Today over in my FORUM, someone started a thread with the observation that unlike a lot of comic book artists these days, the characters I draw have longer torsos and shorter legs than the other way around. J. Scott Campbell’s work was used as the primary example of an artist who draws his characters with super-long legs and very short torsos. I love the way Campbell draws his figures… they’re entirely distinctive and charming. I don’t know why I, myself, have usually tended to draw figures with longer bodies and shorter legs. I remember at one point when I was working on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, someone made an observation on some forum or other that the trend had gotten to the point where it was ridiculous. I’ll admit that was, indeed, true. I don’t know why– but I had started to draw characters (especially the males) with super-short calves. I think in terms of aesthetics and depicting motion/movement, longer limbs are probably more effective.

Today’s sketch is an attempt at playing with those types of longer limbed characters. I’ll admit, it felt very unnatural to draw them like this…. but I can see that they look more graceful like this. I don’t know– I might keep pushing this and see where it goes.

This is Entry 256.


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