J. Jonah J-APE-eson


Back in the Silver Age of comics, there was a list of things that, if they appeared on a cover, were considered to be sure-fire attention-grabbers/sellers. The entire list escapes me at the moment…. but one of them was the color purple (oddly enough)– and another one was Apes. It was said that Carmine Infantino, when Editor-in-Chief at DC, would have a gorilla or monkey worked onto the cover of any comic he thought needed a sales boost for that month. That philosophy seems to work for this blog as well. The comments on sketches recently had dwindled (not that I’m obsessed about that– but I’m obsessed about that) recently– but over the past couple of ‘gorilla posts’ things have really taken off. And so I announce here today that from now on, this is a ALL-GORILLA-ALL-THE-TIME blog……! From here on out, nothing but gorillas… gorilla superheroes, gorilla fantasy characters, gorilla……

Just kidding. I could actually see this getting old pretty quickly. I’ll probably do one or two more and then drop it for a while. There’s the saying about ‘too much of a good thing’.

In the mean time– good ol’ Jonah is intimidating enough just as he is…. can you imagine how he’d be as a Silverback Gorilla….?

This is Entry 228.


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