Well, I’ve just about milked the images that I did before and during HEROES CON dry. I found this POWER GIRL sketch I did as a commission during the show over on COMICARTFANS.COM. I kind of struggled with this one. I’m not one of those guys who is wont to draw excessive size on a female character’s chest– but POWER GIRL is always portrayed in that manner, so I figured I’d better go with it.

Still nothing earth-shattering news wise out of COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego so far– but it’s only been a couple of days including Preview Night, so there’s still hope for hearing something fun. By every account I’ve read so far, the show has grown to the point where it’s almost overwhelming for most folks anymore. My last trip to the show was in 2000 in the futile GORILLA COMICS tour of shows to promote our line of comics that… unfortunately… never really took off. It was amazingly huge even then. Compared to my earliest experiences with COMICON in the early 90’s, it was amazing to see…. I can only imagine what it must be like now. I DO think that if you’ve got an independent project, COMICON INTERNATIONAL would be a fantastic place to promote it. Where else are you going to have the potential to expose your work to at least 100.000 people in one place….? This year, it’s estimated that that attendance record that COMICON set last year will be utterly shattered.

Truly amazing.

That’s it for today– have a great weekend.

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