I had so much fun drawing the ‘gorilla SENTRY’ the other day that I started thinking about which superhero characters I could do that weren’t ones that Art Adams had already given the ‘ape treatment’. I’ve been a huge fan of INVINCIBLE since the first issue came out some 31 issues ago. Co-created by Robert Kirkman (writer) and Cory Walker (artist)– and now, since issue 8, drawn by the amazing Ryan Ottley– INVINCIBLE is a true independent superhero success story. In a market that is resistant to any comic that isn’t a Marvel or DC comic, INVINCIBLE has made wonderful inroads into the fan consciousness. If YOU haven’t given to book a try, I highly recommend it. There are 5 trades out so far, as well as an oversized hardcover collection– with a second volume on the way. So there’s no reason why, if you’re into fun, intelligent superhero books, that you shouldn’t at least give it a try.

Now…. who else could get the ‘gorilla’ treatment….?

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