I felt like drawing a character or two from TELLOS this morning… and since I’d drawn all of the main cast lately, I thought I’d draw a picture of the benevolent mage that helped to guide KOJ, JAREK and company through the various trials and tribulations they faced in the first series. I can’t remember who’s idea it was to make THOM (as he’s called for short) a turtle out of his shell– but it was always so enjoyable to draw him in whatever scene he appeared in. He’s all leathery and craggy…. and that’s always fun to illustrate. In Todd’s mind, if there’s ever a movie or animated series made of TELLOS, the perfect voice for THOM would be Gary Marshall. I think he’d be perfect, too. So… here’s THOM. And the sketch serves as not only a blog post– but it’s something that can be added to the sketchbook/extras section that will be in the upcoming TELLOS oversized hardcover collection. Two birds with one ston…. er, sketch.

OK… I’ve got a lot to do and a short time to do it… so back to work for me!

This is Entry 356.


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