Here’s the last illustration that I did before heading to HEROES CON. This time it’s of FLASH from DC. As most folks who are familiar with my work know, THE FLASH was my first regular assignment in the ‘Bigs’ starting back in 1993 (or was it the latter part of ’92….? My memory’s kind of fuzzy on the details). It was fun to do this piece…. and I often fantasize about reuniting with Mark Waid on either a short run (6 issues or so, maybe) or a one-shot on this first major character I worked on regularly for DC. The editors on that book– Brian Augustyn and Ruben Diaz– were wonderful fellas, and were very patient with me and allowed me to, in effect, learn on the job as I started on the first few of my 12 issues of work on FLASH. It would be interesting to go back now, with 13 or so years of experience under my belt, to take another crack at the Scarlet Speedster.

Or not.

This is Entry 253.


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