… If he wasn’t a MANDRILL. I felt like drawing another ‘MARVEL APES’ character today (because, frankly, I couldn’t think of anything else relevant to do…)– but instead of drawing a gorilla-as-superhero sketch today, I wanted to go with another member of the primate family. I thought it would be fun to draw a ‘WOLVERAPE’ type character… and after mulling over which kind of hairy fellow to use, I thought that a Mandrill would be appropriate due to their aggressive reputation. The problem is that ‘WOLVERDRILL’ or ‘MANDRILLINE’ just doesn’t sound all that catchy. Even if he WERE to be called ‘WOLVERAPE’ regardless…. that just sounds a bit… awkward. It makes him sound more like he’d be comfortable hanging out with DOCTOR LIGHT– if you get my meaning.

OK… no time for anything more…. so have a great day. If you’ve got a more catchy name suggestion for this guy, feel free to post it.

This is Entry 351.


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