Wednesday "Two-fer"


I guess since SUPERMAN RETURNS is still fresh in my mind (I haven’t been to see any films since I got back from HEROES yet), this is what came from today’s warm up ‘session’.


And yesterday, Marvel released their October solicitations with cover images, so I’m posting the cover I did for FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN number 13 for those of you who haven’t seen the solicits.

OK…. that’s it for today. Quick in-and-out, with not much happening in the comics world these days. I’m sure there will be tons of info coming out of COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego, California this weekend…. so the comics-related internets is dead quiet leading up to that massive show. I’m looking forward to watching the coverage of COMICON on the G4 cable channel starting this Friday. You KNOW the show’s huge now when it’s getting hours of live coverage each day on a cable network.

This is Entry 254.


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