As I’ve said many times in the past, I tend to need to do development sketches of most everything that’s going to be ‘on screen’ in the books I work on. So for today– which will be just a quick in-and-out because I’ve got so much work to do– I thought I’d post a few of the sketches I did for various things that appeared in the FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD stuff I worked on. From issue #2, there’s Mary Jane wearing a short little night-shirt. From issue #4, there’s Tony Stark and the scientist/lab guys who were doing research on Peter’s new powers. From issue #5, there’s the disturbed young girl who had delusions that SPIDER-MAN was stalking her. And from issue #9, there’s the guards that were trying to keep HOBGOBLIN 2211 from escaping her confinement.

OK… that’s it for another week. Sorry for the quick post–but duty calls.

This is 331.


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