I’m still feeling the ‘TELLOS vibe’ today, so I thought I’d draw another sketch that shows one of the less prominent characters from the original TELLOS series. A lot of the elements that went into the making of TELLOS were pulled from both the inspirations as well as some of the reality of Todd’s and my life. The character of HAWKE was actually based — kind of loosely– on Todd himself… his look, so to speak. Another real-life person was also the basis for a character in the book– that of a young fairy from a fairy-messenger service. Although her part was very small, it was pivotal to the story. DANI the fairy was based on Dani the person– who was, at the time, Todd’s girlfriend. So I thought it would be fun to draw them both in a little scene for today…. and provide more fodder for the sketchbook/extras section of the upcoming hardcover collection. As BUGS BUNNY was wont to say…. “Ain’t I a little stinker…?”

OK… that’s it for another Wednesday.

This is Entry 357.


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