagging worry over finishing them in the back of my mind while out at dinner or hanging out in the hotel bar when I should have been enjoying myself. The show is, after all, not only a place to meet and greet those folks who might enjoy my work– but for me, it’s also supposed to be a bit of a vacation. HEROES CON is usually the one of two times a year I get to see my brother Matt and his wife Suzanne. Lucky for me, we’re all going to be visiting my parents this coming weekend… so this year, I’m hitting the jackpot. The show is also one of the one or two times I get to hang out with my bestest buddies Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. HEROES CON has become somewhat of a tradition for the three of us where we become a sort of ‘3 Musketeers’ and spend as much time together as we can during the show. We’ve also begun to do that at BALTIMORE COMICON. We’ve all agreed that we wish we lived closer to each other… because we all get along so well. We don’t live near each other, though… so those two shows are our time to be ‘hanging buds’.

This year was also very special because we were able to spend a lot of time with Nick Cardy. Nick was seated in the same row with me, Todd and Craig… and it was so much fun with all of us sitting there together. Nick has always been one of my favorite artists…. his work on TEEN TITANS, AQUAMAN, BATT LASH and all the wonderful cover work he did for DC absolutely thrilled me when I was a kid. So to become friends with Nick over the past few years and to be able to spend time with him at HEROES has become a highlight of my existence. We also had a wonderful brunch with Nick and his niece, Marianne, on Sunday for Father’s Day in the Westin restaurant. It was an amazing meal– and Nick’s stories from his long and eventful life were fascinating to hear. Nick’s a terrific artist, storyteller and person… and it’s an honor to be able to call him friend.

I also got to have breakfast with my good buddy Cully Hamner during the show. Cully and I don’t get the chance to talk nearly as much as we used to in the ‘old days’ when we were both getting into the comic book biz… but we still call each other once in a while. Cully’s one of the coolest, funniest and nicest guys I’ve ever known… and he’s an incredible artist to boot. I could go on and on about how much fun I had at the show… but I’ve got limited time because I’ve got to get back to the drawing board. I’ll just say it was a fantastic time– and I was thrilled to get to meet guys like Dean Trippe, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Eric Powell, Jonboy Myers and Robin “Pepe” Mitchell face-to-face. I’ve interacted with them online for years… and it was great to be able to see and talk with them in person. It was also terrific to see folks like Jeff Parker, Keron Grant, Ed McGuinness, Nathan Massengill, Tim Townsend, Brandon Peterson, Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story….. I could go on and on. It’s probably the biggest reason I love this show so much– I get to see so many artists who have become friends who’s work I admire so much. It’s the most special part of being a part of this business.

So, to wrap up– HUGE thanks to Shelton Drum for starting and hosting HEROES CON for the past 25 years…. and for letting me be a part of it. It’s become a touchstone for my life. Here’s to 25 more…!

OK… back to work.

This is Entry 390 (the countdown to 400 posts begins…!)


15 Responses to “BACK HOME”

  1. Leaf Says:

    Testify, Mike. Testify. Glad that Heroes was my first con after a seven year hiatus. Great people, great space and great selection. (Though no t-shrt guy.) Great pizza, too as Fuel was the slice of choice all weekend. Will definitely be back next year. (Hopefully I’ll feel better next year, too.) It was good to see and chat with you a bit, Mike. Thanks again for the sketchbook.

  2. Mafus Says:

    Dude, that Cardy Batman illustration for the art auction was incredible. He seriously has not lost one tiny bit of his talent over the years. I had planned on buying his book from him (the one that came out a couple of years ago) and having him sign it but he didn’t have any of them. Next year, I’ll know to bring one with me.

    Leaf, that pizza MUST have been good. We ate enough of it.

    I’m glad to say I think I’ve finally reached the point where my drooling fanboyishness doesn’t creep out Craig and Todd anymore. Still working on Jamal Igle, though.

  3. Leaf Says:

    Testify, Mafus. Fuel Pizza was the madnotes. Jamal’s work, too. May hunt down some of his Firestorms today. I keep looking at the page I bought and it hurts my feelings it’s so good.

  4. Brian Says:

    Did you guys get a chance to try out Fuel’s lasagna pizza, it was quite tasty.

    As for the show, I had a great time and was lucky enough to get to sit and watch Mike sketch away on Sunday while I was minding the store for Todd and Craig. Mike, I think you’ve hit on the perfect way for doing the show. The buy a sketch book and get a free sketch seemed to be a big hit with the fans as it allowed a lot more folks to come away with a Ringo original.

    Thanks again for everything Mike.

  5. andy kuhn Says:


    it was great to see you this weekend. it was my first heroes con and i had a great time. i’ll definitely be back!

    andy kuhn

  6. Royce Says:

    Nice seeing you again Mike. And thanks again for the Jimmy Olsen sketch (sans tic-tac-toe grids haha) Glad you enjoyed yourself. The beard is looking great. This is the first time I have seen you sporting one. Long Live Heroes!

  7. The Dude Says:

    Mike: What are the chances you are a Doctor Who fan? I would KILL to see a sketch of the latest Doctor by you… or I will just ask @ Comicon if you’re there.

    Love the art, thanks for the blog.

  8. yo go re Says:

    hey, I loved the cameo of Rik and Koj in today’s Spider-Man/Fantastic Four – and the big Easter Egg of who all the New Men turned out to be.

    Considering how big Mouse Guard is, you’d think those guys would be perfect for a Marvel Adventures book…

    but where’s Kanga?

  9. John Popa Says:

    Great to talk to you as usual, Mike — sorry for making you draw Galactus 🙂 Love the sketch, though and the sketchbook’s a great book to thumb through.

  10. Mafus Says:

    Mike drew Galactus? How hard is it to draw a cloud? Ba-dum-BUMP!

  11. john h. Says:


    Nice Tellos sketch… Yeah, tease me like that. 😛

    Always great to see you at the cons,

    John H.

  12. brian hurtt Says:

    Hey Mike!
    Mid-Ohio definitely fulfilled my expectations–my friends and I have already decided that we would be back next year. Only down side was that I stayed too busy to get around and hobnob. It was great to finally meet you (albeit briefly)–look forward to running into you again.
    Thanks for the sketchbook!


  13. Neil Hill Says:

    Glad you had a great show, Mike. I can imagine that having the added pressure of commissions at a convention where you’d probably rather just relax a bit and glad-hand with fans can be frustrating. Also, probably takes some of the pressure off your back, as you’ve reported problems with that at past conventions.

  14. COMIKXGUY! Says:


  15. Craig Says:


    It was great seeing you at Heroes. I love both of the sketches that you did for me and your sketch book it the best! Thanks again!


    Craig Zablo