In honor of VALENTINE’S DAY, I drew today’s romance tinged sketch of SERRA and HAWKE from TELLOS. For those of you who have a significant other, I hope that today is a wonderfully romantic and love filled day. My first instinct for this sketch was to highlight the slightly adversarial relationship that SERRA and HAWKE had in the first TELLOS series. For those of you who might not have read it, there was a secretive side to HAWKE that frustrated and angered SERRA at every turn. I’m not going to spoil that secret in case you might want to pick up the hardcover coming out this summer (hint, hint)– but SERRA always felt that there couldn’t be the trust she needed between them with HAWKE holding back as he was. Ultimately, though, I decided to soften her a bit and go for a more loving feeling. The relationship between these two was one of my favorite undercurrents to the TELLOS series. It really made them real for me.

OK… have a great day, all.

This is Entry 339.


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