Some times my morning warmup sketches don’t yield much, content-wise. Take this morning, for instance… couldn’t really think of anything that interested me. And any attempt to sketch out characters for one or two of those ideas that are always floating around in my noggin for stories and comics I’ve been mulling just weren’t happening to my satisfaction. Sure, it loosened me up– greased the old creative wheels enough to get started working… but I just don’t feel like posting the half-hearted results here to show. So instead, I went rummaging through some of the many stacks of old art pages and miscellanea that I have laying around the studio and pulled out a couple of old pages to post.

These two pages are from a set of 4 I did as part of a proposal to the CAPCOM folks many years back for a comic book series featuring their characters. There was a local fellow — a very enterprising young guy– who had gotten contact information for the CAPCOM licensing folks, and had called them up to see if they’d be willing to entertain the idea of a STREET FIGHTER comic book (keep in mind, this was LONG before the UNDON folks started doing their books with the SF characters). They were, indeed, open to looking at such a proposal. This guy had an artist– who had a manga style– that he was working with, but the artist was highly unreliable, and when it came to ‘go time’, he hadn’t done any acceptable samples. So I stepped in and worked up some for this fella– and I did the 4 pages in 2 days– over a weekend. I inked the first two myself– the ones I’ve posted here– and the second two were inked by Rick Ketcham. Perhaps I’ll post those two on Monday. But despite the fact that the characters aren’t really spot-on style guide-wise… I was still pretty happy with the way the pages turned out, especially having been done at such a fast pace. Of course, the project fell through… but it was still interesting for me to try to produce that much material in such a short time. I kind of like the rough quality to the inks. Not a lot of background elements… but some times I think it would be fun to work in this manner all the time…. not worry about being so ‘precious’ with the work.

It was an interesting experience.

OK… that’s it for today.

This is Entry 325.


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