This will be my last post of this week. I’m picking up my good buddy and TELLOS-partner-in-crime, Todd Dezago, from the airport tomorrow around noon… and we’ll be heading down to Charlotte for HEROES CON in the evening. I’m really looking forward to the show this year. I’ll make an admission about HEROES: there have been times in past years that I’ve given serious consideration to not attending. NOT because of anything negative about the show itself or anyone associated with it– not at all. I think the main reason I considered not going those times was simply to shake things up. I’ve felt like the many regular fans who attend the show every year had gotten so used to seeing me there that it had become somewhat ‘old hat’ and rote after so long. Perhaps it was my imagination– but I could have sworn I could see a boredom in the eyes of fans who had gotten used to seeing me there. After 22 years in a row…. as both fan and pro… who could blame them? The past couple of years, though… I’ve been seeing many new faces and lots of enthusiasm. Not for me — but for comics in general. Maybe that’s an indication of a bit of a resurgence of the industry– I can only hope. That has made me feel energized about comics and the show as well. This year feels different as well because I’ve been an almost virtual prisoner in my home for MONTHS working on this SPIDER-MAN/FF mini series. It’s got to be the most labor intensive thing I’ve ever had to draw… and it’s been brutal. So I’m really looking forward to seeing many friends in the comics biz face-to-face– talking and relaxing with these folks. This feels like a much-needed vacation, even if it’s a work related getaway.

I won’t be getting home until Monday… so my next post will probably be Wednesday of next week. I MIGHT do a Tuesday and Thursday post next week… we’ll see. So– some of you folks I’ll see down in Charlotte… the rest of you I’ll see here next week.

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13 Responses to “OFF TO HEROES”

  1. Leaf Says:

    Safe travels, Mike. See you this weekend.

  2. Leaf Says:

    Also, didn’t you do a similar sketch of WW last year about this time, too? A HeroesCon staple perhaps(anaut)?

  3. Kofi Jamal Simmons Says:

    Have a safe trip. And I hate to be a pest, but any word on the sketchbook (or any other book) being sold away from Heroes?

  4. ringo Says:

    As far as selling the sketchbook online– I’ll have to see what develops. I’ve only got 200 copies printed as is right now. I’ll see how many I have left– and if it’s a significant amount, I’ll offer them online for sale. If I sell out (or come close), I’ll have to reprint the thing…. and I don’t know when I’ll get around to that.

    Just stay tuned, I guess– and I’ll let you know.

  5. Mafus Says:

    You can’t stop going to Heroes. That and Thanksgiving are the only two times I see you each year. If you stop going, I’ll have to visit you at your house and you don’t want that. 🙂

  6. Kevin Hines Says:

    labor intensive – maybe. But the first two issues have looked great.

    I hope you and Parker do more work together after this mini.

  7. Kofi Jamal Simmons Says:

    Cool beans, thanks for the update!

  8. Royce Says:

    Yeah, it was your imagination. See you this weekend.
    Oh, and as I have commented here before…”I love your skirted version of WW!”

  9. Josh Says:

    Mike, when you get back I’ve got a suggestion for a sketch. The Ninja Turtles. Or at least one of them. I’d like to see them in your style.

  10. Chris Gardner Says:

    Have fun Mike, we’ll be excited for your return, and since Josh reminded me of sketch suggestions, please oh please draw Megatron as a Gorilla. Thank you sir.

  11. Neil Hill Says:

    Mike, who could ever get tired of seeing you at a show!? Those people who do display boredom on their fan-faces should thank their lucky stars that you’re local to their area, and that they get to have you sign books in person. I’m on the west coast and haven’t seen you at SDCC (or any west coast shows) for years now.

    Enjoy the show Mike (and Todd) and come back with stories to tell!

  12. GABO! Says:

    Mike, you are the best! I´m from Argentina. Chau!

  13. RAd Says:

    Lovely! I have to have the time and money to see you at a US con someday. Chau!